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Juno Online Services, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-related services to millions of computer users throughout the United States. The company offers several levels of service, ranging from basic dial-up Internet access -- which is provided to the end user for free -- to high-speed broadband access (currently being tested in selected markets). Juno's revenues are derived primarily from the subscription fees charged for its billable premium services, from the sale of advertising, and from various forms of electronic commerce.

Based on its total of 9.4 million registered subscriber accounts, Juno is currently the world's largest provider of free dial-up Internet services, as well as the second largest provider (after AOL) of dial-up Internet services overall. The company had more than 3.0 million active subscribers during the month of March, including more than 2.3 million active Web-enabled subscribers and approximately 0.7 million who were able to use only Juno's original e-mail service.

For more information about Juno, visit To get a free copy of the Juno software, go to or call 800/TRY-JUNO.

NEW YORK and LOS GATOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2000-- Juno Online Services, Inc. (Nasdaq:JWEB) announced today that it will offer Metricom's (Nasdaq:MCOM) revolutionary Ricochet mobile access solution to its millions of subscribers nationwide, enabling Juno users to access the Internet via laptop or portable computer from anywhere within the Ricochet coverage area -- even while in transit.

Wireless access through Ricochet represents a new way for consumers to access Juno Express(SM), Juno's recently launched high-speed broadband service. Juno Express also offers DSL access through a relationship with Covad Communications.

Under the terms of its agreement with Metricom, Juno will become one of the first Internet access providers to offer full Web access through the Ricochet network. Initial deployment of Metricom's service is currently underway in 21 market areas covering 80 million people, with commercial availability scheduled to begin in late summer. Metricom expects to grow Ricochet to cover 100 million people by the summer of 2001. Users will be charged a flat-rate subscription fee for the 128 Kbps service, with no roaming charges or other costs involved.

"We are excited to be working with Metricom to expand the ways our subscribers can use Juno," said Charles Ardai, Juno's president and CEO. "Our goal is to make it possible for anyone to access Juno anywhere, at a speed tailored to their own requirements. This relationship is an important step toward that objective. Ricochet opens the door to options never before available with high-speed, always-on connections that let people break free from the confines of a single location."

Ricochet will use a network of microcell radios that are typically attached to streetlights or utility poles to deliver a mobile information solution at more than twice the speed of a standard 56K dial-up connection. Users will simply attach a small wireless modem to their laptop; the Ricochet radio network will then detect and route signals coming from the laptop into its microcellular meshed network, and then out to the Internet.

"Juno will be an important part of the Ricochet roll-out," said John Wernke, Metricom's senior vice president for marketing and sales. "Juno has one of the largest Internet audiences and a terrific reputation for reliability and speed, two of the primary considerations we kept in mind through the more than 200 man-years of development that went into Ricochet's creation. The combination of Ricochet's completely mobile access and Juno's popular Internet service is one we think will excite a lot of people."

Ricochet's frequency-hopping technology, packet-switched networking, and mesh architecture are designed for robustness and reliability, as well as a high level of security for information traveling over the network. As a result of this architecture, Ricochet will offer the fastest mobile wireless access speeds, always-on connections, flat-rate pricing, no metered roaming fees, and true mobility to 70 mph. At performance levels rivaling wired connections, Ricochet will set you free from your desk.

About Metricom

Metricom, Inc. is a leading provider of mobile data networking and technology. The Company's Ricochet service provides mobile professionals with high-performance, cost-effective untethered access to the Internet, private Intranets, local-area networks, e-mail and other online services. Metricom plans to launch its new higher-speed Ricochet network, at the end of summer 2000, ultimately deploying a network covering population of 100 million by the summer of 2001. For more information, visit Metricom's Web site at