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Featured 05-31-00 at $2.00

6 month target price $8

As many of you know, we agree with the analyst that are touting the Chinese Internet/Infrastructure growth as the hottest growth sector in the world, even larger and with more potential than the European Sector...

ADTM (Nasdaq Small Cap) is one of the best companies in this arena, they are signing contract after contract with the Chinese Government and are penetrating the China market at an increasing rate...ADTM hit a high of $10 3/4 just 2 months ago on this market penetration and its potential for explosive growth, merger/aquisition etc... Now, with Nasdaq small caps in a shambles, the stock is in the low $2's, but is beginning to heat up again as it was mentioned on The twice in last 2 days...

Momentum Traders Network featured ADTM as our stock of the week back on April 19th at $2 15/16ths...And it is a watchlist stock.

Here are the recent headlines for ADTM---JUST IN THE MONTH OF MAY!!! Announces Joint Venture With China Federation of Industrial Economics

...Passing of PNTR Expected to Benefit's Chinese Joint Ventures

...China trade pact boosts telecoms, Chinadotcom CEO, Richard Barton Recognized by Chinese Infotech Community Inks Enhanced Merchant Participation Agreement With DealTime Achieved a Four and a Half Star Rating by Announces Joint Venture With ShenZhen Bay Industrial, Education and Research Center Selects to Provide a Personalized Online Customer Experience Signs Product Fulfillment Agreement With BuyersEdge, Inc Signs Agreement With Premier Chinese Agricultural Center CEO, Richard Barton Catches the Eye of Wall Street

About, Inc., Inc. is a fast growing, e-commerce company, which offers over three million items for the home, individual and office and provides e-tailing solutions for other businesses. By leveraging its proprietary e-commerce infrastructure and efficient distribution system, the Company reaches both the business-to-business market with E-Commerce Solution Program (AESP) and the business-to-consumer capabilities to reduce operating costs and provide price savings and increased customer service for consumers. provides a comprehensive product mix of name brand products in 29 product categories.

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The Financial Ad Trader