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AUGUST 15, 2000 ---SLGLF---

Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (SLGLF.OB)

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Tonight we bring you a new 'sneak peek' stock profile. This week we focus our attention to the fuel technology sector and a company that is attempting to take it's alternative fuel 'main stream'. That company is Silverado (SLGLF). Take the time to read the full profile below then pass this 'member only sneak peek profile' to a trusted friend. The profile of SLGLF is expected to be seen by thousands of potential investors over the next week, and will soon be added to "THE SPOTLIGHT" section of our websites for all to see. =========================================




08/14/00 Closing Price = $0.17

52 Week High = $0.9531

52 Week Low = $0.0625 =========================================

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Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. is an international company which explores, develops and mines precious mineral deposits. The company headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Silverado shares are quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board (SLGLF). Its main strategic land position is in the Fairbanks Mining District, which is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Fairbanks mining district has been called the site of the next great gold rush. With more than a quarter century of involvement in this historic region, Silverado knows Fairbanks. They are using that knowledge to develop properties and expand land position and become one of the area's largest claimholders: a junior mining company surrounded by the majors. It totals five properties in Fairbanks; the Nolan and Hammond Properties, the Marshall and Ester Dome, and Whiskey Gulch.

Silverado's (SLGLF) recent entry into the fuel technology sector is rapidly leading to a new and exciting enterprise for the company. Silverado is advancing on a number of fronts with the U.S. Government, Malaysia, India, and New Zealand in creation of the worlds' first Low-Rank Coal-Water Fuel (LRCWF) production facility. Headed by Dr. Warrack Willson, one of the worlds leading authorities on the new low cost, environmentally friendly liquid fuel, Dr. Willson will lead the Fuel Technology Division to comerically develop the technology. In conjunction with the University of Alaska's Mineral Research Laboratory, Great Northern Engineering and Coal Water Fuel Services, he will direct various aspects of the project which will include the retrofitting of Silverado's grant Mill to create the world's first commerical low rank coal-water fuel production facility. *******************************************************

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This revolutionary fuel has multi-billion dollar market potential as a replacement fuel for world-wide heat and electrical generation. In addition, the likelihood of successful LRCWF use in industrial generators is great, and such application would significantly enhance the market opportunities. With Silverado's new Fuel Technology Division showing a promising future and the company's Precious Metals Division having an ever-growing significant gold presence , the company is confident that it now has a solid foundation on which to build a highly profitable energy and precious metals enterprise while continuing to take advantage of strategic diversification opportunities on a selective basis.

The fuel is to be used in industrial and utility boilers and furnaces for the production of heat and electricity. Presently these existing facilities world wide use heavy oil and / or coal for those purposes. The LRCWF is less expensive to produce. Estimates of cost of production on a small scale compare to oil at about U.S.$17 per barrel. Fuel production costs would be significantly reduced with larger scale production. LRCWF also burns cleaner. The low ash and low sulphur emissions (Alaska coals have a very low sulphur content) are removed by electrostatic vacuum and water scrubbing methods. ******************************************************


(A Brief Description of Mining) - The success of Silverado begins with the process of Underground surveying which is mining and ore control. Then a specialized crew begins drilling and blasting of ore. Underground machinery then moves the ore to the surface where electronic scanning of 'Pay Zone' reveals gold nuggets.

June, 1963 - Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. is incorporated (under the name Croyden Mines Ltd.)

1978 - Exploration and development work begins on Ester Dome.

1979 - Silverado acquires the Nolan Gold Project.

December, 1981 - Ester Dome produces gold.

November, 1993 - Silverado triples its land holdings at Nolan.

September, 1994 - Nolan yields the 10th largest gold nugget in Alaskan history at 41.35 troy ounces.

November, 1994 - Gold production for fiscal 1994 exceeds 8,430 troy ounces.

January, 1995 - Gold reserves at the Nolan Gold Project are calculated: proven reserves of 5,600 troy ounces, probable reserves of 44,600 troy ounces, for total reserves of 50,200 troy ounces. An additional 87,000 troy ounces are inferred to exist on Silverado's ground in areas adjoining the reserves; with 75% of the property yet to be explored.

