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The Natural Contrarian investment publication has just issued an immediate "BUY" recommendation on shares of Ubrandit (UBI: AMEX)

Read the entire recommendation below:


This publication was issued from the desk of Scott S. Fraser, Editor of The Natural Contrarian:


"We are issuing a strong "BUY" on shares of Ubrandit (UBI: AMEX). We are taking advantage of the open buying window on Ubrandit (UBI: AMEX), and are projecting the share price will be the target of massive buying interest between October and the year- end 2000. Our current buy-ceiling is $3.75, yet escalating market pursuit could drive the share price past this mark in the near term,Ē states Scott Fraser, editor of the prestigious Natural Contrarian investment letter.

Mr. Fraser has warned his subscribers to "protect profits when the UBI share price moves above the $7 level."

* UBrandit (UBI: AMEX) revenue has increased 300%

* Ubranditís public float is negligible

* Over 6,000 partnerships in place, and growing geometrically

* Massive deal with media giant Citadel Communications

* Over 400 media properties have signed on

* Recent acquisition of profitable magazine

* Net earnings expected in the coming fiscal year

* More profitable acquisitions before year-end expected

* Dream-team management with proven track record


Quick Profile: gets a percentage of every sale, every advertising dollar, and every ISP fee from every web site within its privately labeled e-commerce network. profits from the e-commerce being conducted across thousands of retail web sites. enables web sites to operate their own e- commerce entertainment stores, stock market information and financial planning venues, and Internet Service Provider services.


Just Published!

From the desk of Scott S. Fraser, Editor of The

Natural Contrarian:

To all Natural Contrarian subscribers:

Interim Market Flash Advisory

The overwhelming majority of Internet companies have been pursuing development plans of desperation. Theyíve expended colossal budgets to create their single, proprietary web sites. Then, theyíve foolishly wasted millions of advertising dollars in often-vain attempts to attract an online consumer audience. Although the pace of online retail consumption continues to rapidly increase in geometric proportions, the majority of developing Internet companies failed to establish tangible revenue sources before they emptied their treasuries and issued vast overhangs of private placement shares. The stocks of these misguided companies will degenerate into dormant shells within the next 12 months. Fortunately, our Contrarian strategy has protected us from most of these implosive investment situations.

*Ubranditís Unique Model For Corporate And Investment Profitability*

My veteran Contrarians know that I have tracked Ubranditís forward progress for more than two years. And since I initially recommended UBI (Amex) in March of 1999, weíve attained triple-digit returns on three previous occasions when the share price has dipped below $4. The companyís strengthening fundamental merits and the advantageous technical position of its stock has created our next triple-digit profit window on UBI.

From its beginnings, Ubranditís management recognized that online consumers rarely maintain their spending loyalty toward a single retail e-commerce web site for extended time periods. As intermittent advertising blitzes splashed across the media venues, the masses of online consumers reactively switch their spending directions accordingly. Thus, established an exclusive online business niche that attains profits from the e-commerce being conducted across thousands of retail web sites. enables web sites to operate their own e- commerce entertainment stores, stock market information and financial planning venues, and Internet Service Provider services. Through Ubranditís proprietary branding technology, these client-web sites receive these online audience attractions in privately labeled formats that include their specific logos, color schemes, and adjusted content. Online consumers to each client-site see only the expanded services and gets a percentage of every sale, every advertising dollar, and every ISP fee from every web site within its privately labeled e-commerce network.

Ubranditís private label book, music, video/DVD store,, has already accumulated over 6,000 branded-web site partners. The ongoing influx of online retail partners is on pace to double within eight months. The companyís market information and financial planning venue, rivals Yahoo!Finance in terms of user satisfaction and individual visit duration. The recent launch of is Ubranditís brand-able Internet Service Provider site. I anticipate a substantial partnership-web site portfolio to expand across the 2,200 locations within BigRampís North American service territory.

Among the savviest marketing strategies employed by Ubrandit has been its steady assimilation of radio stations, television affiliates, and magazines into its privately labeled e-commerce network. These media properties maintain web sites as alternative entertainment conduits that expand their share of their audiencesí attention spans. For example, a radio stationís web site provides additional media space on which to sell advertising as long as they can attract a steady visitor stream. By saturating their regular radio content with references to its web site and by utilizing Ubranditís private label online commerce and service platforms, the radio station has attracted a substantial web site audience and has increased the siteís magnetism to hold that audience. Ubrandit doesnít have to spend a dime on advertising yet receives revenue from the arrival of each new online visitor. The companyís most recent self-marketing deal was completed with Citadel Communications (CITC NASDAQ). Citadel will be adding its 200 radio stations to the Ubrandit network to move the companyís number of media property partnerships over the 400-mark.

*Our Strategic Bottom Line On Internet Stocks And Ubrandit.Com (UBI: AMEX)*

As the general technology sector begins its steady recovery as we progress toward the year-end 2000, I strongly urge you to be very selective in regards to which Internet stocks that you re-accumulate. Avoid the Internet companies that have exhausted their operating budgets trying to garner a supporting audience for a lone web site business model. Avoid the Internet companies that have over-issued private placement shares, placed at prices well below the free- trading stockís current price, within the past year. The treacherous time point is approaching when those shares become free trading and will flood into the market. Use the benchmark of 25 million shares outstanding as the maximum to qualify for your investment consideration. And it is absolutely crucial that you avoid the Internet companies that have succumbed to notorious convertible debt financing pressure. just did a convertible debt financing with a conversion rate as low as 37 cents and did a $50 million financing with a monthly credit draw-down on equity. These desperation financings should be viewed as a major red danger flag.

As we continue to re-accumulate (UBI: AMEX) up to the $3.75 level, my projections of massive buying interest in this stock before year-end are supported by the companyís rapidly developing fundamental strength. The Ubrandit balance sheet has demonstrated remarkable improvement. The companyís monthly burn-rate has remained low while revenues have drastically increased. The company recently reported a quarterly revenue increase of more than 300%. Ubranditís public float is a still less than 12 million shares and the modest amount of restricted stock that qualifies for free-trading in October 2000 was placed at $3.00. Based on its acquisition of profitable online magazine marketer and the increasing commerce scope of its online commerce partnerships, Ubrandit should start reporting its first net earnings within the next two business quarters. I expect more profitable acquisitions before year-end to be orchestrated by Chief Operating Officer, Roger Royce. Mr. Royce was a driving force behind the major growth phases of Fotomat and Motel 6.

Additional due diligence can be conducted at

Regardless of my longer-term growth projections on, I will issue reminders to protect profits when the UBI share price moves above the $7 level. I will be implementing the same near term strategy for my other tech sector-recovery recommendations including Troy Group (TROY NASDAQ), NBC Internet (NBCI NASDAQ), and Emagin Corp (EMA Amex). In between the corrections and the recoveries is when Contrarians invest the best.


This publication was issued from the desk of Scott S.

Fraser, Editor of The Natural Contrarian:





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