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Shares Outstanding:16.5M

Shares in the Float: 5.8M

Market Cap $13.9M

Recent Price $.88

52 Wk HI--- $9.75

Daily Volume (3 mo) 11K



********************************************** (SREP) connects salesmen in a way no other portal can, by offering a one stop shop for all their professional needs. During the dot com gold rush SREP was quietly building a foundation for a lasting portal built on a solid business plan to provide services that are in great demand. In a time when many internet models are falling by the way side, SREP is anticipating their first of many profitable quarters. SREP's business model expects to sustain profitability inside of it's first full year of operation, a virtual anomaly in the dot com arena. However, it has continued to be unjustly sold off with its less studious brethren in the typical Wall Street fashion of sell first, ask questions later mentality.

We feel SREP has reached an extremely oversold condition and represents an incredible opportunity at these prices. The company has pre-announced significant revenue increases for the fourth quarter ending in June. They have also announced that July ( the first month of the first quarter) has exceed the entire revenue for the fourth quarter. Combine this with recently announced major partnerships and record subscriber numbers and you don't have to be a CFA with a MBA to know this begins to smell like high powered small-cap growth.

Throw these numbers on for size, SREP is looking for bottom line profits of $1.3 million in the current fiscal year. Followed by 3.7 million in fiscal 2002 or a 284% growth rate. How about a five year growth rate of 1,146% and earning's of .90 a share which is about where its shares trade today. SREP may very well have to revise these numbers upwards as they have already exceeded all growth expectations.

While SREP's site is catered to the professional salesman, there is enough varied content and cutting edge products to be of interest to everyone. From motivational articles that should be a part of everyone's repertoire to state of the art technology. truly has something for everyone and it has the possibility to revolutionize the way business gets done. (SREP) is an idea whose time has come!! If they continue to follow the business plan and fortify their first to market concept, their time may be here but their stock price won't be for long.

************************************************** (OTC-BB SREP)

Stock Price: Closed at .875 on 9/15/2000



************************************************** is the Internet's first-to-market, online sales community and leading provider of online B2B Internet resource portals for corporate sales teams. These co-branded and public online sales communities are designed to provide a comprehensive portal of sales resources, daily training articles, and applications that meet the daily needs of professional sales representatives and corporate sales managers, resulting in enhanced team communication and increased sales.

The Web site also features 14 content "Channels" offering exclusive products and services to make the daily tasks of the outside sales professional easier. Other benefits include employment and job placement, a company-owned, full-service travel agency, leasing and lending services, sales leads, and a loyalty program. hopes to become the home page of choice for individuals and corporate sales teams worldwide.


Industry Background


The Internet has become one of the fastest-growing means of communication, reaching consumers and businesses worldwide. The Internet allows millions of users to obtain and share information, interact with each other and conduct business electronically. Jupiter Communications recently estimated that the number of Internet users worldwide will more than triple within the next five years, increasing from 200 million users as of June 19, 2000 to 600 million users in 2005. Lower computer prices, faster, easier and cheaper Internet access, improvements in the performance and speed of personal computers and modems, and an increase in the information and services available on the Internet are among the factors fueling the growth of Internet users. believes the creation of a user-friendly portal designed to help sales professionals become more efficient and productive, with information, products and services to suit their specific needs, is an emerging market opportunity. According to Merrill Lynch, the overall market for corporate portals could grow from $4.4 billion in 1999 to more than $14 billion by 2002, with field and sales support a potential $4 billion segment of the market. SREP believes a properly developed, user-friendly portal designed exclusively for the sales professional could change how sales professionals do business in the future.



****************************************** initially launched its web site on January 4, 2000. After some design improvements, the site was re-launched on February 28, 2000. The Company currently has 14 "channels" offering products and services ranging from a full service investment center and travel services to an online shopping mall and live discussion areas. The Company has designed each channel with the unique needs of the sales professional in mind. In addition to these channels, sales professionals can visit the site to get up-to-date news and weather information, as well as daily sales tips and sales-related articles. Members also have the flexibility to customize their home page with their favorite resources and information. has developed a portal web site exclusively for the sales community, including professional sales representatives, sales managers and corporate executives. The site is designed to create a user-friendly, informative and personalized experience while providing our members with the time savings and convenience of doing business online.'s sales portal was created by former sales professionals and designed to offer everything that a sales professional needs in order to be successful. It offers comprehensive content, education and technologies in combination with unique tools, resources, services and strategic partnerships. Since the Company does not try to promote a particular product and are not owned by a software company, they can serve as an independent, unbiased resource for sales professionals.'s portal offers sales professionals the following key benefits:

A one-stop resource for their sales-related needs;

Remote access while traveling;

Personal rewards program through its RepPointsT program;

Interaction with other members of the sales community;

A source for professional products and services; Professional development resources; and Convenience.



