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FEB 29 00...WOW!!!What a day for the pre-open pick AFFI...A BULLSEYE!!!

The stock of the week floundered after a initial rally, the mail was slow and I have a feeling alot of you were tied up with AFFI, Also GROW didn't make it onto the bigboard until noon, These factors all combined resulting in a lackluster performance. Last weeks stock of the week GTGO is doing well, so we hope that GROW will fare as well.

If you look back over the last weeks news you will notice alot of the stocks that we are discussing are now trading higher, this leads us to think that we are detecting them early, As in todays intra-day alert ECGO.

***Due to increasing mail from members about changing the format of the picking process, You all will be recieving a Voting Ballot this evening with full details.***

FEB 28 00...The morning pick of AMMB fell flat on its face with the rest of the market. AMMB never was able to recover and despite a second day of unusual positve action it failed to produce. TCSI was good if you had the fast mouse and took the high of $8+, it closed up 40%. The intra-day alert came out on NTCS when it was at 5 7/16ths, it sat there for a couple of hours and then it was off to the races!

The Stock of the week will be released tomorrow at 10:30am (est)... Due to recent activity we feel this one may not wait until Thursday.

FEB 27 00...We recieved word from the E-mail service provider that the mail delay problem will be taken care of soon... That is very good news, IF, it is true.

The Financial Ad Trader
The Financial Ad Trader

FEB 26 00...When we formed the Momentum Traders Network we projected a membership growth rate of around 100 new members per month. In reality we got 3x that on opening day alone! If the current growth rate continues we will be the #1 trading network on the internet. In fact, we may even consider closing membership to the general public, and allowing member invited registrations only.

Due to the poor quality of the e-mail delivery systems currently available, we will probably have to begin mailing the pick of the week to members on the night before it is to be posted to the website. This will give all registered members an edge over the hundreds of visitors that are hitting the website everyday!

Since the website is not even a week old yet, we are not going to make any major changes for at least 2 or 3 weeks. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can maximize the advantages of being a registered member please feel free to send them into us.

Also, Your opinion counts, before any major format changes take place, all of you will be asked to express yourselves in favor of, or not in favor of, any proposed changes.

FEB 25 00...Both the morning picks were good today! SPDE open 8 3/16 high 10 1/8 close 9 13/16 and AFFI open 1 1/4 high 1 5/8 close 1 19/32... Also we are going to post the pre-open picks in regular ole text for those of you who are having trouble seeing the scrolling text box...All in All a good day considering the overall markets poor condition today,,, Momentum Traders Network hopes that you all had a good day and have a great w-end and be sure to check us out Monday Morning...

FEB 24 00... Todays morning picks, PTCH up 23% on 6x normal volume, looks promising...MEDY was hot in pre-market and then layed down at the bell closing up only 6% on 2x normal volume...

The stock of the week GTGO closed up 33% on 14x normal volume and is getting the attention that it deserves from the market...And in response to all the mail we have gotten, NO, we can't have a stock of the week everyday! However we are considering limiting the morning pre-open pick to just one stock and having it be the hot stock of the day... Unlike the stock of the week, the stock of the day will be picked based only on its unusual activity and momentum which makes it attractive as a short term buy... The stock of the week is picked based on its under-valued and ignored condition, which makes it attractive as a longer term buy.

FEB 23 00...First, congrats to those of you who were brave enough to buy EACO today! Open at 1 7/8ths High of 3 7/8ths. CVCL was good for a more modest 15% or 20% gain,,,while INTXA was a false alarm but, I think we will be hearing from it again in the short term. Tomorrow is the Stock of the week Pick, the first test of network! The E-mail alert problems some of you are having (not getting the mail at all or late) is something we are working on improving...The E-mail alert on BIKR today should have given you about 10 minutes to get in at a decent price, BIKR is holding steady in afterhours and may still be good for tomorrow. Also BIKR was posted in our message board yesterday as a potential winner. Our message board is getting alot of page views so be sure to sign up and post your own hot stock tips!

