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Family Photos on CD-ROM

Most families do not have enough family photos for every member to have a copy of all of the pictures, and copies are expensive to make. If you had a CD-ROM that had all of the family pictures on it, everyone could have copies.

Pictures are digitally scanned, computer enhanced, organized, and stored on CD-ROM. CDís also have an index that tells who is pictured, and when the picture was taken. A thumbnail index is also included which is an index of miniature pictures from the CD. Custom covers also included. The CD can hold up to 300 pictures.


plus shipping and handling, if out of the Phoenix metro area.

250 pictures, 1 index of the pictures, 1 thumbnail index, cover with instructions in jewel case, and 3 CDís for

additional CD's cost $10.00 rach, and additional photos are $0.50 each.

The thumbnail indexes are stored on each CD so additional copies of the indexes can be made very easily. One printed thumbnail index will be included. Additional copies of the index will be $2.00

Thumbnail index

This is what the thumbnail index looks like, all of the pictures on the whole cd can be conveniently displayed on 5-10 pages. This makes it very easy to find the picture you are looking for.

for questions, or to order email Andrew Allen at

based in Chandler, AZ