***************************'s goal is to become the home page of choice for individuals and corporate sales teams worldwide. The Company seeks to provide the content and services necessary to make its members more productive and to give them another reason to make the site their first appointment every day. Key elements of the strategy include:

Offer a superior website with superior products and services. seeks to provide a superior user experience through distinct and innovative technologies, content and services. The Company's future success will depend on its ability to compete and to offer products and services that the sales community perceives to be superior to those of the competition. The Company will continually strive to find, hire, train and keep qualified personnel to design its web site. will also try to enhance and add to the products and services it offers to keep pace with changing technologies and customer preferences and to seek additional strategic partnerships that will allow the Company to offer new and improved services.

Earn the routine business expense transactions of our sales members. Sales professionals routinely incur expenses related to travel, lodging, rental cars, communications, product sales and entertainment. To encourage sales professionals to use their expense accounts on the products and services offered on's web site, the Company rewards members for purchases and/or activity on the site with RepPointsT ,'s proprietary loyalty program.

Build brand awareness. The Company believes that building increased brand recognition is critical to its ability to add to current membership and to increase SalesRepCentral's attractiveness to manufacturers, service providers and advertisers. intends to increase brand awareness through a combination of online and offline advertising and promotional activities. Specifically, the sales and marketing strategy entails the continuation of a nationwide, industry-focused advertising campaign using both print and web-based advertisements.

Develop corporate-related service offerings. Customized corporate portals are a growing segment of the market, especially those developed to support a company's sales resources. The Company plans to continue to try to attract corporate clients with its dedicated, in-house sales team.

Diversify revenue streams across electronic commerce, direct marketing and advertising. believes its revenue model is unique. Unlike many web sites, does not rely entirely on advertising revenues. Instead, the revenue model is based almost entirely on e-commerce. The Company's revenues will come from the sale of products and services it offers, the development of custom corporate portals and revenue sharing arrangements, as well as from advertising.

Expand to international markets. The Company eventually hopes to expand their operations to international markets to take advantage of the Internet's global opportunities. also offers secure "Custom Corporate Portals," which are developed specifically for individual companies. While hosts the site, it is designed to match the look of the individual company. The customized company's sales team members can access this secure portal each day to be updated on real-time company and industry news, to communicate via secure company bulletin boards, to review the sales team calendar, and to access group documents specific to the sales team, access their Intranet and much more. These sites will also be linked to the mall so that potential customers can find the various products and services that are offered on the web site.

SalesRepCentral owns certain features, content and technology contained within the channels described above. For example, the Company owns the groupware technology and content within the Team Room service which is offered to the sales teams of Custom Corporate Portals through the site. This technology allows secure real-time collaboration and communication among sales teams and their management in addition to many other features and options. Another example is the RepPointsT program which is a proprietary loyalty program owned by the Company. SalesRepCentral also has developed strategic business partnerships to deploy some of the other channels offered on the site.


Products & Services

**********************************'s web site features ten "channels" that offer a variety of products and services. The channels address the professional and business needs of members of the sales community and include the following:

Channel Features

SREP Team Room Developed by SalesRepCentral, Team Room's provides corporate sales management with an online collaboration tool that functions as a intranet for sales teams that features real-time company news, group documents, team roster, team bulletin boards, sales article archive, and group calendaring.

SalesJobs Central Features the sales industry's most unique employment application featuring an advanced profiling and matching technology to provide employers with the highest quality sales candidates and candidates with a confidential searching process.

Travel Full service in-house, company owned travel center for both business and personal travel with reservations, travel merchandise, travel tips, news and city guides.

My Account Member account information, order status, personal preferences for member's "My SalesRepCentral" page and a detailed account of member's RepPointsT (SREP's incentive and loyalty rewards program).

SalesResource Information on education, training, business resources, tips & tricks, inspiration, call scripts, sales forms, seminars, conventions and prospecting lists.

Community Bulletin boards for member interaction also featuring sales and marketing professionals.

SalesRepMall Online store featuring a wide variety of products for the sales professional such as organizers, sales training merchandise, software, business accessories and golf clubs.

Golf Professional golf tips, golf news, tournament schedules, ability to book online tee times, a complete pro-shop, and a USGA-sanctioned golf club.

