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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 2000--Pacific Aerospace & Electronics (Nasdaq:PCTH) announced today that National Investors Council, LLC has featured the company in the April, 2000 issue of Skip Nordstrom's Growth Stock Newsletter.

The feature story on PCTH provides detail and insight into Pacific Aerospace & Electronic's businesses and future. You can see this report at

Since 1987, National Investors Council has focused its attention on providing pertinent information about under-valued public companies directly to the individual investor. Hard copies of Skip Nordstrom's Growth Stock Newsletter can be requested by email:, or by calling 714/751-7547.

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics Inc. (Nasdaq:PCTH) is a technology company that integrates a variety of complex technical expertise to create synergistic advances in material sciences, design engineering, and manufacturing solutions for the Fortune 500 global leaders in communications, medical, energy transportation and aerospace industries.

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics' web site address is