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PROFILED 02-08-01 AT $2.56


We are proud to bring you this profile of a first-rate company with a competitive edge in the burgeoning online education sector.

Virtual Academics (OTCBB VADC) now boasts enrollment of over 6,000 students worldwide and has recently secured funding and contracts to pursue the ENTIRELY NEW field of Wireless Education.

Some of the firms involved in this endeavor include VoiceStream, Motorola, and Nokia. VADC also holds current education contracts with companies such as INTEL, GM, American Express, and UPS.

Revenues have continually increased EVERY QUARTER and were up 88% in 2000 over the same period in 1999. Friends, it is the OPINION of The Kromus Report that this company is destined for greatness in the near future. Their business strategies are proven, and their market share can only increase.

Online education is the perfect solution for any professional wishing to enhance their employability, and the advent of WIRELESS training will bring these advantages to Third-World areas that lack the copper infrastructure to offer courses online.

In China and Venezuela where the Internet is barely fast enough for email, VADC's wireless approach may be the only option as these emerging economies clamber to educate themselves in the ways of western business. With a profitable presence in both of these countries already, Virtual Academics need only roll its existing business model into other markets.

A crucial point to understand is that this company is HEAVILY FUNDED for these projects and generates its own revenue as well. Bases on past success, expansion can only bring greater results.

Click Here to Read the Transcript of an Interview Between VADC's CEO, Steven Bettinger and The Wall Street Transcript Corporation.

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Virtual Academics, Inc.

As of January 30, 2001
Recent Stock Price (12/27, 2000):    $2.65
Shares Outstanding:                       7,446,733
Insider Ownership:                         70%+
Fiscal Year End:                             June 30
52-Week Price Range:                    $.38 - $7.50

Investor Relations:    John C. Loiseau-Director of Marketing     Company Contact:    Steven Bettinger, President
Phone:         561-994-4446       
Email: Email:  

About The Company:

Virtual, Inc., ("VADC") is engaged in the business of distance learning over the Internet. VADC currently offers degrees and training programs in eight languages and has a global student enrollment. The programs offer students the convenience of completing their education and training from a laptop or home computer. VADC also plans to offer their courses through wireless applications. 

Past Press
11/14/2000 _ Virtual Expands Global Recognition into China and Venezuela
09/12/2000 – Virtual Retains H.C. Wainwright & Co. As Investment Banker
09/05/2000 – Virtual Introduces Employee Skills Enhancement Training Initiative
07/25/2000 – Virtual Academics’ Barrington University Signs Agreement with 30 Peoples Republic of China Universities
05/18/2000 – Virtual Academics’ Barrington University Signs Agreement with Lebanese Educational Ministry Training Center
05/17/2000 – VADC‘s Revenues Grow 88.8% in Third Quarter 2000
02/15/2000 – VADC Adds Prominent Chinese Businessmen and Scholars to its International Advisory Board


For the three-month period ended September 30, 2000, VADC had an 82% increase in earned revenues to $477,864 in 2000 from $262,658 for the comparable period in 1999.
Acquisitions may fuel even more growth for VADC as we seek to augment our existing Internet technologies and click-and-mortar operations.
In June 2000, the VADC entered into an agreement with a financial advisor to assist with raising between $5 million and $20 million on a private basis. No funds have been raised to date and there can be no assurance that VADC's efforts in this regard will be successful.
VADC’s target markets are non-traditional, mature and international students.

International Marketplace Niche
While most competitors focus primarily on English speaking markets, VADC is meeting the educational needs of foreign markets on their terms. VADC currently offers courses in 8 languages, representing over 2/3 of the world's population. Recent agreements with the governments of China underscore an international theme in which foreign countries are seeking ways to reduce educational expenses.


VADC’s existing revenue model is scalable to up to 1 million students. At an average of $4,000 per student in tuition revenue, VADC’s operational model offers significant earnings opportunities.

Need for Speed and Convenience
With the advent of widespread network computing, paradigm shifts throughout established industries are inevitable. VADC’s unique mentoring program and pace-based curricula are well suited to taking advantage of these associated marketplace changes. Through virtual tools, education can be more expeditious, convenient, and effective, as its level of customization meets the individual needs of each student.

Alliance and Partnering Strategy
VADC partners with international organizations and governments helping to solidify early regional market share in the virtual education space, a critical element in cultures where long-term relationships supersede general agreement terms. By operating through a series of alliances and partnerships, VADC remains focused on its core competencies while acquiring important functionality through these relationships. This "virtual corporation" model facilitates corporate scalability and serves as a competitive advantage over traditional bricks-and-mortar educational firms.

Revenue Recognition
VADC currently recognizes tuition revenue evenly over an estimated 24-month instructional period. VADC has been developing a new database of student activity which will allow it to more easily and accurately track student data including student programs on a course by course basis. Accordingly, VADC plans to change its method of calculating revenue to be recognized each quarter. For students registering on or after October 1, 2000, VADC will recognize tuition revenue based on the number of courses actually completed in each student's course of study. For example, if a student completes three out of their nine required courses, VADC will recognize 33% of the tuition regardless of the amount of time that the student has taken to fulfill these requirements. VADC will utilize the previous method for all students registered prior to October 1, 2000.



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