Investing Full service investment center with advice, education, news, stock ticker and the ability to customize investment portfolios.

Lending Mortgage products and lending services specific to commission-based professionals.

News Latest headlines on initial public offerings, the stock market, world events, business acquisitions, appointments of new sales executives, sports scores, mergers, entertainment, health and politics.

Banner advertising, promotional spotlights and channel sponsorships are other services the Company offers. These services allow advertisers to maximize the visibility of their products by placing ads in strategic locations. SalesRepCentral recently entered into a channel sponsorship agreement with to act as a dedicated channel for promotion of software.'s channels offer highly targeted opportunities for their advertising partners.


Site Stats and Financial Considerations

********************************************** is ahead of all projections in the area of site statistics even though the portal has only really been live since the beginning of March 2000.

Average visit length has gone from 5 minutes to over 14 minutes 3.5 to 4.5 million hits a month Conversion ratio of visitors that become members through their jump page is a remarkable 45% Individual SalesRep Membership is approximately 75,000 plus with over 50 additional corporate portals customers. A major advertiser that happens to advertise on many sales related websites has seen a 6 to 1 better response from than any other site 20,000-30,000 page views per day 5,000-7,000 unique visitors per day SREP's effective SEC Registration of a $30 million equity line offering. Below market valuation of SREP common stock. SREP projects it will be operating profitably, by December 31, 2000.




Significant revenue is expected from the licensing of SREP Custom Corporate Sales Portals which are billed as an annual licensing fee ranging from $25-60 per salesrep / per year with an average license fee of approximately 10K per year / per company. also plans the resale of a licensed Sales Force Automation web-based solution to individuals and corporate clients. SFA software revenue will consist of monthly subscription fees and server based license sales.

Additionally, because Individual membership in is free, revenues are regularly generated from the sales products and services the Company provides, (such as Palm Pilots and Corporate Travel through our own Corporate Travel Agency) as well as from advertising, employmer job posting fees, and channel sponsorships. The Company plans to continue introducing new products and services designed to meet the changing needs of sales professionals.


Financial Summary


SalesRepCentral is poised for significant revenue growth during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2000 with the goal of generating baseline revenues of over $6 million and achieving profitability., Inc. Projects:

Site Revenue Gross Profit

2001*- $6,330,000 $2,761,500

2002* $10,319,000 $5,575,450

2003*- $14,232,700 $8,025,185

2004*- $20,694,110 $12,514,761

2005* $29,362,263 $18,606,113

* projected values based on y/e revenue and burn rates.


Corporate Financial Snapshot


Approximate as of 9/14/00

Shares Outstanding:16.5M

Shares in the Float: 5.8M

Market Cap $13.9M

Recent Price $.88

52 Wk Hi/Lo 9.75/.62

Daily Volume (3 mo) 11K




In 1999, there were more than 12 million sales and marketing professionals in the United States at the executive level that we target. They spent over $2 billion and approximately 82% used the Internet daily. These professionals have disposable income, expense accounts, and busy lives. They need convenient, time saving access to information about the latest sales and marketing tools and related information. These are's potential customers.

The Company's customers also include various companies for whom it has developed customized corporate portals, as well as companies that advertise or sponsor channels on's web site. The Company's custom corporate portal customers include:

American Medical Capital

Avnet Computer

Border to Border Incorporated

Boston Credit Corporation

Coleman Spas

Computer Associates

Creative Business Concepts

Hub Construction Co.








Sales and Marketing

*******************************'s sales efforts target sales professionals and corporate executives. To reach the independent sales representative, the Company advertises on airport billboards in eleven major cities, in various magazines including in-flight airline magazines and sales industry periodicals, and uses millions of Internet banner ad impressions per month. To reach potential corporate clients, uses a dedicated, in-house sales team. This team seeks out senior corporate executives and sales managers who may be interested in's custom corporate portals and related services.'s marketing initiatives include:

In-house sales team contacts senior sales management of targeted companies and offers development and use of a custom sales portal for the respective company's sales teams. Developed over 70 custom sales portals for such companies as Xerox, Panasonic, Computer Associates, Motorola and America West Airlines. Airport billboard advertising in 11 major cities, in-flight magazine advertising, sales industry periodical advertising and millions of banner ad impressions on leading web search engine portals. USA Today Newspaper and National Business Journal(s) display ad.




