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Words © by Chris Dickenson
Music © by Larry Warner

Sheís Galaxy class, this new Enterprise-D,
With a thousand or more in her crew.
Technology light years ahead of my time.
I feel ancient and useless and blue.

I only wanted to lend them a hand--
To prove to myself I still could.
Iím much more than a transporter pattern.
Iíd hoped I could still do some good.

But Iím a relic, just a relic,
And I must face this time alone
As a relic, an old relic,
Far from what Iíve always known.

Ya think that my plan is just crazy, I know,
But Iím telling you, lad, Iíve done worse.
All my career, Iíve robbed Peter and Paul--
Itís a miracle workerís own curse.

You take command. I donít want, my lad,
And together weíll open this sphere.,
The Cavalryís charging up old San Juan Hill,
Guess theyíre lucky old Scotty was here.

Just a relic, an old relic,
But I know itís going to make the trip.
As a relic, this old relic
Is still a bonny, fine old ship.

Well, Iím an ancient, old fish out of water, LaForge,
And the years, they have left a few scars.
Iíve decided, though, Iím too young to retire.
Iíd rather set sail by the stars.

I see the wonders that call to me now
So Iíll make up the time that Iíve lost.
Thereís still some new tricks that this old dog can learn.
The prospect is well worth the cost.

Though Iím a relic, this old relic
Is feeling younger every day.
Iím a relic, Starfleetís relic,
Sent to now from yesterday.