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I'm a Belgian investor, and I've joined your list on April 30th. The past 4 weeks that I've followed your tips were UNBELIEVABLE. I don't know how you do it, but you are FAR the best stock picking site I've ever encountered, and I've seen a lot. Thank you again for all the efforts :))

hi love the site HATE THE MARKET!!!!!!!great not the market........

P.S. this is the best investment i have made. keep up the great work!!!!!

I have used your alerts to a good degree of success and would like to continue doing so.Thank you

Thanks. And Happy First Year Birthday/Anniversary! Keep up the good work!

Hi Zom: First I would like to thank you for your excellent stock pick.

I keep a log of all my past trades for personal reference as well as for tax purposes. I joined Momentum Traders in June, 2000 and I recently went back and totaled up all of my trades from June, 2000 until May, 2001. I found that during this period when I followed the Momentum Traders Alerts -- I MADE GOOD MONEY. I also found that during this same period when I followed my own thinking -- I LOST MONEY. This was a real eye opener for me and, needless to say, I am now following the Momentum Traders Alerts very closely and will continue to do so in the future!! Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Please keep them coming, so far your pre-market alerts have paid off quite well. By the way, ISLD looks as though it's worth watching very closely here. Thanks again for your work.

I would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU. I subscribed to your newsletter a few days ago, I am very happy to report I just realized a 72% return on one of your previewed stocks. I am a believer.... THANK’S Again,

Zom, I gotta tell you...I really look forward to your alerts. I scan my e-mails religiously for your e-mails. Thanks,

I hope you won't take that criticism personally. People shouldn't expect you to do all their work for them. What you're offering is a good resource of information for people to do their own due diligence with. I looked at SOCT myself and decided not to go with it. Well, actually, I put in a low bid that was not met so I moved on to other things. Geez, the Gold Membership costs just a little more than the cost to trade in and out of a single deal on E*Trade. If people would follow what you're doing more closely and use your information wisely, they would stand to benefit many, many times over!!! Keep up the good work!

I'm in, man. You guys have already made me a lot of money and I'm glad I found your site when I did.

Dear Zom, I haven't taken the time to say "thank you" in a while for your amazing work on this site. I continue to be stunned by your generosity and positive spirit. I will do my best to spread the word and help our membership grow. Keep up the awesome work.

You certainly have a workable plan. Congratulations!!!. Keep up the outstanding work. I will keep referring your web site as much as possible. Thank you for being candid and sharing your goals. Very refreshing in this day and age. No need to respond. You have better things to do.

Hi Guys, After your message today for old members, I'd buy YOUR stock if you put it on the pink sheets right now. Go for it!!!!

Very excited for you ZOM. Keep up the good work and good luck! Glad to have been with you from the get-go (well almost the get-go).

I,m a member of the MTN site for some time now. I really enjoy my emails every day.Keep up the hardwork and my best wishes. By the way I,m promoting the site in my country to other freinds.

Don't be discouraged due to a single day going sour, your tips have been on the money at least 80% of the time and as many of us know their will be good days and their will be BAD days the best we can hope for is the percentage is weighted more towards the good than bad. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have traded on your recommendations since your first day. Although I have a good software system for assessing market movement, your picks have proven very profitable for me. I have increased my portfolio value by about 320%. Of course, some picks will not move like we want them to, and I really want to avoid situations like NWST. However, if its any consolation, things were doing great under former market conditions. I agree that market sentiment is changing (at least temporarily), and that a different standard needs to be applied to picks. I also regret that you did away with the stock of the week pick. I look forward to its return. Keep up the good work.

I've only been a member of momentum traders for a few weeks, about as long as I've been "day-trading" (if making one to two trades per day can be considered day trading). I've absolutely loved it, and I think you guys are great. Most of your picks are great, not only for short term momentum and quick cash, but I think as long term investments also. I've been an investor for several years now, and have had very limited success until I came across your website. Do you have any idea how good it felt to see AFFI take off like it did, knowing that I almost tripled my investment in just a few days? I've paid literally thousands of dollars over the years for magazines, WSJ subscriptions, IBD subscriptions, newsletters, etc... and none of them were able to guide me toward successful trading. The only good luck I've had has been with you guys. Thanks!!

As you mentioned in your comments, Monday's picks were a little tough in the volatile Nasdaq market. However, there was addtitional money to be made in RDRT. You originally alerted us to it on Friday and that is when I bought it and I bet quite a few others did. I bought it at 4 21/32 and most everyone could have bought some around there or a little higher. After looking at the charts and the technical indicators, reading some of the fundamental news, going through the message boards, etc, I thought it was a good candidate for a nice run. I put a sell order in Monday morning before I went to work for 5 3/4. As you may have seen, it did go as high as 5 7/8 so my order was filled. A nice 24% gain on that trade. The moral of the story is that at least a little patience is needed to make some money on these plays. As you have mentioned in your comments, sometimes these stocks don't go up right away but do so after a few days. That may be a good lesson to be learned from some of the newer investors in this type of trading. Short term momentum trading profits often are earned in days, not just hours.

