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Masquerading As Human

Words/Music © by Deborah Baudoin

Masquerading as human,
I wear their hair and skin.
I walk the walk and talk the talk,
Trying hard to blend in.
Masquerading as human,
They never seem to see
All the secrets, all the wonder,
All the magic here in me.

I go to a restaurant, people pass me by,
So wrapped up in their little lives they never even try.
I order steak and marmelade, the waitress heaves a sigh,
Yells, "Another special order," and she never bats an eye!

There's a secret hiding place underneath the stair
Where I keep my special makeup and my extra set of hair.
No one ever wonders why my closet has a key;
No one ever wonders what the hell is wrong with me!

What's beneath this shell I wear? I have never told.
Angel wings or dragon's breath or tentacles so cold.
If you never scratch the surface, you will never find the gold.
Mother Nature will not make you wise; she'll only make you old.