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Building Momentum on the OTC... Learncom Inc.

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Thursday May 31, 11:30 am Eastern Time Press Release LearnCom Announces $4 Million Private Financing

Wednesday May 23, 11:15 am Eastern Time Press Release LearnCom Forms New Strategic Alliance With CorporatePerspectives




LearnCom is a consortium of entrepreneurial learning resource, consulting services, Human Resources and Environmental Safety outsourcing companies dedicated to providing single source productivity-enhancing training and HR solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes – especially those whose growth depends on the growth of their employees.

LearnCom’s principal business is the development, sales, and marketing of training resources and related consultation in the form of video, books, CD-ROM’s, books, manuals, and consulting services.


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Company Name: LearnCom, Inc.

Ticker Symbol: OTCBB: LRCM

Shares Outstanding: 755,750,000

Current Price: $0.04

52 Week High/Low: $0.010 - $0.129





LearnCom’s strategy in the growing training industry is to provide best in class’ employee and management training resources to both corporate and government customers using the broadest possible array of delivery channels – including the new e-Learning technologies. LearnCom focuses on single source solutions to learning problems including Assessment, Courseware, Consulting and Training.




LearnCom’s principal business is the development, sales and marketing of training resources and related consultation in the following subject areas:

-Harassment Prevention

-Diversity training


-Employment Law


-Management and HR training

LearnCom offers over 500 video and CD-ROM programs and video-based courses to its 40,000 customers (over 90% of the Fortune 1000 are represented), sold by 15 professional salespeople in its three business units. About 20% of LearnCom’s business comes from providing consulting and training services to major clients in compliance and diversity subject areas.

The Company’s products and services are sold through three separate Business Units:

-HR Consulting & Training

-Safe Expectations International

-Management Development Resources

Each Unit has its own VP/GM and a highly trained, dedicated sales force. Currently 15 sales people are on staff with an additional seven being acquired with the VideoLearning Systems (VLSI) transaction (see below). While most sales are generated by telephone, larger deals require face- to-face selling in front of the customer with the relevant salesperson, the general manager of the Business Unit, and outside consultants participating. In addition to its direct staff, LearnCom uses outside distributors to expand its reach. About 5% of sales are generated by international agents.

The HR Consulting & Training Unit operates with a virtual network of 30 trained and well- credentialed consultants who perform the consulting & training field services for the Unit. Typical services include needs assessments, gap analysis, customizing the resources and providing the actual training for large customers.

The Web plays a significant part in the Company’s marketing efforts. Readers are urged to visit both the LearnCom homepage and the subsites for further information: Each Business Unit has its own subsite, which can be reached via the homepage.




LearnCom’s growth comes from a combination of acquisitions and internal development. The Company was formed through two strategic acquisitions – the purchase of the assets of WingsNet, Inc. in January 1999 and the purchase of the stock of BNA Communications from its parent, the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) in August, 1999.

BNA Communications is a highly respected 50 year old company that is a leader in the area of compliance training – both HR and Safety.

WingsNet and its predecessor Video Publishing House was a prominent video producer/distributor best known for its high quality guru-based management development videos (Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, etc.).

They have reached agreement in principle (signed LOI) to acquire the stock of VideoLearning Systems, Inc. (VLSI) of Bryn Mawr, PA. VLSI is the leading independent distributor of video- based training programs and has recently commenced distribution for several e-learning content providers including SkillSoft, McGraw-Hill Learning, Click2Learn, Learn2Com and GeoLearning. VLSI sells over 6000 titles to its 35,000+ customer base.

LearnCom’s acquisition strategy is to acquire high quality legacy content, mostly video or CD- ROM, repurposable for e-Learning, strong sales and management teams, well-known brands, and loyal customers. Post acquisition, our goal is to bring the companies under the same operating system umbrella, retain the brands, management and sales staffs, consolidate back-end functions (warehousing and accounting) to improve efficiency and overall G&A expense ratios.




e-Learning Strategy: LearnCom defines e-Learning as the delivery of training courses or job aids to the PC anytime, anywhere, via the internet (or intranet) and the related recording and measurement of that training. The small “e” and large “L” in e-Learning further describe our goals. They believe that the electronic channel (“e”) offers exciting potential for cost reduction, complete flexibility (anywhere/anytime learning), and improved record-keeping. But even more significant is the enhanced learning potential of the medium.