March, 1995 - The Anchorage Daily News ran a story "The Gold Rush Is On" stating that the largest claim-staking boom in the history of Fairbanks was currently underway. The rush began in February 1995, after state Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys released results of an aerial survey done in August 1994. Geologists say the new geophysical data maps help pinpoint large mineral deposits. Many of the largest mining companies in North America joined in staking claims in this area. Due to their extended history in the region (since 1972), Silverado already holds many of the most promising claims in the Fairbanks mining district. Results from the survey were very useful to Silverado's management in determining additional prospects on their existing and adjoining property.

June, 1995 - Silverado increases its Fairbanks holdings to 26 square miles of gold bearing ground. Newmont Gold Co., Cypress Amax, Kennecott, Placer Dome, La Teko, and Silverado are all major property holders in the Fairbanks mining district.

August, 1995 - An independent report infers the existence of between 65,000 and 200,000 troy ounces of gold on the Hammond Property, adjoining Silverado's Nolan Gold Project.

October, 1995 - Silverado acquires the Marshall Dome Gold Property: 2.5 square miles of gold claims located on the same geological trend as Newmont's True North Gold Property.

March, 1996 - Combined Reserve and Resource figures from 4 of 17 potential ore bodies on Ester Dome total 679,000 troy ounces.

November, 1996 - Geophysical surveys confirm the extension of a major gold bearing structure from Newmont La Teko's True North Gold Deposit onto Silverado's Whiskey Gulch Gold Property. Silverado begins trenching the St. Paul Ore Zone on Ester Dome.

March, 1998 - Silverado explores possibilities for their 100% owned French Peak silver property.

August, 1998 - Silverado resumes an underground mining program on the Swede Channel, located on the Nolan Gold Project.

October, 1998 - Silverado reports plans to continue its underground mining program on the Swede deep- channel gold-placer deposit throughout the 1998-99 winter season. During the past several weeks, gold production grades have increased 322% over initial production grades for placer-gold recovered from the underground development workings.

April, 2000 - A new fuel source that is environmentally friendly and offers significant cost reductions over other fuels for industrial and utilities applications around the world, particularly for Pacific Rim nations, could play a significant role in the business diversification strategy for Silverado Gold Mines Ltd., a publicly-traded resource corporation (OTC:BB. Symbol - SLGLF).

May, 2000 - The establishment of a production facility at the Grant Mill of Silverado Gold Mines Inc., in Fairbanks, Alaska, to produce a new, low-cost, environmentally friendly liquid fuel was announced and will be headed by the worlds leading authority, Dr. Warrack Willson. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Wednesday, August 2, 2000 Company Steps-Up Commercialization Activity for Its Revolutionary New Fuel Product Alternative - PRNewswire

Friday, July 14, 2000 SILVERADO GOLD MINES LTD - Quarterly Report (SEC form 10-Q) - EDGAR Online

Monday, May 8, 2000 Silverado's Revolutionary New Fuel Technology (OTC Bulletin Board: SLGLF) - PR Newswire

Friday, May 5, 2000 Distinguished Scientist Heads New Fuel Technology Division for Silverado OTC:BB-Symbol: SLGLF - PR Newswire

Thursday, May 4, 2000 Silverado Unveils New Fuel Technology; Will Play Major

Role in World Energy Production - PRNewswire ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Current Stock Range - $0.06 - $0.95

Approx. Market Cap. - $6.25M

Shares Outstanding - 24.8M

Approx. Current Float - 20.5M ````````````````````````````````````


Garry L. Anselmo - Chairman of the

Board, Pres. & CEO

John R. Mackay - Corporate Secretary

James F. Dixon - Director

Stuart McCulloch - Director ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Gold has always been a valuable asset in any economy. The Worlds' markets have said so by putting a price of over $280.00 an ounce. The idea of finding land to produce such a valuable commodity and making a productive business from it is quite an achievement. Silverado has been maintaining this business for over a quarter of a century. Finding tens of thousands of ounces says to anyone that success has been achieved. Now moving into the 21st century, Silverado (SLGLF) has positioned itself to help develop and expand natural fuel consumption by converting low-rank coal- water fuel into a safer, cheaper source of energy. This can and become a multi-billion dollar industry, so stay tuned.... -------------------------------------------------------


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