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Profiled 11-13-00 At $0.14




Please read this report thoroughly on an exciting publicly traded company that is employing breakthrough internet virtual reality technology. You most likely have never heard about this stock or this technology before. However, the technology reported on below could be at the forefront of an explosive new gaming/internet growth industry. Expect more corporate news from this company soon. Remember you heard about SGGNF here first!

Current Price $ .14

52 Week High: $1.125

52 Week Low: $0.125

Shares Outstanding: 20,126,000 (approx.)

Float : 6,000,000 (approx.)

Market Cap: $2.8 million (approx.)

Sungold Entertainment (OTC BB:SGGNF) controls 100% of the worldwide patents for Global Equal Chance Virtual Horse Racing on the Internet. This enables SGGNF to operate a virtual real-time Global (not regional, Global!) para-mutual gaming event taking advantage of the global real-time strength of the internet. SGGNF is currently preparing a US dollar based *world release* of its para-mutual gaming at has been designed to operate 40 races per hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! It can process up to 3 million wagers daily, operating on a Sun Microsystems platform.

Itis anticipated that this site will soon be marketed *heavily* to thousands of new players. Be prepared for further news developments from SGGNF in the near future about this.

But SGGNF is more than just an internet gaming site. Here is more about this very aggressive company:

SGGNF is currently negotiating with a Big 8 operator for the development of a Toledo Beach, Michigain family entertainment site. SGGNF has purchased 242 acres in Toledo Beach. The site is a short drive south of the Detroit, Michigain casino district and immediately adjacent to a 1200 slip boat marina. Feasability studies call for $115 million in first year revenues for the proposed Toledo Beach Theme Park that will be a unique attraction which will fill the need for family entertainment in the busy Toledo-Detroit corridor.Six million visitors per year are projected.

*** SGGNF plans to permit and build a $110 million racetrack multiplex in Vancouver BC Canada.

SGGNF is also currently pursuing other significant development and development opportunities in the United States, Canada and Asia.

The SGGNF management team has combined Gamining and Real Estate Development experience exceeding 100 years.

Visit these web sites for more information:

The Gaming Site:

SGGNF corporate site:


Oct 20, 2000

Sungold Entertainment Corp. -

Horsepower Marketing Campaign Begins Today - Business Wire - 9:01 am

Oct 13, 2000

Horsepower And The Sports Network Finalize Marketing Agreement - Business Wire - 9:05 am

Sungold Entertainment Corp. -

Horsepower and The Sports Network Finalize Marketing Agreement -- 9:00 am

Sep 29, 2000

Emerging Company Report: - PR Newswire - 10:00 am Sep 15, 2000

Emerging Company Report's 200th

Original Program Looks Back at Previous Guests' Progress - PR Newswire - 10:00 am

Kim Noble Hart, CEO of Sungold Entertainment (OTC Bulletin Board: SGGNF - news) unveiled his company's online horse racing web site, ``It is the first online horse racing site available,'' he said. ``It will also be the only one, since we have a patent.''

Expect more corporate news from this company soon. Remember you heard about SGGNF here first!



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