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PROFILED 01-08-01 AT $0.84

Recent Price: $0.84 (Quote/Chart)

52 Week Range: $0.62 to $6.69

Shares Outstanding: 15.0 M

Float: 3.4 M

Market Capitalization: $12.04 M

Average Volume: 122,180

Members, new Stock of the Month Symphony Telecom ( OTC BB: SYMY) is poised for a strong rise this quarter, as the market demand and the environment for its products is increasing.

EXPLOSIVE GROWTH POTENTIAL "Symphony is planning an aggressive rollout of DSL services, IP Centrex servers and International IP Telephony Gateways to provide the broadest range of IP voice/data services & applications".

The Management of Symphony Telecom is derived from the Top companies that power the Telecommunication Industry throughout the world. Companies such as *Nortel Networks*, *Xerox Canada*, *Bell Canada*, and *Sprint Canada*.


Symphony Telecom & CSG...

The Company's principal operating arms are Symphony Telecom Inc., (Canada) offering flat rate, toll free and equal access local and long distance services as well as internet access via xDSL and ISDN; and Communication Solutions Group Ltd. (Canada) an interconnect company offering sales, installation and maintenance of business telecommunications systems, voice processing systems, CTI and IVR systems and a variety of LAN and WAN solutions.

Symphony Telecom International, Inc. is a business-to-business telecom solutions provider dedicated to delivering all the benefits of the Next-Generation Global Telecommunications Network to its customers world-wide.

Symphony Telecom is positioning itself to become North America's foremost Next-Generation Telco/ASP, leveraging emerging technologies into a global, sophisticated, and user-friendly array of quality services centered on high speed Internet, Wireless and VoIP.

Fiscal year 2001 (July 1/00 to June 30/01) projected by mgt. to experience $33M in revenues, up more than 10 fold from f/y 2000.

Service, technology, innovation...

Symphony Telecom International Inc. is more than simply a new telecommunications and Internet systems and services provider. It is a service innovator.The ongoing mission of Symphony Telecom is to make optimum use of the new, global, high speed Internet being built by major international carriers. The company will do this by strategic installation of state-of-the art telecom application servers.

The Company's business plan also includes an aggressive rollout of its DSL services and IP Centrex servers and International IP Telephony Gateways to permit, in conjunction with its service partners, delivery of the broadest range of IP voice services and data applications. In addition to the significant financial savings to the business and residential consumer on local, long distance, and internet services, IP Centrex will compete very effectively with traditional PBX and business Key Telephone Systems while offering an extended range of desktop integration and convenience features.


Symphony Telecom International to Acquire North American Gateway; Revenues: $50 Million USD Last Year, $138 Million USD Projected for this Year

* June 30 Symphony acquires privately held Linkdata Communications, Inc. a London, Ontario based data Communications Company providing enterprise networking, network security, DSL, Wireless and T1 Access, email and virtual hosting services.

* July 31'st Symphony acquires 61.5% of Telemax Communications Inc., one of Canadas largest and fastest-growing marketing and distribution companies of prepaid telephone calling cards.*

Aug 30 - Symphony completes the purchase of 51% of the issued and outstanding stock in Directory Management, a marketing communications company which provides advertising services, specifically to yellow pages and e-commerce advertising agencies throughout North America.

*9/28/00 SYMY to Acquire 57.24% in North American Gateway Symphony Telecom Int™l, Inc. (OTC - BB: SYMY), announced the signing of an agreement to acquire 57.24% controlling interest in North American Gateway, Inc. of Toronto, Canada and London, U.K., a global "Carrier's Carrier". Working with Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT), the company has been investing extensively in a global network infrastructure.

Recent acquisitions include LinkData Communications, Directory Management America, Mondetta Communications all of Canada.

Symphony is planning an aggressive rollout of DSL services, IP Centrex servers and International IP Telephony Gateways to provide the broadest range of IP voice/data services & applications.

IP transmission allows multiple calls, including voice, data and video, to use one physical link or channel to the desktop, simultaneously.

Symphony Centrex IP provides the feature richness of Centrex services on the virtually infinite reach of IP access.

Symphony™s switch will perform and deliver all common telephone features, such as call forward, transfer, hold/park, and three-way conference, seamlessly to the end user plus expand for new developments. This means as many as 30 lines plus Internet, digital TV, etc. from one traditional single copper wire phone line.

Symphony IP Centrex will compete very effectively with traditional PBX and Key Systems while offering an extended range of integration, convenience, and features.


Value of telecommunications trade by both businesses and consumers will be US $1.4 Trillion a year by 2003.

The technology promises a doubling of industry standard customer revenues yet reduces operating cost and capital outlay by a factor of nearly 20.


**Symphony Telecom Expands in North America

**Symphony Telecom Concludes Relationship With Geek Securities

**Symphony Telecom Launches Unified Messaging Service

**Symphony Telecom's DMA Subsidiary Secures Contract With Pepsi Canada

**Symphony’s Telemax Communications Inc. Subsidiary Signs Supply Contract with Toys R us

**Symphony Telecom Completes the Acquisition of Telemax Communications, Inc.

**Symphony Telecom Completes Asset Purchase from Mondetta Telecommunications, Inc.

**Symphony Telecom International to Acquire North American Gateway; Revenues: $50 Million USD Last Year, $138 Million USD Projected for this Year

**Symphony Telecom International to Acquire North American Gateway

**Symphony Telecom Signs Agreement to Acquire Telemax Communications, Inc. of Canada

**Symphony Telecom Acquires Controlling Interest in Directory Management

**Symphony Enters the Internet Wireless Business

**Symphony Telecom International Inc. Pursues Strategic Relationship With Nortel Networks

**Symphony Telecom Completes Acquisition of Linkdata Communications Inc.

**Symphony Telecom pursues Client Base of Mondetta Telecommunications Inc.


Our target market was chosen because of a number of opportunities that were unique to this sector. This target market is made of small (10 employees) to medium size businesses (300+).They need services like increased bandwidth, next generation services (DSL, Internet, Unified Messaging, etc.) within the next six months.

In addition, they are currently unhappy with the way they must do business with a plethora of vendors and carriers.Symphony has established partnerships with Uunet Canada, AT&T and XO Communications to deliver the access strategy for these needs. Symphony also offers web-hosting facilities for companies requiring direct ISP access speeds to their hosted services in a shared or stand alone environment. From a voice standpoint, our customers continue to look for the best rates and systems in the market. Symphony prides itself with offering the best rates in the market through our "best of brand" partnerships and in being able to offer best of brand solutions with partnerships like Nortel.

Partners Nortel , Bell, Nexxia , Telrad, MSN, Mondetta Telecomunications Inc. Telemax, DMA, CSG, LinkData.

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