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SEPTEMBER 13, 2000 ---TRIM---


SpiderMan full-length motion picture expected launch in the summer of 2001.... As you may expect, this movie is expected to be a BlockBuster Hit.... And as you read this profile you will find that TrimFast Group Inc. has positioned itself to Capitalize from SpiderMan the movies' upcoming success.

Trimfast Group, Inc.

Symbol: TRIM

Shares Out: 5,090,862

Float: 1,394,924

TrimFast Group, Inc. and Marvel Enterprises, Inc. join forces to produce nutritional supplements based on the ever-popular superhero SPIDER-MAN.

The Company announced they are joining forces with Marvel Enterprises (NYSE: MVL) to produce nutritional supplements based on the very-popular superhero Spider-Man. One of the most popular comic book superheroes of all-time is ready to help make children healthier as TrimFast Group, Inc. and Marvel Enterprises, Inc. have entered into an agreement to develop nutritional supplements based on Spider-Man. Through the deal, TrimFast obtains the rights to produce, market, and distribute Spider-Man Children's Chewable Multi-Vitamin Supplements. Each of the uniquely designed red vitamins will be shaped like Spider-Man and distributed through TrimFast's extensive channels of health food stores, mass merchants, grocery stores, drug stores and pharmacies. The products are expected to hit retail this summer.

Containing no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, the Spider-Man Children's Chewable Multi-Vitamin Supplements will represent the highest quality children's multi-vitamin supplement on the market. To help the product stand out at retail, TrimFast is developing an intriguing, interactive packaging design featuring a bottle shaped like Spider-Man's head. The company will support the product with a marketing plan that includes television advertising on Fox's highly-rated Saturday Morning programming, reaching an audience of more than 105 million children weekly.

For over 40 years, Spider-Man has been among the most popular comic book characters with children. The world's favorite webcrawler will continue to expand his appeal over the next few years with a full-length motion picture being launched in the summer of 2001. Spider-Man is also the star of the World's most advanced theme park ride that bears his name at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida.

"TrimFast is thrilled to be associated with Marvel Comics and Spider-Man," Said Gregg Vosler, Executive Vice President of TrimFast Group, Inc. "Spider-Man is extremely popular with our target market and we expect these vitamins to be a major success for us."

Mike Dicher, Senior VP Marvel Character Group added, "This is exactly the type of product Marvel wants its characters to be associated with. TrimFast has developed a very unique and exciting design for these vitamins and we feel they will be very popular with children".

TrimFast Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries can best be described as currently being in the nutraceutical business, which includes formulating, manufacturing, distributing and marketing through wholesale and retail outlets, a line of dietary supplements and health and fitness products. The Company's key strengths are in the areas of product development, marketing and distribution.

The Company operates through six subsidiaries: TrimFast, Inc., Body Life Sciences, Inc., NutritionCafe, Inc., and Cooler Group, Inc.

The wholly-owned subsidiary, NutritionCafe, Inc. is in the business of marketing vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, sports nutrition products and homeopathic products through its Internet site ( and a retail store in Clearwater, Florida. NutritionCafe has launched its Internet community website on June 1st, 1999 and is strategically poised to become the leading supplier of quality health and nutrition products available on the Internet. Since its launch, the site has received over 350,000 visitors.

Combining the Company's Internet offering and their present corporate position in the nutraceutical business, Company management sees promising potential. The rate of growth of Internet users and shoppers is astronomical and the Company sees no reason why this growth curve should not continue. It is anticipated that the NutritionCafe site will allow TrimFast Group, Inc.'s subsidiaries maximum exposure in the marketplace and expanded wholesale shopping through the net.

In August 1999, the Company announced that they have signed a definitive licensing agreement with World Championship Wrestling for the new WCW Ultra Energy Bars that will include wrestling stars Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg and Macho Man Randy Savage. The Ultra Energy Bars have debuted online at the web's most popular wrestling site which is owned and operated by Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner (NYSE:TWX -news) and also on the NutritionCafe website (

TrimFast Group has also received approved vendor status with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT - news), the nation's largest retail chain and its subsidiary McLane Company, Inc. one of the largest convenience store distributors in the United States servicing over 35,000 stores. TrimFast, Inc.'s Max Impact line, TrimFast Weight Loss Bars and the new World Championship Wrestling (NYSE:TMX - news) Ultra Energy Bars will be introduced.


Mike Muzio, President

777 Harbour Island Blvd., suite 260

Tampa, FL 33602




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