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Fossil Fever

Words/Music © by Jane A. Robinson
Reprinted with permission.

Iíve got the fossil fever, Iím a true believer,
Iím a hard-core paleo fan!
If dust and grime were considered to be time,
Iíd have a lot of it on my hands.

I see those tracks and traces like familiar faces,
I love each one I find.
Shells and bones making poetry in stones--
Well, itís enough to blow my mind!

Life, where have you been so long?
I wanna be where your gone. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Why are you still going strong?
Time keeps moving on. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)

Donít want books, just keep looking at fossils.
Donít want fame, just my name on a fossil.
Donít want pay, just a day with a fossil.
Donít want food, just stay glued to a fossil.

I hear that song of ages written on the pages
That will never be complete.
Yeah, everybodyís and a-dying
To that same primeval beat.

That fossil recordís playing, and my mind keeps swaying
To the rocky rhythm and rhyme
My fingers are a-snappiní and my toes keep tappiní
To that geologic beat.

Life, what have your creatures made?
I wanna see what you know. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Why havenít your features stayed?
Time keeps moving on. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)

Donít want drink, just keep thinking of fossils.
Donít want friends, just both ends of a fossil.
Donít want love, I just covet a fossil.
Donít want much, just want touching a fossil.