Multiple distribution channels are used to market the Company's products and services including: web site;

Custom corporate portals;

Toll-free, customer service phone number;

Traditional "brick & mortar" location;

Direct outbound sales efforts;

Co-marketing opportunities;

Manufacturers and distributors; and

Upcoming magazine and wireless initiatives.




As of June 15, 2000, had 18 full-time employees including six in design and development, five in sales, three in management, and two each in marketing and administration. The Company currently plans to hire approximately eight more employees in the near future to work in the sales, marketing and development departments. believes their future success will depend in part on their ability to attract, train, keep, integrate and motivate qualified personnel in a highly competitive employment market, and on the continued service of their executive officers and key technical and graphic employees. From time to time may hire independent contractors to support accounting, web development, acquisitions, investor and public relations and telemarketing efforts. The company believes that it has good relations with its employees. There has never been a work stoppage, and none of the employees are represented by a labor union.




A variety of different companies have recently launched initiatives that address the sales professional vertical market. This has caused some confusion in the marketplace and in the press as to how these companies compete or relate to each other. Competition from sales-related software, service or web companies is significant and is expected to grow as vertical web marketing trends grow. A number of companies have recently launched web sites or other initiatives that attempt to address the needs of the sales professional. These companies typically fall into one of three categories:

Software companies trying to increase sales of their core products or software applications or to reduce the effects of the Internet on their software sales. Training companies trying to strengthen their credibility or fill more seats at their training seminars; these companies are built on an ad revenue model or a seminar revenue model and typically lack a solid strategy, resources, content and technical savvy. Publishing companies trying to increase the circulation of their sales and sales-related magazines by attempting to evolve their printed magazines into a new web site. All of these companies and sites seem to be strong in one area, and extremely weak in other areas. Specifically, they all appear to be weak in the area of design and navigation.

Some of our specific competitors include, (a Seibel Company)., Markette, Inc. (, Interact Commerce Corporation (, Selling Power Magazine (, and, Inc.

Markette, Inc. ( recently entered into a co-marketing agreement to allow a migration of their user base to The site is expected to shut down by 1/1/01. Additionally, was recently acquired by suggesting the beginning of a consolidation in the vertical marketplace., however, was considered an insignificant player in the marketplace. is not trying to promote a particular product like software or training. has become the leader in the sales professional vertical market because we have carved out a unique niche as an independent, unbiased resource that sales professionals can turn to for advice, recommendations, products and services.



***************************** filings with the SEC can be found at the Securities Exchange Commissions website. The latest company filing with the SEC was form SB-2 on 6-23-00.




Ralph Massetti President & CEO

Mr. Massetti has served in this capacity since the inception of Previous to's founding he served from March 1998 to May 1999 as a Consulting Marketing Specialist for Computer Associates, Inc., marketing enterprise management software solutions at the officer level among the nation's largest organizations. He was a stockbroker for Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. from March 1997 to March 1998 and an Account Executive for Commerce Clearing House from September 1994 to September 1996. He has earned a Bachelors of Science in Management and is currently in progress of both an MBA and Masters in Finance with a specialization in High Technology. He has extensive Internet and technical training and experience.

Greg Reeve Vice President of Sales

Mr. Reeve has over 14 years of sales development, sales management, and operations-related experience. He was appointed to his present position on February 13, 2000. From January 1, 2000 until February 12, 2000, he was a consultant for the Company. Formerly a regional vice president with Computer Associates International Inc. from June 1996 to February 2000, he was responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training sales personnel, as well as negotiating and maintaining contracts for software applications, services and product training. He was an Account Manager with Mastering Computers from September 1995 to June 1996, and a Sales Manager with First Portland Corp. from February 1993 to September 1995.

Todd Sumney Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Sumney oversees the continuing development of the Company's sales business-to-business web portal. Todd was appointed to his current position on May 1, 2000, previously serving as Director of Marketing from February through April , 2000 and as a consultant from January through February, 2000. He was a Vice President at Young Associates from September to December, 1999 and a Vice President at The M. Group Graphic Design, Inc. from September, 1989 to September, 1999.


Corporate Contacts


16099 North 82nd Street, Suite B-1

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 922-8444

Fax: (480) 922-8477



Recent News and Press Releases


a.. Announces Initial Corporate Sales Portal Customers

b.. Announces Marketing Agreement With

c.. Estimates Fourth Quarter Revenues

d.. SalesRepCentral to Offer Lead Exchange Network Powered by LeadSwap

e.. Announces Full Development and Launch of Custom Corporate Sales Portal Program

f.., Inc. Secures $ 30 Million Funding Commitment

g.. Corporate Profile for, dated June 16



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