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News, News, News!

They Come in Peace Consonance (March 2-4) will be the filk premier of Tuppence, featuring Durai Chris and Elizabeth and Pat the Button Man. This accoustic trio performs traditional rennaisance music and has been featured as performers at the highly successful Arizona Rennaissance Faire. Debbie will also be performing with the ad hoc "Divas of Chaotica," a rag-tag group compsed of Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, Nancy Louis Freeman, and Dr. Jane Robinson. It should be a great time.
Upcoming Recording Projects Debbie recently recorded back-up vocals on Nancy Freeman's Blues for Dumuzi CD, due out some time in 2001. Talks are in the works for a solo project, produced by Jeff Bohnhoff, featuring previously unrecorded material by Debbie. Stayed tuned for more info.
In the "Oh Dear God, She's Doing What??" category... Debbie is now producing a weekly radio show on Phoenix's KCTK 960 AM. The show, BookCrazy Radio, stars Debbie Neckel and Pam Eckert, and airs Saturdays at noon.
Tuppence Performs At AZ Renn Faire Chris and Elizabeth have joined up with Pat "The Button Man" to form Tuppence. Their trio has been booked every weekend at the Renn Faire through March, so go out and catch their act!