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AUGUST 18, 2000 ---CTWN--- Network, Inc.

Ticker: CTWN

Current Price: .50

Now that the fallout from the .com frenzy seems to be in the final stages, we focused are attention on the remaining survivors, and unlike many of the now vanishing .coms, here is one company that is quietly going about their business and most importantly turning a profit year after year. The company is Network Inc. (CTWN). The Network is a profitable, diversified family of web sites offering free and fee based interactive Internet chat rooms, online shopping, free web based email, free web hosting and other services and information. The company expects to have one of the largest and diversified network of web sites within 12 months competing in web site numbers with other incubator/holding companies such as CMGI. The company is much more diverse than one would assume, with not only interactive web sites, but with financial networks, music networks, marketing, as well as currently being developed plans for Internet sweeps, opt-in email databases, desktop modules for video conferencing, instant messaging and more.

The key to success for any .com is the amount of traffic going to their web sites and the quality of the traffic itself. Network currently claims an average of 6-8 million page impressions per month on 1 million unique visitors. The chat rooms itself are some of the more popular rooms on the Internet. Any one can see the the number of people chatting at any given time, by going to usually 500-1400 simultaneous and roughly 10,000 entering the rooms through out a 24 hour period.


On February 22, 2000 Vaxcel Inc. (prior shell company) announced the signing of a stock purchase agreement to acquire a 100 percent interest in Value Plus Marketing Inc. On April 10, 2000 Network announced the completion of the stock purchase agreement acquiring a 100% interest in Value Plus Marketing Inc.

The company now operates as Network Inc. (CTWN) and on June 21, 2000 Chattown.Com Network Inc. filed an amended 8-K/A showing gross revenues up 46%. NET income was $266,467 for 1999 on gross revenues of $463,309, for 1998 NET income was $184,494 on gross revenues of $318,448.

This is quite a turn around from the previous operations under Vaxcel Inc. that had operating loses of $358,161 in 1999 and $4,993,289 in 1998. Network Inc. was expected to file its second quarter 10-Q by August 14, 2000. However, checking with the company’s latest filings we see that they have filed form NT 10-Q on 08/14/2000, this is the necessary form to file to allow more time on filing the required 10-Q. Looking at the form we see one of the reasons for the late filing for 10-Q is stated as-

"The Company anticipates a substantial increase in operating revenues and income for the period ended June 30, 2000, compared to the comparable period ended June 30, 1999."

Current filings for Chattown can be found here-

Past filings for Vaxcel can be found here- ***************************************** Network Inc.

Ticker: CTWN

Current Price: .50 (8/17/00)

Quick Quote-


Shares in Float: 1.4M

Shares Outstanding: 35,494,656

Web Site Hub:

Corporate Web Site: *****************************************

More About Network, Inc.: is the main portal used by VPM, an Internet holding company. Chattown's primary business model is to diversify and develop feature-rich web sites with unique content which will enable it to expand its global reach and overall market share. Network, Inc. expects to expand its holdings to nearly 40 web sites of various content by year-end 2000. The sites will offer interactive video and audio technology, sweeps, online shopping, financial content, and other services.

VPM's business objectives are: 1) acquiring and developing Internet and technology companies; 2) providing a full line of dynamic marketing services to emerging Internet companies in order to increase awareness of their business; 3) creating and expanding niche Internet companies within the Network. Network, Inc. includes the following 12 web sites: - - - - - - - - - Network

Recent News Releases

July 25, 2000 Internet Incubator Network Inc. Launches The Pop Culture Network

June 21, 2000 Chattown.Com Network Inc. Files Amended 8-K/A Showing Gross Revenues Up 46%

June 12, 2000 Financial Network Partners With TickerTel, A Mobile Financial Information Telephone Network

May 24, 2000 NBC Internet's Selects as an ''Editor's Pick,'' Representing the Best in Its Class

May 18, 2000 Network, Inc. Acquires Financial Network from Its Principal Shareholders, Thomas Clay & Mark Schellenberger

May 17, 2000 NBC's Selects for Placement in Its Premium Directory

April 20, 2000 Internet Holding Company, Value Plus Marketing Inc. Establishes New Headquarters in Sarasota, Fla.

April 10, 2000 Network Inc. Closes the Stock Purchase Agreement Acquiring a 100% Interest in Value Plus Marketing Inc.

March 29, 2000 Network, Inc. has Modified the Terms and Extended the Closing Date of Stock Purchase Agreement

March 2, 2000 Network Inc. -- f.k.a. Vaxcel Inc. -- Changes Name, Trading Symbol and Increases Authorized Shares

February 22, 2000 Vaxcel Inc. Announce the Signing of a Stock Purchase Agreement to Acquire a 100 Percent Interest in Value Plus Marketing Inc.


What you like to see with any .com is that they have a unique identity that appeals to the masses. You want them to carry out their plan of operation and use good head skills for making key decisions on expansion, acquisitions and plans for market share. Many of the .coms have failed because of their lack of knowledge on how to operate in a "cyber" world. With Network the principals behind this company have been involved with Internet marketing and site creation since 1994. What is impressive and almost unheard of in today’s world is that to this date they have never accepted any funding whatsoever and were able to turn a $5 per month web hosting account making $0 in revenues into a very impressive revenue making network in just 3 short years that grossed $463,309 for 1999. At only .50-.55 per share, investors must ask themselves if Network has been proving themselves as a viable company that they wish to invest. Network, Inc., Ticker: CTWN


Value Plus Marketing Co., Inc.

Suite 9

200 S. Washington Blvd.

Sarasota, Fl. 34236

Phone: 941.957-1009

Fax: 941.957-0640

Stock Listing: Value Plus Marketing Co., Inc. and the Network common stock are traded on the OTCBB under the symbol "CTWN".

Transfer Agent: American Stock Transfer and Trust 40 Wall Street NY NY, 10005 -------------------------------------------------------


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