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SALT LAKE CITY, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Daw Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: DAWK) today announced that it has received new orders totaling approximately $1.6 million from its Intelligent Enclosures division. These orders are with existing customers and new customers of the company.

Intelligent Enclosures specializes in Mini-environments and Tool Enclosures for the semiconductor capital equipment production tool suppliers. Tool Enclosures and Mini-environments control particulates, temperature and humidity, and airborne molecular contamination of the process tool.

Ronald Daw, President and CEO, explained, "The unique mix of Intelligent Enclosures' product line, engineering and design resources, integration capability, and international support services have positioned the company to offer maximum benefit to the customers it serves."

Commenting on the new orders Mr. Daw said, "New orders for this division received in the first quarter of 2000 approached the total volume experienced in 1999, and we see no signs of demand slowing in 2000 or 2001. We anticipate that the demand for 2000 will be double the previous year and, if current trends continue, are likely to triple. Supplier capacity in our markets is being stretched and we are fortunate to have capacity available in-house for all the key elements of our mix. This in turn allows us to offer increased capability to our markets and to control cost, schedule, and quality, which are key elements of our customers' requirements."

Mr. Daw continued, "Furthermore, we are extremely pleased that this growth is coming from new customers as well as increased demand from existing customers."

Daw Technologies, Inc. provides ultra-clean manufacturing environments for customers throughout the world and specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of cleanroom systems that meet stringent semiconductor manufacturing requirements. The Company, through its diversification initiative, also manufactures a line of tractor sleeper shells for heavy-duty truck manufacturers, door-less air entrance systems for large retail establishments, and engages in contract manufacturing. For more information, visit Daw on the Internet at