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Twilight Falls on Holodeck 3

Words © by Chris Dickenson
Music © by Larry Warner

Twilight falls as night comes here on holodeck three
I am set for the watch in the fork of my tree.
An Earth cricket chirps in the forest below.
Alone with my memories, I play them quite slow.

There was Tasha the graceful, my lover, my friend,
Haughty and vibrant right up to the end.
She taught me that life, human life, can be brief.
And, mourning her death, this android learned grief.

I wanted a brother, another like me.
I found Lore in pieces and wished him to be
The family I longed for, a sibling at last,
But he could not be trusted, now Lore's in my past.

I created Lall, my daughter, my child,
Like me she was innocent, gentle and mild.
But emotions destroyed her, she could not control.
Though I carry her memories, lost is her soul.

Doctor Soong, the creator, my father...surprise!
When I look in your face, I see me in your eyes.
But your trust in my brother allowed him to steal
The chip meant for me, so I still cannot feel.

So I go through my life as a one-of-a-kind
And though I am not human, I know I will find
A place of my own, I will not be alone.
My Enterprise family, a home of my own.