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AUGUST 08, 2000 ---QTEK---

Quintek (QTEK - OTC:BB)

Dear Members,

Below you will find a special member only sneak-peek profile of Quintek Tech. (QTEK.OB) a hot emerging technology stock that is fast becoming a market leader. QTEK is a tech stock that is considered 'under the radar' of Wall Street because of it's current OTC status. After reading the profile you will begin the understand the opportunity at hand. -----------------------------------------------------

**Delco Defense, a div. of General Motors (GM) recently ordered a QTEK product.**

Click Below for the press release - ------------------------------------------------------

Take the time to read the profile below then pass it along to a trusted friend. Over the next few days QTEK's profile is expected to be seen by thousands of potential investors. In additions the stock will soon be added to "THE SPOTLIGHT" section of our web sites for increased internet exposure. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Quintek Technologies, Inc. (QTEK) is in the Digital Information Management industry, with a primary focus on manufacturing and distributing "one of a kind", patented equipment and software used for recording digital information on aperture card microfilm. The aperture card media, also sold by Quintek, is used to provide a long term (100 year), eye-readable back-up for electronic media, insuring against loss of critical information due to catastrophic events, technology obsolescence, computer virus, computer failure, software incompatibility, and degradation of digital storage media. Strategic alliances include; Bofors AB, Imation, Celsius Group, Eastman Kodak, Anacomp, and Bell & Howell-NB/Microseal. With an environmentally superior solution, Quintek has a significant competitive advantage in a worldwide market estimated at $2.5 billion per year. =======================================================

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About Quintek...

...Founded in 1991, Quintek is dedicated to providing a safe, environmentally clean, cost efficient method for the storage of corporate engineering documents, including complex schematics and designs. Offices and support staff throughout the United States and in Europe, provide unmatched technical, sales, and site support to clients and partners. Quintek has become recognized as a leader in the Electronic Information and Management (EIM) product and services marketplace. Holding numerous US patents Quintek is the provider of the Q4300, the only chemical free aperture card production system in the world. The Q4300 system which incorporates Quintek's proprietary software and hardware, is used by a wide variety of public and private industries, such as Utilities, Design Firms, Petro-Chemical, Transportation and Manufacturing, for the electronic capture and film based storage of digital information. The use of the Q4300 affords our clients significant relief from stringent and costly government environmental compliance, while providing an exceptionally high quality and cost efficient data storage technology.

In addition to the Q4300 system, Quintek is developing its proprietary "Internet Shuttle", which will create virtual offsite storage for critical client records. The Intenet shuttle will substantially reduce corporate storage cost by reducing client dependency on the carrying cost of warehouse space and physical retreival systems.

Quintek's current core competencies, product orientation, and targeted market lie within the management and guaranteed preservation (via film based archival storage) of engineering information. This information includes a variety of user data with differing form factors, formats and data sources. The Q4300 is compatible with these disparate data configurations and transparently adapts all data to an image format suitable for recording on Kodak's newly released 35mm "dry silver" film chip mounted on Bell & Howell's aperture card media.


To provide technologies and services which will guarantee the long term preservation and availability of information, one of the most valued assets of businesses. To offer our clients and partners real and significant savings through the use of automated and cost effective Information Technology. To meaningfully contribute to the protection of the environment and the work force by eliminating the use of hazardous materials from the workplace.

****Quintek's existing customer base includes a number of well known companies located throughout the United States, Canada, Middle East and Europe.

Below is a partial list:

Caltrans, Saudi Aramco, Lockheed-Martin, TRW, US Navy, PG&E, McCanna, Giddings & Lewis, Carroll Touch, York International, Dataplex, AT&SF Railway, Anacomp, Document Management Solutions, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Salt River Project, Carolina Power & Light, Ampaco, Loral, Mallory Controls, Texas Utilities, Morgan Construction, Smiths Industries, Boeing, Century Microfilm, Southern California Gas Company, Duke Power, Aqua-Chem, National Machine, Canadian Government, Bofors AB, Whirlpool Corporation, Lufkin Industries, Celsius Group ========================================================


The need to store and retrieve digital information is expanding on an exponential scale. Digital storage media, software, disk drives, and support equipment are in a continuous state of change. The government and industry is just now recognizing the magnitude of the problems associated with digital media degradation and the high cost of supporting evolving technologies.

A STABLE STORAGE MEDIA IS ESSENTIAL FOR LONG TERM STORAGE OF CRITICAL INFORMATION. ==========================================================


Quintek specializes in supplying equipment, interface software, media, and services for recording digital information on film without using chemicals for film development. The Q4300 Aperture Card Imaging System and Q6300 Roll Film System (future) provides an ideal solution for applications where long term data retention is required. The dry silver film used with the 4300 system is supplied by Kodak, is qualified under ANSI Standards, and has a life expectancy rating of over 100 years.

QUINTEK'S MEDIA CAN BE ACCESSED & UNDERSTOOD, REGARDLESS OF TIME, TECHNOLOGY, OR LOCATION. ***********************************************************


Quintek is marketing both the 4300 system and conversion/archiving services primary through its in house sales force and industry leader Imation (NYSE: IMN) a $1.4 billion revenue memory solutions company, which resells Quintek products exclusively for aperture card media requirements for its extensive client base. Other marketing channels include: Micrographics Dealers, System Integrators, Internet Marketing, Government Contracts, and Direct Sales Team. The 4300 system will be offered primarily to large companies which produce or maintain engineering drawings.

Quintek will offer conversion and archiving services through its proprietary "Internet Shuttle". Quintek's Web Shuttle software is used to link a client's PC based workstation to Quintek's conversion and "Iron Mountain" archiving center in Karlskoga, Sweden. Once target information is identified by the client, it will be automatically extracted from memory, transferred to Quintek via Internet, converted into aperture card, and stored within the Iron Mountain. In addition, the Internet will be used to acknowledge receipt and safe storage of information, facilitate automatic monthly billing, and allow future retrieval of stored information if required. ********************************************************


Wednesday, August 02, 2000 Quintek System Purchased by Delco - PRNewswire

Tuesday, July 18, 2000 Quintek Research Report Released - PR Newswire

Tuesday, July 11, 2000 Quintek Forms Distribution Agreement With Imation - PR Newswire *********************************************************


Mr. Sims, a founder of QEI, has served as QEI/Quintek's President, CEO, and Chairman Of The Board since the Company's inception. Prior to Quintek, Sims was involved with corporate development and strategic positioning of two start-up companies: Alpharel and PMT Corporation. While at Alpharel, Sims played a key role in pioneering, developing and marketing technologies required for Electronic Information Management Systems (i.e. scanners, plotters, optical disk storage, network communication, etc).

Thomas W. Sims - President, CEO, Chairman of the Board

Thomas Salahub - Director, VP Marketing & Sales

Kurt S. Kunz - Director, VP Engineering

Kelly Kunz - Director, VP Manufacturing

Catherine Sims - Secretary

Teresa Kunz - Treasurer *********************************************************


Quintek manufactures and distributes equipment, software, media, and services used in storing digital information on archival media to insure against loss of critical data in the event of on-site catastrophic events (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), technology obsolescence, computer virus, computer failure, software or hardware incompatibility, and degradation of digital storage media. The company has spent several years developing and positioning the 4300 productline for large scale distribution.. Now with reference sites in operation, manufacturing established, and distribution channels in place, Quintek is prepared to launch a worldwide sales and marketing initiative.


If interested in reserving your company's week in "the spotlight" please e-mail the sales office. ********************************************************


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