The instructional quality of the courseware is the long-term key to success in this new field. Since their programming deals with human behavior, for the learner to really grasp the key issues requires realistic portrayal of all the nuances of human behavior. And only digital video has the potential to achieve this goal. Accordingly the Company is focused on delivering content rich, compelling courseware which is video-based. While the market still presents significant bandwidth limitations (as required to show full motion video), this is changing rapidly.

Their strategy is simple:

* Create compelling titles in critical subject areas by using video (most of which they already own)

* e-purpose their best selling titles to assure customers that they are getting the best content available

* Let the customers participate in the development process on the web

* Sell the e-learning courses to their large existing customer base

* Sell through their existing sales staff who already know the titles and customers

* Develop a serviceable number of major partnerships who need high quality Content to achieve their goals.

The message to their customers is also simple:

* “e-Learning is a terrific new delivery channel. It will add to our capability to solve challenging problems in your company –remote workers, new hires, continuing training – all at lower cost and greater efficiency. And it will allow you to measure and record results.”

* In July, they received their first e-Learning contract for the repurposing of one of our best- selling sexual harassment courses from one of the top 10 Fortune companies. The title will be deployed on their existing e-learning intranet.

* They have partnered with an experienced e-learning development company, Systran, Inc., to provide 27 Safety courses in e-learning format. In November, they closed their first license for several Safety e- Learning courses. See a demo of our Driving Safety title at the Safe Expectations website. Several customers are in pilot stage. See the Customer Access section of the Safe Expectations site.


After careful consideration of numerous product development alternatives, mostly partnerships, they have decided to entrust this key part of their future to one of their own top officers, Dr. Paul Selden, currently the COO. He will be dedicating full-time to the operation of a new LearnCom subsidiary called KnowledgeFrames (KF). KF’s mission will be to establish the look and feel for LearnCom’s e-Learning Content, e-purpose LearnCom’s best-sellers, enter into e-purposing deals with third parties who have proprietary video content, and enter into custom development projects with major customers or partners seeking highly interactive content-rich media solutions.

Dr. Selden’s design strategy is to take full advantage of the new medium. Using “discovery” learning techniques rather than the usual didactic classroom video approach with heavy narration and talking heads, KF plans to make use of behavioral modeling, simulation, on-screen dramatizations and then challenge the learner to solve the problem presented using a variety of information sources and techniques. Segment and mastery tests will further challenge the learner and provide records of successful completion for the LMS.

In addition to online courses, KF is developing short segment learning objects which will be used as performance support tools with a sophisticated search engine. Additional learning techniques will include e- mentoring, peer discussions, additional web resource connections, etc.

Joining Dr. Selden initially in KF will be Dennis Kerrigan, currently LearnCom’s Vice-President e- Learning. Mr. Kerrigan will handle the establishment of e-Learning partnerships, training of our direct sales force and soliciting development contracts with third parties.

Other services including instructional design, programming, video production and editing, hosting, Learning Management System operation, technical consulting and support will be handled by KF’s virtual team which is 90% in place as this piece is written.


The quest to be able to offer customers a one-stop service for learning solutions includes an exciting new offering in the assessment field. They believe that “assessment” and its related gap analysis represent the critical front end of the learning process.

Called the LearnCom Management MRI™ this new web- based (and intranet) system provides clear visibility for top managers on the attitudes, opinions and suggestions of all employees online, and with guaranteed 100% anonymity (a key factor in getting objective responses from employees).

Their consultants work with top management to define the 20-30 Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) that management believes will insure the company’s long-term success. For each CSF, they develop jointly a list of 10-20 Issues (questions) that are presented in survey form to employees on the internet or intranet for anonymous response.

This raw data is handled exclusively by LearnCom and is entered into a confidential database and sorted by department, by CSF, by Issue and presented to management as a series of radar charts. The resulting Executive Report identifies the gaps and provides a clear roadmap for the organization based on both quantitative and qualitative data (suggestions are reported verbatim) for improvement. One of the key areas in most of these assessments is “improved training.”




Lloyd W. Singer - President and CEO

Denis Armand Mola - Chairman of the Board

Robert R. Redwitz - CFO & Director

Homer H. Hewitt - Senior Vice President

Dennis Barr - Vice President, Sales

Debbie Gillespie - Vice President, Finances




The bottom line for LearnCom's partners and investors is clear. They plan to accelerate their growth with these new technology diversifications (e-Learning and web assessments). For LearnCom, e-Learning is a new channel of distribution that won’t replace, but rather augment, video, classroom training and consulting. It will expand the overall market, facilitate measurement and reduce cost...and in the process help their customers grow.




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