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The Unknown Duras Sister

We are often asked by people why there are three Duras Sisters in the singing group, when only Lursa and B'Etor (pictured, above) ever appeared on Star Trek. The truth is, a third Duras Sister does exist. Her name is B'Hetty L'hu, and she is the middle sister.

Just like Jan Brady, B'Hetty L'Hu spent most of her childhood trying to live in the shadow of her brilliantly devious older sister, Lursa, while simultaneously being upstaged by her younger sister, B'Etor. Needless to say, B'Hetty L'Hu (or BL, as she is known to her friends), decided to strike out on her own, unconventional path.

Dying her hair shock-blond, BL donned a scorching red dress and headed off to fulfill her destiny at the Klingon Culinary Academy. To the shame of her entire house, BL was expelled weeks before graduation for excessive dress code violations. This dishonor caused her to be ostracised by her sisters, who refused to allow her to join in their quest for Universal Domination.

Determined to succeed, BL made her way to Risa, where she launched a lucrative line of large-size leatherwear. When interviewed near the pool of her Risan chalet, she said of her sisters' demise in the movie, "Generations":
"Of course, I'm stunned and saddened by the tragedy. Lursie and Bay never knew when to stop; they were always pushing the envelope. I suppose I could've gone with them, made a difference somehow. But that's not an issue now."
As the sole survivor of the House Duras inner circle, BL inherited the land, titles, and possessions of her entire clan. But immense wealth hasn't changed our plucky heroine. "I'm just a homebody," she laughs, sipping blood wine from a crystal champagne glass. "I still make the best oatmeal cookies in the Klingon Empire!"

The preceeding biography is courtesy of J. Margaret Blanchard, Eye On Klingon Entertainment Network. All rights reserved.

For security reasons, no photos of Ms. Duras are available at this time.