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SANTA ANA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2000--The NQL Solutions(TM) division of (Nasdaq:ALMI - news) is bringing wireless communication support, faster user access and other advanced features to StockVueŽ 2000 Plus, the fifth generation of an intelligent agent-driven online portfolio management and investment planning application.

Tue May 2 ALMI Major European Web Portal Expands Licensing Agreement for Network Query Language Platform - Business Wire

Fri Apr 28 ALMI NQL Solutions Names Lages & Associates Public Relations Partner to Promote Internet Software Development Platform - Business Wire

Wed Apr 19 ALMI Releases Network Query Language 1.0 for Rapid Development of Bots and Intelligent Agents - Business Wire

Fri Mar 31 ALMI Wins First Patent for Internet Technologies - Business Wire

ANTA ANA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 31, 2000-- (Nasdaq:ALMI) has received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on a utility patent application -- the first in a series of patent applications on its Internet software technologies, marketed by the company's NQL Solutions Division, formerly known as the AlphaCONNECT(R) Internet Division.

The subject matter of the patent filing is technology that applies a systematic approach to retrieving, filtering and "re-purposing" data. The company has two additional utility patent applications pending before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Douglas J. Tullio, chairman, chief executive officer and president, said, "We believe this validation of NQL technologies is important, and we expect that our two other patent applications pending achieve the same status in the future."

SANTA ANA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 17, 2000--The AlphaCONNECT(R) Internet division of (Nasdaq:ALMI), which soon will be marketing its technologies under the NQL Solutions(TM) name, is introducing its Network Query Language(TM), an Internet software programming language, in a pre-release version.

Designed for developers of Internet software solutions to efficiently create intelligent agent-driven Web applications, NQL(TM) can be downloaded now and tested, with a free 30-day trial, from its Web site at An online demonstration also is available at the site.

Alpha Microsystems, d/b/a, is a premier provider of true multi-vendor and professional services to the IT marketplace. The Company's services include Internet and Intranet consulting and networking, onsite network support and nationwide on-call support for customers throughout North America. The AlphaCONNECT division of, which will be marketing its technologies under the NQL Solutions name, is the premier provider of intelligent agent technologies to the global marketplace. This division develops and deploys enabling software technologies based on its Network Query Language to partner systems integrators that create information solutions for today's e-businesses, as well as to organizations developing software applications and Internet services.

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