FEB 22 00... The E-mail alerts worked well,,,I got alot of mail from those of you who profited on those two hits,,, The morning pick of TCPI did great,,,AGTX+BIME are holding up o.k... CYPB opened up and then tanked with the rest of the market,but it is stronger in afterhours after closing up 18%...DRAX even though it closed up 23% was impossible to make money on from the open, I know, cause I bought it!!! DAWK closed up 64% and is solid in afterhours, after opening high,,,I want to reduce the number of morning picks and use the E-mail alerts more.

FEB 21 00...I have gotten alot of mail today from members who are new investors, I placed a founders message at the bottom of the "About Momentum Traders Network" page. I have been hearing alot from you about the bio-tech stocks that were so hot last week, like CYPB and BIME, we will just have to wait and see what the market holds for tomorrow...Also had a few requests to move the daily picks release time back even further into the pre-open for you extended hours traders, That may come in the near future.

FEB 20 00... The membership growth is still fast and furious! This is going to be one of, if not THE BEST, communities on the internet! I can tell from the letters that I have had time to read that you are all very eager to work and profit together! This is your web-site and your Network, So keep the mail coming about what you would like to see on the web-site and we will do whatever we can.

The Yahoo Club message board is the best we can do right now, but feel free to post ANY thoughts you have there because I feel obligated to answer all the mail, and I can see that it is going to be about impossible . As Momentum Traders Network expands, I am confident that we can solve these problems, but as for now we are just overwhelmed!

FEB 19 00... Response to the website has been overwhelming, to say the least! Thank you to all who took the time to register with the E-mail service...Momentum Traders Network will begin the STOCK OF THE WEEK pick on Thursday Feb 24th at 10:30 a.m. (E.S.T.)... The weekly pick will be sent out via E-mail to all Registered Members 5 minutes BEFORE it is posted on the website. We are very excited about the STOCK OF THE WEEK service because we feel there are many under-valued, high potential stocks currently being ignored on the market! I will be posting a button on the main page very soon which will give more details of this service.

Also requests have come in for O.T.C. stock picks, at this time I do not have the technology available to evaluate momentum on O.T.C. registered stocks, However coming soon I will open a watchlist devoted to O.T.C. stocks with high potential for explosive growth.

FEB 18 00... Todays picks were TCLN, CYPB, CYTR, BIME and an E-mail alert on TCPI. TCLN was a winner from the open, CYPB was easy enough to make a little money on today, but CYTR, despite its 18% gain, opened up too high and profit takers made it hard to squeeze a dime out of it. BIME just plain sank on heavy volume, BIME traded the entire float and is technically a good looking stock, so I have hope for it yet. The entire market got body slammed today, bio-techs got hit extra hard, but Tuesday is a whole new ballgame!

FEB 17 00... Todays pre-market picks were IPIC, BIME, TCPI,,, IPIC opened at 3 5/32 Closed at 4 7/8th with high of 5 3/4. BIME opened 2 1/2 closed 3 1/4 high of 3 11/32. TCPI sluggish all day but managed a 5% gain at close. So all 3 were winners, 3 out of 3 aint bad, I hope some of you made money on them!!! ASTM was picked, but it never opened, so it is out of here for today.

FEB 16 00... Today BIME attracted 4x normal volume and 39% gain at the close on no news. BIME, along with the entire biotech sector is moving higher. BIME seems especially attractive because of the dramatic turn-around in their profitability and their high potential for merger/affiliation with a well known biotech firm. TCPI may be in a holding pattern until some info is released.

FEB 15 00...WEB-SITE IS OPEN. I will begin advertising tomorrow. TCPI faded today and ITEC was the only momentum play that provided a good entry price.

FEB 14 00...The web-site is not open yet, But I did have a very good day, I picked up on the unusual activity in CFON at +20%, I managed to get my buy order filled at +36%, I had no worries, I knew CFON is a very hypeable stock and that it would go higher yet, and it did go much higher, I sold at 176% for a 140% gain in about 30 minutes. Now this is text book momentum trading!