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AUGUST 31, 2000 ---LBMT---

Liberty Mint (OTC BB: LBMT)

+++Mon Aug 28 LBMT.OB Liberty Mint Ltd. Launches E-Commerce Campaign With Webcom Group - PR Newswire

+++Liberty Mint is first in the industry with an Internet presence and has established key alliances in E-commerce, including Yahoo (YHOO)---E-BAY (EBAY)--- and (AMZN).

+++Liberty Mint is positioned to dominate markets essentially of its own creation, being the ONLY PUBLICLY TRADED MINT. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Liberty Mint (OTC BB: LBMT) is printing money for its’ clients and investors. The Company’s operations currently consist of developing, manufacturing and marketing custom-minted commemorative coins and other collectibles in both precious and non-precious metals.

Liberty Mint, Ltd. operates through two subsidiaries. The Great Western Mint, Inc. (GWM) provides custom minting services for government agencies, large and small companies, and any other organization that desires to produce a custom coin or commemorative. The Company's second subsidiary, Liberty Mint Marketing, Inc., creates and markets licensed sports and entertainment related collectibles.

Liberty Mint has several hallmark advantages: creative design and the high value aspects of the production process. The Company is also pursuing an aggressive licensing and marketing strategy focused on capitalizing on the huge and expanding market for entertainment and sports collectibles and a growing interest and demand for its’ unique market niche, that being the only publicly traded minting operation.

Products and Services and Alliances Liberty Mint Ltd. has five major lines of products and services:

+++Custom Commemorative Coins represent the largest and most profitable segment of the Company’s business. Custom coins are produced for businesses,institutions and individuals. They are used by clients as premiums and fundraisers, sales incentives and recognition awards. Liberty Mint is the traditional supplier of choice providing services for clients such as:

+Walt Disney +Boeing + Eastman Kodak + GM + Chrysler and Ford + Boy Scouts of America and hundreds more. The Superstar Commemorative Collector Series, "SCCS" is the trade name used for the Company’s newest line of commemorative collector coins. The world’s super stars. Under exclusive license from Signatures Network (formerly Sony Signatures) Liberty has created coins for Elvis, Celine Dion, Alan Jackson, Kiss, Michael Jackson ,Ozzy, John Lennon, The Beatles and others.

The Company currently supplies 1600 stores nationwide with the SCCS series. Western Art and Collectibles are aimed at the growing market for authentic western art. The Company has produced limited edition (100 each) replicas of three Frederic Remington sculptures; each cast from 1,000 ounces of pure silver. Selling for $30,000 a copy, these museum quality sculptures are very popular as gifts for top executives and officials. Additional Remington sculptures as well as prints and other western art objects are forthcoming; marketed by the Great Western Mint subsidiary under the trade name, Jackson Hole Collectibles. High End Collectibles include medallions fashioned from precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Freedom, patriotic and American heritage themes are most popular. Examples include a coin commemorating the Oregon Trail commissioned by the Oregon State Treasury, Norman Rockwell / Saturday Evening Post medallions, as well as NFL Super Bowl and World Series coins. Silver Bullion Rounds of .999 pure, one-ounce coins, an early mainstay of the Company are produced and sold to collectors. There has been a recent upsurge in demand for this product as a hedge against a Y2K disruption. Liberty has responded with a "Millennial Trade Unit".

The Market AND Competitive Advantage

The market for premium incentives, which includes the Custom Coin segment of Liberty’s business is large and healthy; about $22 billion annually. The Company’s longstanding reputation and roster of premiere customers will allow it to continue to expand its business in this profitable market segment.

With 24 million "collectors" in the U.S. and the demographics adding significantly to that number the collectibles market is large and growing. Estimated at approximately $10.7 billion per year in 1998, it is growing at an annual rate of over 6%. The industry is highly segmented into niche markets. Liberty Mint is positioned to dominate markets essentially of its own creation, being the ONLY PUBLICLY TRADED MINT. There is no existing competition for the SCCS product line. Much of this market will be derived from targeting specialty areas such as CD purchasers and fan club members.

Product & Marketing Strategies

Consistent with its renewed business vitality the Company has embarked upon an aggressive and ambitious multi-channel marketing strategy. There is new emphasis on forging alliances and building exclusivity of market and product. There is a strong focus on direct marketing through direct mail and the Internet as vehicles. Sales of all collectibles over the Internet reached $280 million in 1998 (about 3% market share) and are a growing factor in this industry. Liberty Mint is first in the industry with an Internet presence and has established key alliances in E-commerce, including Yahoo, E-BAY and Amazon. Through strategic alliances and its unique niche of “printing money” or collectibles for clients and investors, we believe that Liberty Mint Ltd. (OTC BB:LBMT) at a current price of .30 cents a share is ready to make its move.


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