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Deborah Baudoin

Debbie has spent the last few decades trying to go from Rotten Kid to Wise Crone without having to be a grown-up in between. (We've informed her this is impossible, but the girl has a dream.) At various points in her illustrious career, Debbie has worked for Chevron Oil, Discover Card, and The Oryx Press. This means, basically, that she now knows how to buy gas, using her credit cards in proper alphabetical order.

Our girl Deb finally gave up her Life of Decadent Irresponsibility, and adopted George the Cat in January 2000. He now owns her, as is Right and Good for a cat to do. Debbie is also an Auntie! This year, her nephews Paxton and Cameron (9 years, 6 years, respectively) were joined by new brother Jordan (born March 15) and cousin Molly (born July 19).

Debbie is the Duras Sisters' resident media junkie, surpassing Chris by the mere fact that she has cable. Debbie should not be allowed near heavy machinery or open flame unsupervised.

Debbie has her own home page, for those interested in pictures and other stuff.

Things to Know About Debbie

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