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AUGUST 04, 2000 ---TENS---

Members: Inc (TENS) Profile to be distributed to tens of thousands of investors next week...This is a first view of corporate profile and recent news...

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 3, 2000--China Net & Technologies Inc., an affiliate of Tensleep Corp. (OTCBB:TENS), Thursday announced that it has finished the auditing of its financials and has filed the registration statement 12(g) Form 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

China Net plans to seek listing on the OTC Bulletin Board once it becomes a reporting company under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.

China Net President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. James Wang stated: "This is a milestone in the company's execution of its business plan. The listing will allow us to pursue aggressive growth in high-technology markets in China. The company is currently focused on the Internet and e-commerce markets and intends to become a premier company in the new economy in China."


Recent Price: $1.125

52-week range: $1.125 to $7.50

Outstanding Shares: 8.19 million

Estimated Active Float: 1.0 million

Market Cap: $9.2 million

Revenues (Last six months): $1 million

EPS (Last six months): $0.084

Book Value: $0.52 per share

Estimated 2000 EPS (12 months ended Sep.30, 2000): $0.15-0.20

Projected 2001 EPS (12 months ended Sep. 2001): $0.40-0.50

Current PE: 5.6

Trailing PE: 2.8

Industry average PE: 67

Daily Volume (3- month avg.): 42 K

Daily Volume (10-day avg.): 35 K

Holdings by Insiders: 75%

Stock Rating: Strong Buy

Short-Term Target Price: $4-$5

Long-Term Target Price: $10-$12

Company Website:

- TENS (OTC BB) is rated a "strong buy", as TENS has been growing at an exciting rate for most of 2000 and the foundation is being laid for significant company developments in the near future. TENS is a fundamental and sector dream stock about to reap the benefits of the exploding e-business industry. TENS is profitable and is involved in the fastest growing and hottest sector of the economy, e-business. TENS, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, is focused on developing both technology for use in the infrastructure of the Internet and e-commerce. TENS is designing and marketing Internet appliances and is developing financial services, e-commerce sites. In a world in which 'dotcoms' lurk around every corner of the Internet, it's refreshing to find a company that offers tangible products and real possibilities for success.

- TENS is a profitable, emerging growth integrated Internet company soon to be servicing North America, Asia, Europe and in the future other international markets. As an operator of Internet related companies with investments in e-commerce companies, the Company leverages the capabilities and technologies of its subsidiary and affiliate companies to promote growth and leadership. TENS has several subsidiaries, Tensleep Technologies, Inc., Tensleep, Inc., and Master Financial Group, Inc., and affiliates, Tensleep Appliances, Inc., Silicon Resources, Inc. and China Net & Technologies, Inc.. The Company's strategy is to create shareholder value by developing strategic relationships with enterprises that become a part of the Company, achieve growth and become a candidate for a strategic acquisition by a third-party, or pursue an initial public offering. Through deep and broad management expertise, a tightly targeted strategic focus, we believe TENS has a unique and successful business model that demands and drives growth.

- TENS, although still in its development stage, has a potential of penetrating lucrative markets in a significant way. With the development of Internet devices, it is also throwing a long shadow over the thin Internet device marketplace, and drawing a precise bead on potential profits. The Company's acumen in partnering with Samsung lends stature to this development stage company.'s recent joint venture with a chip design and engineering firm, Silicon Resources, Inc., as well as a thin Internet device development underwriter, Tensleep Appliances, Inc., and the recent receipt of an equity investment, have equipped the Company with the resources needed to bring its CyberServer products to market. As its CyberServer technology hits the market over the next 12 months, expects to realize healthy revenues in all its market segments, signaling profits for investors who now have the opportunity to enter at the ground floor level.

- Though still in its development stage, TENS showed net income of $609,044 in the first six months of 2000 from a net loss in the first six months of 1999, while increasing its assets from $0.7 million in 1999 to $4.3 million, by the end of the first six months of 2000. Earnings per share rose from a loss of $0.006 in the first six months of 1999, to $0.084 in the first six months of 2000. An Internet company in its development stage is making money? Unheard of... until today. With the acquisition of Master Financial Group, Inc. in March, TENS anticipates substantial additional earnings. The company is expected to grow its earnings in three digits in the foreseeable future.

