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Could it be the fundamentals and earnings? According to Market Guide, the company (bime) recorded a loss of $34.49 a share for 1996, a loss of $52.34 a share in 1997 and a loss of $6.88 a share in 1998. However, the biopharmaceutical products company is on its way to reporting a positive number for 1999. The company posted a first-quarter profit of 5 cents, a second-quarter profit of 6 cents a share and a third-quarter profit of 4 cents a share.

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Biomune Systems, Inc. is engaged in the research, development, distribution and sale of biologic pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical and medical food products and supplements, and health and beauty aids. For the nine months ended 6/30/99, revenues fell 4% to $1.4 million. Net income applicable to Common from continuing operations totaled $368 thousand vs. a loss of $2.9 million. Results reflect a lower ownership interest in Rockwood offset by lower management and consulting fees.

Market Capitalization $6.57M

Shares Outstanding 2.39M

Float 2.30M