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04/24/01....EEEE pre-open alerted at 0.24 cents


4/23/01 --- EEEE --- Unusal Activity Alert

4/24/01 --- EEEE --- Potential Breakout Alert

EEEE- News Watch for next 24 hours. EEEE Currently Trading at 1/3 of its Cash Value.

eMachines, Inc. sells high-quality, low-priced personal computers (PCs) to develop ongoing Internet-based consumer relationships designed to provide the Company with a continuous stream of advertising and related revenues. eMachines provides Internet advertisers with an integrated approach to building their online brands that includes its client-server software, promotional materials packaged with the Company's PCs and keyboards that provide one-touch access to selected Web sites.

At this time, eMachines is in compliance with all of Nasdaq's continued listing requirements except for the minimum bid price requirement.

------------------- EEEE ----GRADE:: A

Pre-Open Alert today 01-16 on Increasing Rumors and Mail about e@Machines as a buyout target...Unusual Activty and BreakOut Alerts followed as well today...


Pre-Open Alert on EEEE on news of new product with MSN...

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) - Low-price computer maker eMachines Inc. will produce easy to use Internet devices for Microsoft Corp., the two announced Monday.

Irvine, Calif.-based eMachines will make MSN Companion devices for the software giant's Microsoft Network.

MSN Companions, which are also being made by manufacturers such as Compaq and Acer, provide access to e-mail and the World Wide Web through a dial-up service. They are not full-fledged computers and can't be used to play games or write any kind of business documents.

EMachines plans to sell the device for $349, but MSN will offer a $400 rebate if consumers sign up for a three-year Internet service contract at $21.95 per month. Monitors, however, will be sold separately, unlike MSN Companion devices made by other manufacturers. S

hares of eMachines closed Monday up 16 cents to $1.16 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, where Microsoft shares closed down $1.38 to $54.19.