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Ingenuus Corporation (Nasdaq: INGE - news) is a provider of business-to-business collaboration applications. The Ingenuus environment provides for adaptable, process-based collaboration between trusted customers, suppliers and other business partners. Ingenuus applications combine people, processes, information and technology to make normally complex and difficult collaboration simple. The result is a dramatic improvement in profitability and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Ingenuus is currently targeting virtual manufacturers with its Ingenuus Applications for Virtual Manufacturing(TM). Ingenuus customers are global, virtual manufacturers in the high technology, communications, semi-conductor, machinery, mechanical, medical equipment, process, and FDA regulated industries.

Ingenuus is located at 830 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. More information is available at

May 23, 2000 Ingenuus Expands Sales and Marketing Presence With Personnel and Offices

May 10, 2000 Elantec Selects Ingenuus to Provide Product Change Management

May 3, 2000 ViewSonic Selects Ingenuus To Manage Its Growing Product Line