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JULY 26, 2000 ---SIBO---

Dear Members,

Below you will find a member only 'sneak peek' at Thursday's profiled stock. SIBO's stock is currently trading in the $1.00 range.  This profile is expected to be seen by hundreds of thousands of investors over the next week.  Take look at this opportunity now, then forward the profile to a trusted friend.

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Silk Botanicals (SIBO - OTC:BB)



1. A huge market in the gift and general merchandise category.

2. The Company is constantly developing new designs, new business contacts, and increasing their presence in showrooms around the country.

3. The evolution of the internet as a catalyst to promote more business to retailers and consumers.

4. Wealth of experience.

5. The company already has their product in key national accounts that have over 13,000 locations. ************************************************************

Corporate Information -

Silk Botanicals provides, at wholesale, the finest natural trunk silk trees, plants and floral arrangements for resale to upscale retail establishments, furniture chains and mass merchandisers.  Silk Botanicals offers hundreds of products, including custom designs, to provide a level of quality, variety and service unmatched in the industry.  

The success of the Company is a direct result of several factors:

1. Commitment to use only the highest quality raw materials.

2. Superior design capabilities.

3. The ability to provide quality products at great prices. ***********************************************************

AD -

HAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST RUMOR ON WALL STREET? ***********************************************************

Silk Botanicals.Com, Inc. develops, markets, and distributes three lines of high-quality products. These include artificial greenery and floral arrangements in baskets and unique planters, as well as artificial floral arrangements in clear glass vases set in acrylic (providing the illusion of fresh flowers in water), and natural wood trunk silk trees in containers.  The Company markets and sells these products to gift retailers, decorative accessory retailers, and the hospitality industry. The artificial foliage and flowers are imported primarily from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Peoples Republic of China, and purchased from U.S.-based importers and U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies located in the U.S.   Glassware is purchased from domestic manufacturers.  The Company's silk botanical arrangements are produced by JRB Enterprises Inc., under an exclusive Manufacturing Agreement. The Company is positioning itself to become the ;Name Brand" for Silk Floral Greenery Arrangements with the expectations that it will become a household name like Lenox Dinnerware, Waterford Crystal, Drexel Heritage Furniture, Martha Stewart Collections, etc.

Silk Botanicals.Com plans to embark on several programs to build brand awareness.  The Company has develop three substantial product lines that will target three distinct markets - gift retailers, decorative accessories retailers, and the hospitality industry. The Company is also developing gift boxes for select products.  Silk Botanicals.Com has developed over 200 floral and greenery arrangements and a special gift box for its line of bud vase arrangements. The Company believes the gift box will be well accepted by national gift and retail store chains and plans to develop gift boxes for other items in its product lines.

The Company has hired independent sales organizations to sell its products through major trade shows throughout the U.S. Silk Botanicals.Com, Inc., is represented in permanent showrooms in Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, and the Corporate showroom in Delray Beach, FL . The Company plans to increase its representation throughout the country, especially on the West Coast targeting the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets, as well as in the Northeast targeting the New York City Metropolitan area.

Silk Botanicals.Com believes it has found a niche in the gift industry. According to Retail Industry Indicators in 1997, the gift and general merchandise industry is a $49 Billion Market, annually, in the United States! The overall target market for the Company's products is composed of almost 200,000 retail stores, including general merchandise stores, catalog and mail orders, florists, gift stores, and furniture and home furnishing stores. The Company has been building a national base of gift stores and developing relationships that have been recently forged with several regional and national chains.   Besides developing its brand name through word of mouth, the Company is expanding its marketing efforts through trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, targeted e-mail, and the use of sales representatives. The Company believes, however, that a high percentage of sales will be obtained through its web site,, for this reason and to establish an international presence, the Company decided to included the ".Com" in its corporate name to indicate its entrance into e-commerce marketing and sales. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


~ Customers are impressed with the quality, pricing and service that Silk Botanicals.Com, Inc. has to offer.

~ Major Chains are recognizing the merits of doing business with Silk Botanicals.  This trend is opening many new doors for the Company.

~ The Company is creating Market Recognition and Goodwill, both at the Wholesale level, and at the Retail level.

~ Wholesalers are recognizing the profitability of the Company's products.

~ The Company is establishing a Marketing Niche with Consumers. **************************************************************


Wednesday, June 21, 2000 TheStockAdvisor to Provide Online Investor Relations for DAC Technologies Group International, Inc., SilkBotanicals.Com, Inc. and Group, Inc. - BusinessWire

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Friday, April 14, 2000 Silk Botanicals.Com, Inc. - Quarterly Report (SEC form 10QSB) - EDGAR Online ************************************************************


Current Stock Range - $.6250 - $.8125

Approx. Market Cap. - $4M

Shares Outstanding - 6.25M

Approx. Current Float - 2M *************************************************************


Joseph R. Bergmann, President/CEO

Jerry Frenz CPA, Controller

Gail Scheel, Director of Advertising Marketing

Regina M. Bergmann, Secretary & Treasurer

Joyce Bernard, Product Manager ************************************************************


The concept of Silk Botanicals.Com Inc. is a project that has been years in the making.  The evolution of the Company is a fascinating one.  The Company's Principals and Management have a wealth of experience to draw upon.  These include the respective fields of Advertising, Marketing, Purchasing, Financing, and Business development.  What may not be as obvious on the surface is the momentum that is being generated within the Company and throughout the retail world.  As Major Furniture Chains, Department Stores, Supermarket Chains, Wholesale Clubs, and other key accounts, select Silk Botanicals.Com, Inc. as their approved vendor, business has been booming.  The Company already has in place a superb list of clientele including: Costco, Sam's, BJ's, Kohls, Target, Ward's, La-Z-Boy, Hallmark, Publix, Albertsons, just to name a few.  These key accounts represent over 13,000 locations with potential sales of over $52 million a year.  Silk Botanicals is also targeting additional discount store chains, supermarket chains, department store chains, and furniture store chains.   These companies represent approximately 31,000 locations with potential for an additional $62 million in annualized sales., Inc. is a company that should appeal to a wide spectrum of investors, including those who like to not only invest in the stock, but also to have some of the Company's product to see, touch and feel. In addition, unlike so many 'startup' companies,, Inc. is already turning a profit.

*The following are financial projections for the Company based on One Industry Analyst's findings:


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