Site hosted by Build your free website today! (OTC--NSDR) Is gaining Market Share in the exploding Internet Marketing/Advertising sector. The company is trading well off its highs of $14+ and Internet Direct Marketing is one of the highest growth potential sectors in our view. is expanding now into new areas with its wholly owned subsidiary, Inc. And, acquired ebizstreet, Inc....Read below for more details on this up and coming Internet Business.

52-Week Low----$4.00

Recent Price -----$6.00

52-Week High--- $14.875

Shares Outstanding 6.41M

------Float 600.0K ---------, Inc., is an incubator and horizontal-marketing generator for its operating business units. is in the business of acquiring synergistic companies in growth industries, integrating their business functions and cross-linking their marketing objectives. is a fully reporting public company trading on the over-the-counter bulletin board market under the symbol of NSDR., Inc was founded in October of 1999,. with the primary business of providing proactive financial services to small cap and bulletin board companies for the online investor market. In March of 2000 acquired,, Inc. a start-up e-commerce and content site that focuses on the entertainment industry. operates, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary. In July of 2000, acquired ebizstreet, Inc. a Nevada corporation in a stock for stock exchange and is operated as a wholly owned subsidiary. Ebizstreet, Inc. is a value-added reseller of computer hardware and software to business, governments and consumers. operates three business units with diverse products and services that can be summarized as Financial, Technology & Entertainment. All business-operating units are independent of each other and work to grow their core businesses.


INSIDERSTREET.COM, INC. InsiderStreet, Inc. is an online Internet marketing company that specializes in providing proactive investor relations services to emerging small cap and bulletin board companies. By the nature of what does for its clients, writing in-depth overviews about public companies and interviews with public company executives, is also a creator of specialized financial content and distributes this content to other financial based Internet websites. The Company markets its services through banner and opt-in email marketing and tele-sales.


EBIZSTREET, INC. EbizStreet, Inc. ("ebizstreet" or the "Company") is a leading direct marketer of information technology products and services primarily to business, government, educational, institutional, consumer and home office users in the United States. The Company sells a broad range of multi-brand microcomputer products, including hardware and peripherals, software, networking/communication products and accessories through knowledgeable sales account managers, tele-sales and through the Internet. The Company has available over 30,000 products pulling from the top distributors in the U.S. Operating as separate entities in 1999,, Inc. (an Nevada corporation) and AMS Systems, Inc (an Maryland corporation) authenticated themselves by achieving combined revenues of $36 million. In July 2000 the two entities were merged in to ebizstreet, Inc. a Nevada corporation.


EVIEWTHIS.COM, INC., Inc. provides rich, dynamic streaming entertainment content and entertainment products to consumers through the Internet at The site provides reviews on current movie and music releases on a broad range of formats, streaming movie trailers, music videos and daily content on entertainment. also provides over 10,000 movie (video tape and DVD), music (cassette and CD) and book titles available. The Company markets its products and services through its Internet web site



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