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JULY 10, 2000 ---AGPF---

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Today we present a peek of July's Stock Profile: AGPF This is a member only preview! This investment opportunity is expected to be seen by 1,000,000+ investors over the next week. Take a look today, then pass this profile to a trusted friend.

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-Turn-around play

-Dominant Industry Position

-Fully Reporting Company

-New Financing and Marketing Efforts

-Patented Technology Leader -------------------------------------------------------


A.R.T International (AGPF) is a turnaround story. The company is in the process of completing a financial reorganization with the support of its creditors. The Company believes that upon completion of the re-financing, it can achieve sales of $4.6 Million per annum compared with 1999 sales of $1.043 Million: which would put the Company in the black, and, at the current price, give AGPF an attractive <2:1 price to sales ratio.

In an effort to achieve projections, the Company has begun several major marketing and sales efforts, including television ads aimed directly at retail buyers through the "Buck a Day" corporation. The Company’s goal is to market their products through such well known channels as QVC, The Home Shopping Network and The Shopping Channel.

The Company plans to attend key trade shows and publish ads and articles in trade journals as the Retail Gallery Sales and Frame Shop segments of the industry generate the greatest ROI for the Company. The Company estimates that it can reach approximately 30,000 galleries and 17,000 frame shops generating increased sales within 60 days of placing the ads.

Further, the Company has identified several publishers with distribution pipelines which individually can purchase sets of 300+ reproductions on a regular basis.

The Company also believes that it can increase sales 4 to 10 fold with its newer, more competitively priced, paper based reproductions to its primary vendor, The Museum Company; the world’s largest retailer with over 90 stores thus far dedicated to offering fine art reproductions from the world’s greatest museums. =======================================================

Current Price: $9

Issued and Outstanding: 1,386,551

Float: n/a

Website: HTTP://WWW.ART-ARTAGRAPH.COM ****************************************************

AD - "have you heard the latest rumor on wall street?" ****************************************************


A.R.T. International (AGPF) manufactures extremely high quality reproductions of original classic paintings, utilizing its' patented "Artagraph" technology to not only reproduce the color and subject of the original master oil painting, but the brushstroke and dimensional texture of the painting as well.

These outstanding replicas known as Artagraph editions, are the result of several State-of-the-ART technologies that use a highly specialized patented process that has taken the company years to perfect. The process creates replicas so detailed that people often have difficulty telling the original from the Artagraph!

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, the company markets and distributes a total of 167 fine art editions from the works of the Old Masters, Impressionists including Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir, along with signed and numbered limited editions by Contemporary artists, through retail stores, trade publications, art publishers, joint ventures, overseas distributors and direct marketing campaigns. Each almost indistinguishable from the original. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Forbes Magazine (September 16, 1991) said of Artigraph Editions: "Ivana Trump was so impressed that she ordered 1,400 ARTAGRAPHS® for the Plaza Hotel" and Desmond Corcoran, Partner: The Lefever Gallery, London merely stated: "Terrifyingly Realistic.". *******************************************************


Artagraphs are a combination of several technologies that utilize a highly specialized patented process that took over 8 years and millions of dollars to develop. Artagraph is the state of the art in fine art reproduction. The Artagraph process is three dimensional oil on canvas which recreates not only the color of the original but more importantly the surface texture in every detail.

First, the exact colors of the original are scanned by a high-tech digital laser, with a highly advanced optical system that takes its image directly from the original. Each color is printed one at a time using specially formulated fast drying oil based inks in overlapping layers onto a unique oil based sheet, which has the same chemical composition as oil paint and has been specially designed by ART Inc.

Second, a mold is taken directly from either the original or a bas-relief of the original created by the artist. A patented silicon gel substance is then poured onto the original or bas-relief semi-original, and 72 hours later the mold is removed. This patented technique captures every surface detail of the artwork in negative form. The mold is reusable as many times as is necessary. It can be heated, frozen and even put under 120 tons of pressure without any damage to the structure of the mold.

Third stage, the negative mold, the printed oil based substrate along with a unique laminate canvas material are placed into an oven press and heated to 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit(180-190 Celsius) under 35-65 tons of pressure, causing the oil substrate to liquefy with the laminated canvas, filling into all the cracks and cervices on the mold. Immediately the Artagraph is shock frozen with liquid nitrogen leaving a permanent surface texture. The Artagraph edition, after close inspection, is ready to be stretched and framed.

Artagraphs are so exacting, to prevent theft and misrepresentation, they put an indelible ink stamp on the back to differentiate the original from the Artagraph edition.

The company currently has a capacity of 70,000 to 100,000 units per annum, based on a reproduction dimension of 24 X 36 inches. Reducing the dimension size to 12 X 16 inches quadruples output capacity, as the reproductions may be crafted four at a time. The company believes that no other automated art reproduction technology can compete with the patented Artagraph on a quality and likeness scale. *******************************************************


There are numerous companies which market art reproductions such as lithographs and serigraphs, as well as other textured reproduction processes. Nevertheless, the Company believes that no known reproduction processes can compare in quality and cost with the Company's processes in accurately reproducing brush strokes ad texture and the color intensity. Artagraph reproduction characteristics are believed to be superior to any other known reproduction processes. *******************************************************


Monday June 19, 2000 A.R.T. International Inc. Announces Television Test Marketing of Limited Editions - BusinessWire *******************************************************


Michel Van Herreweghe, Chairman

Simon Meredith, President/CEO

Francoise Jacquel, Secretary *******************************************************


"Thanks so much for...the beautiful ARTAGRAPH® Edition of "The Thumb Portrait." I was deeply honored to be the first recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Outstanding Diplomatic Service." George Bush, Council of American Ambassadors

"The ARTAGRAPH® process recreates the true colour, fidelity of tone, and sharpness of detail which makes it unique in fine art reproduction." Michael Dumas, Ducks Unlimited artist of the year, 1983

"The best reproductions I have ever seen." David Nash, Director, Impressionist Painting Department, Sotheby's, New York

"The ARTAGRAPH® pictures are one of the most faithful reproductions of original oil paintings that I have ever encountered. The rendering of texture, the brushstrokes and the colour has produced replicas of exceptional quality." Gerald Needham, Associate Professor Impressionism and later 19th Century Art, York University, Toronto

"A new art reproduction method, the ARTAGRAPH® process creates facsimile reproductions of art that even to my expert eye are indistinguishable from the original at a distance of three feet." Wayne Anderson, Professor of Art History, MIT *******************************************************


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