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Trick of the Time

Words/Music © Deborah Baudoin

Time flashes white, middle of the night,
You're still sleeping.
Love in the air, moonlight everywhere.
What are you dreaming?

The snow in the dome reminds you of your home,
So you said, once upon a time.
But how can this be? This person isn't me;
This memory is not mine--
Just a trick of the time.

Smoke in the air--fire everywhere--
Cities burning.
What can it mean? Is it all a dream?
What lesson am I learning?

Your eyes in the light remind me of a night,
Long ago, once upon a time.
The pain that I see, how can I let it be?
This future isn't mine--
Just a trick of the time.

One thousand years in the past...
Now I understand at last.
The road is clear and straight ahead of me.
This is my destiny.
It's just a matter of time.

All this time... How long have you known?
When did you first see all you see in me?
And now tell me how I can be
All you ask of me. Is it destiny
That whispers in my mind--
Or just a trick of the time?

Delenn and Sheridan
The future we see, is this our destiny?
Is it fate, heartless and unkind?
The choices we make, the promises we break,
Are they all in our minds?
Or just a trick of the time.