- The stock has been severely beaten to the current level since it peaked at $7.50 last March. The stock has been basing at its 52-week low. We believe the stock is ready to move up with major developments. According to a recent press release, the three primary short-term goals for the Company are 1) listing on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market; 2) the development and marketing of a series of Internet appliances; and 3) the development of a financial portal for investor information on qualified and supported OTC Bulletin Board companies, with content provided by Master Financial Group, Inc..

- Considering TENS' potential in the emerging and high growth industry. Investors have an absolute ground floor opportunity to get in before the institutions and fund managers. We see substantial appreciation potential of the stock price both from earnings growth and increased recognition. This could be multiplied if investors come to realize that the company is going to be involved in this emerging industry. We believe that TENS is one of the most undervalued and under-followed stocks in a niche market that in our opinion has enormous potential for creating wealth for their shareholders. Major developments are in the works and the stock could move to $4 or $5 upon the announcement of these developments. TENS' peers in the industry typically trade at a market valuation of 67x projected earnings. Therefore, TENS appears to trade at a deep discount compared to them. Over the next 12 months TENS could reach a price of $10 to $12, based on 10 million shares outstanding.

COMPANY PROFILE The Company is a development stage integrated Internet company based in Austin, Texas. The company has been structured into two segments, the Technology, Tensleep Technologies, Inc., and E-Commerce, Tensleep, Inc., Divisions. The Company has both a Consumer and business to business focus. Its consumer focus is directed toward a hub for providing Financial Services to small business and individuals and other E-Commerce web-sites. Its business to business focus is directed toward both designing, developing, manufacturing and selling products used in the Internet infrastructure and providing Internet services and solutions. The E-Commerce division is also divided into two subdivisions. The Financial Services Subdivision will be a financial services provider on the Internet. The other E-Commerce Subdivision will become an Internet service provider and content provider of e-commerce web-sites. The Company's current business to business focus is on developing and selling Internet products, services and solutions in the Technology Division. The Company, through an affiliate, Tensleep Appliances, Inc., is developing prototype designs for several Internet-based products. These products are special purpose modular computers or servers ( "CyberServers") designed as application specific devices. TENS through its affiliate, China Net & Technologies, Inc., is seeking manufacturing enterprises, located in China, to both manufacture its CyberServers in China for importing to the United States and to distribute them in China. The Company is continually seeking Internet and Hi - Tech businesses in which to develop strategic relations for the growth of both enterprises

THE PRODUCTS Information Appliances A Merrill Lynch research report projects the next wave of demand will be for information and real-time data access and that the next hot product category will be specialized information appliances or limited-function devices that are inexpensive and intuitive. Dataquest, an independent and unrelated computer market information publisher, estimates the information appliance, or thin Internet server, market will exceed $17 billion by 2002, representing an estimated 13.5 million units sold annually. This market has seven marketing segments: Consumer/Home, Departmental, Device, Enterprise, Industrial, Small Office, and Workgroup. Tensleepšs CyberServers will be marketed in the Consumer/Home, Device and Industrial marketing segments. The Company expects future sales will be driven by the universal need for information and the desire to computerize certain machines and other mechanical devices. Possible applications in these marketing segments include home controller, credit card verification, gasoline pumps, security systems, automated teller machines, oil-well monitoring stations, electric meter reading, and credit card verification. In addition to these applications, based on information from the publication Forward Concepts, the Company believes there is a growing desire to collect data via a modem from vending machines, arcade machines, and other machines dispensing products and/or services. Because the Internet is cheap and is cost insensitive to distance and duration, it is emerging as the communications media of choice. The CyberServers are designed to monitor data in real time and to provide efficient and cost-effective links between people and devices or appliances via the Internet. CyberServers The CyberServer is a series of Internet-based products initially built as an external modular unit consisting, in part, of integrated circuits providing an interface between appliances, devices, and the Internet. The second phase of development will be an integrate system on a circuit board and the third level will be the development of the system into an integrated circuit. The ultimate objective is to develop the CyberServers into a complete system-on-a-chip. The objective of the three levels of development is to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of these products.

The Company is currently developing three CyberServer prototypes, the "Web-Modem", "iCradle", and "Home-Controller". The Web-Modem is being designed to be a board level system to be used in vending machines, arcade machines, and other machines dispensing products and/or services. The Company has delivered two prototypes for evaluation to a Japanese arcade machine manufacturer. The iCradle is being designed to be an external device that will transmit digital pictures directly from a digital camera through the Internet to a service provider without the use of a laptop computer or PC computer. In the development of this product the Company's affiliate has become a participant in the Kodak digital technology partners program. The Home Controller is being designed to be an external device that serves as a gateway to the homeowner's personal home page that controls any smart devises installed in the home. The Home Controller has its own Internet address and can be accessed from any computer locally or remotely. Access requires a users id and password.


