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The Mama Dax Blues

Words/Music © by Deborah Baudoin

Just take me or leave me the way that I am.
Donít try to deceive me. Donít scheme and donít plan.
Donít whisper you love me. Donít whisper my name.
Been whispering three hundred years, and Lord it all sounds the same!

So Julian, baby, you know Iím sincere.
It ainít yes or maybe--itís never, my dear.
You say that you want want me so bad...
But, Julian, youíd faint dead away if you knew the lovers Iíve had.

For I have had women, and I have had men.
And last time on Risa...ow, remember when?
Been mother and father, been daughter and son.
But being your new baby-sitter ainít my idea of fun!

So take it or leave it. You hear what I say?
You gotta believe it; itís better this way.
Youíll find a new woman, and Iíll find a Trill.
And even if that doesnít work out, maybe friendship will.

Julian, baby, Mama Dax got the blues....