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Featured 09-05-00 at $6 7/32

6 month target price $24

Juno Online Services, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-related services to millions of computer users throughout the United States. The Company offers several levels of service, ranging from basic dial-up Internet access, which is provided to the end user for free, to high-speed broadband access, currently being tested in selected markets. Juno's revenues are derived primarily from the subscription fees charged for its billable premium services, from the sale of advertising, and from various forms of electronic commerce. As of June 30, 2000, the Company had 3.38 million active subscribers (including 730,000 billable subscribers), making Juno the third-largest provider of dial-up Internet services in the U.S., after AOL and EarthLink.

The Financial Ad Trader
The Financial Ad Trader