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Activity alert on INSP at $2.06 as it climbed throughout the day to $2.50....INSP has been subject of several buyout rumors and unusual trading patterns tend to back up rumors...

2/23/01 2:24 PM ET

InfoSpace (INSP:Nasdaq) said Friday that Chairman and Chief Executive Naveen Jain increased his ownership in the company by purchasing 500,000 common shares on Feb. 15.

InfoSpace, a Bellevue, Wash., supplier of content from third-party sources to Web sites and wireless devices, said Jain's purchase brings his current holdings to more than 62 million shares.

In addition, the company said Jain and his wife purchased more than 2 million shares in December, by exercising options at a price of $5.81 and below. InfoSpace has about 315 million shares outstanding.