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Featured 06-03-00 at 1 15/32

6 month target price $7

If you do your research on CNRS, we think you will agree and see why we have given it our highest status as a Feature Stock...Their expansive internet marketing and high potential B2Bgalaxy have tremendous potential, and the stock is selling at what we consider a severe discount due to recent Nasdaq Overselling of small caps... CNRS will remain a front page feature stock up to $7 dollars.

Cornerstone Internet Solutions operates two subsidiaries, marchFIRST Cornerstone and, which are in separate Internet businesses. marchFIRST Cornerstone is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornerstone Internet Solutions Inc. and an independent affiliate of marchFIRST, Inc. marchFIRST Cornerstone is a full-service Internet consulting firm that uses a combination of strategic planning, technology and creative expertise to provide clients with successful solutions in the B2B, B2C, Knowledge Management and Enterprise Integration Domains.

The subsidiary creates industry-specific business-to- business e-commerce marketplaces that link buyers and sellers through competitive on-line exchanges and focuses on improving member profitability through the use of PowerPurchasing, the award-winning marketplace exchange technology. enables restaurants and other food service establishments to post a customized inventory list online and requires suppliers to continually submit their latest product bids. This competitive process drives down the cost of goods to buyers by as much as 20 percent and significantly reduces the time traditionally devoted to the comparative price shopping process. Additional functionality is available to distributors allowing them to reduce their cost of customer acquisition, and there cost of conducting business through the power of the Internet.

The Financial Ad Trader
The Financial Ad Trader