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...I have noticed that many of the E-mails we are recieving are from new investors. With this in mind, I would like to say that I have learned to trade the hard way. When I first began trading, I rushed into every pitfall and trap that the market has to offer. Over time I began to develop detection and evaluation skills that helped me to stop jumping on every stock that twitched. I also learned that long-term investing in quality stocks is a good place to keep a good portion of your portfolio.

...Momentum investing is not something that you probably want to throw every dime that you have into, however, sometimes you will wish that you had done so, and other times you will be glad that you didn't. This really is a hit and miss type of trading, the trick is to hit, more than you miss!

...I have been fortunate enough to maintain a full-time trader status for over two years now, and I feel that by working together, we really can ALL profit from momentum trading!

...Keep in mind that the daily pre-open stock alerts are arrived at by first detecting positive activity, then evaluating that activity as either usual or unusual/useable or unusable, then evaluating the projected opening price as being at an acceptable or unacceptable level. My aim is to post alerts that will reach intra-day highs that are substantially above the opening price. Last weeks alerts of CFON, IPIC, TCLN, etc... Are good examples of this! However, look at last weeks alert of CYTR, it closed the prvious day at around 3 7/8ths, then was hot in pre-market and shot up in last few minutes before the opening bell to open at 5 1/8th, then fluxed downward all day to close at 4 5/8ths... This was a 18% gain for the stock, but if you bought it at the open, it was about an 18% loss for you!

... So I will bring the markets hot alerts to you, but it is up to you to determine if, and at what time and price you want to get in. I wish I could just post the alert and it would open up and just go to the moon every day and we would all make huge gains, last week we had two of those, but of course not every day will be like that, so you will have to stay awake! The Momentum Traders Network is going to have thousands of eyes and ears watching and listening to the market every single day, that is the power of Teamwork, and that is what I want this site to be all about...WORKING TOGETHER TO PROFIT TOGETHER!

Happy Trading