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So What Is Filk, Anyway?

Filk is a subgenre of folk music, inspired and influenced by science fiction and fantasy. Filk music ranges from the one-guy-one-guitar variety to fully orchestrated professional tapes and CDs.

The Duras Sisters focus mainly on media science fiction, such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Cheesy 50's SciFi, and the like. Our songs are original (OK, a few parodies, when no one is looking), and are written and arranged by the three members.

Below, you will find links to start you on the road to Filkdom. Have fun, be daring....follow a link!

Filk 101

By Nick Smith of the LA Filkharmonics (courtesy Dandelion Digital home page)
rec.arts.filk FAQ (Kay Shapiro)

Filk Links

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Phoenix Filk Circle

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