Integrated Circuit Design Services The Company through its LS2 division of its Tensleep Technologies subsidiary has commenced performing integrated circuit design services for independent third parties.

Financial Services

The Company, through Master Financial Group, Inc. (, offers an array of services including management consulting, corporate development and financing, investment banking, investor relations and market support for qualified emerging growth companies engaged in e-commerce and technology development. The services are designed to aid qualified businesses obtain recognition, appreciation and financing from the investment community.


- We believe that TENS stock is attractive to both aggressive and conservative speculative investors and rates a "strong buy." When considering TENS as an investment you have to keep in mind that it has a concrete product, in-process products, a new emphasis on e-commerce, and is now profitable.

- The company currently partners with Samsung Electronics to market and sell medium and high-speed fax modem chips. The company is currently working with representatives in Japan and China to expand marketing and sales abroad. Management realizes that there is significant competition in this mature and stable market and they are thus refocusing their emphasis on the in-process "CyberServer" products and the e-commerce site.

- The Company is currently "in-process" with three innovative Internet Products in the format of a "black box", modular circuit board and integrated circuit. These products are being developed by Tensleep Appliances, Inc., a strategic relationship between TENS and Concur Technology Systems, Ltd., ( TENS is also working in concert with Silicon Resources ( to develop the CyberServers as integrated circuits. The Company expects to take the first level of these products to market in late 2000. TENS is also working with China Net & Technologies, Inc., ( to obtain a manufacturer and distributor of the CyberServers in China.

- The Company is currently constructing a financial web portal exclusively focusing on OTCBB stocks. This portal is the first one of its type in the industry and will offer a complete set of resources needed for individual investors who want to evaluate and invest in OTCBB stocks. This web portal would become the No.1 destination for OTCBB investors to obtain information and OTCBB companies that want exposure to the investment community. The company expects its earnings could double because of this site. Further, in the future the Company plans to launch a financial service hub that will offer Internet financial services, e.g., stock trading, banking, mortgage lending, personal loans, investment services, insurance, financial planning, and estate planning.

- The Company is currently establishing an office in Europe to engage in corporate development activities. This office is seeking and negotiating strategic relationships with e-commerce and high tech businesses, as well as seeking the distribution of the CyberSevers in Europe.

- Key factors mark TENS as an investment opportunity: (1) potential for significant revenue and earnings growth, (2) capitalization of strategic relationships, (3) ability to adopt to changing markets, (4) development of new products and services, and (5) key management. These factors along with the Company's ability to develop and capitalize on major strategic alliances, leads us to believe in the future success of the Company in this explosive industry.

- Management recognizes the need for high quality Internet service products and Internet commerce solutions; they are able to easily restructure the company to meet the demands of a changing environment. Silicon Resources' clients include IBM, MOTOROLA, TI and INTEL. Beyond this relationship, the Company has past relationships with Kawasaki, Zilog and other established technology companies; thus, the foundation has been laid for future deals with new products.

- We view TENS as an excellent growth company with unusual potential for capital appreciation over both the short and long term. The Company has a small float and the marketplace is going to recognize the value of TENS' technology and market opportunity. Expecting significant company developments to occur in the coming weeks and coupled with industry projections, we believe that TENS is an excellent speculative investment opportunity. TENS has aggressive plans to become a leader in the emerging e-commerce industries and wants to become listed on the NASDAQ SmallCap Market.

- We believe that TENS' story is emerging and is coming to the attention of the investment community. At its current price, TENS is extremely undervalued, considering its potential in a high growth industry. We think this is a compelling technology investment for qualified speculative investors. They have an unusual ground floor opportunity to purchase "cheap stock" in a profitable Internet and e-commerce development company before the financial institutions and fund managers.

- We believe that once the price of TENS reaches $4 to $5, within one to six months, TENS will become listed on the NASDAQ SmallCap Market. At that time, we believe the financial institutions and fund managers, depending on market conditions, will be attracted to TENS and commence buying. We believe this buying will move TENS' price to $10 to $12 per share with in the next 12 months. This view is supported by the fact that peers in TENS' industry typically trade at a market valuation of 67x projected earnings. Therefore, over the next 12 months, we are projecting a target price of $10- $12, based on an assumption that TENS will have 10 million shares issued and outstanding at that time.


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