You said in earlier news that not all picks were bullseyes, some might take a little longer to mature. When trends showed solid several of your earlier picks proved this correct. Case in point is AWWC. Got in well under 3, went over 4 today with more promise. Sometimes patience is a virtue. Thank you for pointing some us in a profitable direction.


Hey - that was a cool E mail you sent out- I hope you are as honest as you say you-( I have a feeling you are)-- Ive been watching and tracking for a few weeks now-- just about everything is moving right-- Im ready to move out of some of my positions - and hang withMMTN!!--you will hear form me every time i have good news- you can quote me anytime-I'm really looking forward to it- and am telling a few of my friends about you- Keep rockin ZOMB1!!!!

I have read the founder's mission statement and momentumtraders guidelines. This is great. What more could a person ask for ideas on short term trading? I am saddened and angered by some of the negative responses I have seen, and I fail to understand the bitterness expressed in a few letters. Nobody held a gun to their heads to force them to trade or join MTN. I myself plan to do some serious short term trading starting in the next week or so and I am deeply appreciative for a site like MTN free of charge. The founder obviously has no axe to grind, and since he isn't charging, that alone is prima facia evidence he is honest, sincere, and very likely successful at what he is doing.

Don't patronize me in any form. This e-mail insults any intelligent trader, and is a disgrace to anybody that reads it. Go ahead and pluck your chickens, but make sure you don't mix your fodder with your predators. Many of us feed upon you, and you need to realize this before you finally succeed. It's referred to as the "triple double," and once you find this bliss, then you won't need to create inflated momentum. All good intentions, contact me with insight, but DO NOT send me this worthless SPAM!

We had to read your letter twice, and we just can't make heads or tails of it,,,plucking chickens? fodder and predators? People feeding upon us? Triple Double? Our conclusion is this:

1. It was late friday nite....

2. There was a bottle of tequila

3. You were eating chicken

4. The movie Predator was on the t.v.

5. You are a baseball fan

Thanks for the entertaining note, Zomb1eman

Thank you for the free sign up, I am not a "real" daytrader, but bought before going to work and made a little money and really enjoyed your alerts. 3 of us at work check at break time & lunch are really impressed with your site. Thank you so much



I would like to take a few moments of your time to thank you for the help on ammb and awwc ended up making about 700.00. I did buy back into ammb and still hold it i didn't quite get out in time but have been hearing the earnings report is to come out next week so hopefullyit will be good. As far as the person that wanted to be removed off the mailing list, HIS LOSS. Thank you for all you do. Heck were all going to come up with a dud now and then what did he expect.

I don't feel for the individual that didn't take FNCM seriously. I'm rolling in $$$$ for YOUR diligent insight and my taking your advice !!! Thank YOU

Tell the guy that could pick better stocks with his eyes closed ie: FNCM, to kiss my A$$, right where my wallet is, because it's fatter because of your pick. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my doubts on fncm, but it made it to the finish line with a profit. I have a financial philosophy of hitting singles and doubles instead of homeruns in my stock picks. I feel that teams that can consistently hit singles and doubles will be winners in the long run. So I 'm perfectly happy if you can consistently make small profits. Lets continue to profit together.

I booked marked your site a over a week ago while I was doing some late night research. It sat on in my general list until I was cleaning up and looking through all of the sites I wanted to check back on. I was very impressed to see your latest bullseye, unfortunately it was the first time that I checked in on your morning pick. I had very mixed feelings watching that stock take off the way it did. I was very happy for you and your members but I was disappointed in myself for taking so long to take a look at you. I did get in on the Micrographics alert though, and it did not disappoint. It was up another 2 today. : ) I love what your doing and would like to be a member. If this is not how I'm supposed to sign up please direct me to the correct link. I will include my personal info at bottom. Are your picks based on short term positions or are some meant to go long? When I picked up Micrographics I couldn't help but think that it was very cheap and held it until today at $7. After I sold I couldn't help but think, I should have held some of that long, It's still cheap... I'm just wondering since I saw a reference to some of your morning plays panning out days later. I know you can't answer all of this mail and you shouldn't have to try. "Keep your eyes on the prize." Maybe a FAQ page for some of the more common questions would cut down on some of the mail... Again, EXCELLENT JOB. Your doing a tremendous job and benefiting all with your gift. Keep up the good work. Please add me as a member...

I have looked over the site and can't find how you "join" and then become enabled to receive the the morning and etc. etc. picks ??? I will look some more to find out how.... but help me anyway.

Doing a great job! I've bought AffI,gtgo,vaso, ecgo with your web sight and have only lost money with Inno. Again you are doing an excellent job.

I just wanted to thank you on a great job with this mornings alert on CHAS! I made almost 50% in less than 15 minutes... Absolutely great!!!!!!! Thank you and keep up the great work...

