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Words © by Chris Dickenson
Music © by Deborah Baudoin

When I look into your eyes, I see space and stars
I sense freedom and laughter and light.
Acceptance of truth, of the way that I am,
And to you what I am is just right.

Imzadi I call you, an alien word,
Exotic, exciting and new.
I know you in ways you cannot comprehend,
I'm surrounded, connected to you.

On my world, it is said, every secret is known.
Each emotion, every thought and every word.
I am different, a product of Earth just like you,
And its song in your mind I have heard.

Imzadi I call you, and you were the first,
Exotic, exciting and new.
You see me in ways I can not comprehend,
I'm surrounded, connected to you.

A starship, a lover, to know us, sweet joy,
And the one satisfaction you'll find.
Two lives and two loves, and a chasm between,
Love's an anchor, a tether conceived by the mind.

Imzadi, beloved, forever you'll be
Exotic, exciting and new.
I will love you in ways that you never will know.
I will always, Imzadi, love you.