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Future Memory

Words/Music © by Deborah Baudoin

Deep in the forest,
Near to the river,
Hearing your voice
So clear and so strong.
How can you be beside me,
Solid and breathing?
Can you be a future memory?

"These are the people.
This is the language.
This is the dream that
Brought you to be.
Hold them deeply inside you;
They are the future,
Speaking from a distant memory."

And I know it is only a dream
That I see when I look in your face.
And the song in the hawk's piercing scream
Is just music from a long-forgotten place.

You were my father.
You were my teacher.
You lived a life so
Rich and so strong.
Do you now hear my answer,
Bourne of a hawk's cry,
Calling to a future memory.
Calling to a future memory.