Just a note to thank you for your great recommendations. Every time I see my position, I will think of you. I realize how hard you work to give free of charge recommendations. I wish I could tell you in person how much respect I have for your profitable expectations.


awesome pick on CHAS this morning..picked up a quick grand in about 15 minutes

that was a great pick my friends. BULLSEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we get another one for tommorrow? I got stuck in AMMB yesterday, but made out even today. LET"S go for 2 BULLEYE'S in a row.

Hey just wanted to say a big THANKS. Bought CHAS this morning and made some money, not as much as the guy with the 18,000 shares but enough for a beginner. I just became a member last week. I've watched your picks from Mon - Wed and decided today was the day to buy and I'm so glad I did. I was a little nervous but that soon faded as I saw the stock go up. YOU'VE MADE ME A BELIEVER. Thanks for helping the little guys, we really need you.

I must say that I am impressed with your picks....they were actually up on a day like! Also, thanks for making the site more handicap accessible for us blind folks.....hehe

AWWC is a great company with good prospects. Thanks for the pick.

I have been looking at your picks as much as I can although with a full time job I cannot look at them all. However I have very much appreciated the work you do to bring our attention to some potentially positive stock selections. I try to look at as many as I can and I watch the trading and I try to find a good entry point in those that I like. I have had some very nice profits with your picks. As for yesterday, I had bought Aimm on Friday on some late day selling at 4 1/16. I sold it yesterday at 5 7/8 for a nice 45% gain in less than one trading day. I doubt that is a common occurence for most investors in this market. So thanks to all of you for your good work! It is much appreciated!

Let me start by saying you guys are BLOOOODY BRILLIANT !!! What do u think of MAGN, and if it has any good upside potential and if you would have any tenative target in mind.


I am the member that inquired last week about the stock of the week GROW,I asked if there was any chance if you could give this stock a pre opening alert because of a news release GROW had issued,well,you did give it a shot and that really ment alot to me,it showed what kind of character you possess.Thanks for your concideration.Since i have 8,000 shares i would like to get your feedback on the mid to long term future of this stock.The stock seems to be dead in the water with only slight trading activity,but a healthy financial outlook.Be aware that you have made me a lot more money than i would lose if i sold at this time.If i would sell now i would loose about 9%.Personally i would rather have that cash to invest in your picks this coming week.Again thanks for your concideration.

I have been very impressed with so site so far and was very impressed when you Featrued (affi). I was already a holder of this stock at 1 1/8 th.....Keep up the good work and hit some more bullseyes........................................................Thanks ps....another good sign is when you you respond to e-mails in a very timely manner...(which you did)I will not bother you any more so that you may concentrate on the task at hand....(picking winners)

First of all i would like to say thanks. This web site is really helping me as a new trader. I have really learned a lot and look forward to getting home each day to check things out.

I found the best part of your pick of stock is the alert part. it does help us to make a little money. hope you keep doing well.

I'm just glad that you are out there shaking the trees for all of us. It really doesn't matter how you get the info to us it's just a pleasure to get any kind of heads up in this stock market game. I check both your website and my e-mail and it's like double insurance. No complaints here.

You don't have to apoligize. I may have lost a little money on FCSE, but I made a ton on VASO, APPI, TCLN. This is a wild stock market and not every move is going to come out smelling like roses. We are all investors and should know how to take the ups and downs. This is the best web page I have been a part of. Great job and thanks thanks thanks.

I just started watching your site this past weekend. You're doing a great job, keep it up. Thanks again for a quick profit on ESOL.

Just wish to take some time and let youknow how much I appreciate the picks you have been putting out. As I'm mainly a nickle and dime investor your insight has been most helpful.

Win a few, lose a few. Not a problem here. I did not buy fcse. I did get in on affi and gtgo. Nice profit. Sold both. Now i am taking a shot on vteh at .71. I like the chart. Do you have any input on vteh? May not be your cup of tea. May not be mine either. ha Sometimes alerts and quick news can get the adrenalin flowing and reaction overcomes logic.

This is a great site. I visit a lot of stock related sites and this is one of my top 3. I have subscribed to sites with a monthly fee only to cancel because they don't deliver the information that I find at your site. And I've made money due to the information I have received at Momentum.

if I have to vote. But you are doing a hell of great job without my help. Just keep doing what do best. I just want to say THANKS,, I just wanted to drop another line of appreciation to you and your exciting web site. This is the type of momentum trading I've been searching for.Personally the scrolling text worked quite well on my end and allowed me to get in on AFFI @ 1 9/32. Can't be that price! I truely hope all your picks work this well. Keep the good ones coming! In great appreciation, I thank you, your staff and all of your hard work.

Did nice today with gtgo and affi Anything that is a profit is a plus for me. I never miss reading your web site. Like you say, don't hesitate.

Momentumtraders, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your fabulous picks. I don't know how you do it, but you sure know how to pick em'. I've been looking for a true momentum website, and I have found it. Thanks once again! Keep the great picks coming.

Been trading 2 days now with your pre market tips. All I have to say to Momentum is GRACIAS AMIGOS, which translates to a huge f@#$%*&g ...... THANK YOU!