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We Are The Duras Sisters.

Rubenesque CD cover

Who are The Duras Sisters? We are an a cappella filk trio based in Phoenix, Arizona. We began singing together on an ill-fated night in 1993. The three of us were coming home from a party--all alone and far away from town. Suddenly, an eerie light appeared out of nowhere. Nobody knows for sure exactly what happened, but Elizabeth swears she saw a saucer-shaped object hovering above the car. The next day...The Duras Sisters were formed. We've been perpetrating musical mischief ever since. For some reason, people seem to like our strange concoction of music, media, and melodrama.

The Duras Sisters have been compared (favorably) to The Roches, The Chenille Sisters, and the Girl Groups of the 50s and 60s. While we are not related, our close friendship makes itself known through crisp harmonies, complex arrangements, and a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to the art of song-writing.

Pictured above is the cover of Rubenesque, our second CD. This wonderful illustration was created by Larry Warner (with apologies to Sandro Botticelli). Larry took quite a few pounds off of our physiques...and added about two inches to Elizabeth's height! We're not complaining; just thought we'd mention it. (For those of you whose browsers do not support pictures, imagine three volumptuous nymphs, frolicking amidst an arbour of lush greenery.)

Who Are The Duras Sisters?

Elizabeth (pictured, left)
Debbie (pictured, center)
Chris (pictured, right)
The Unknown Duras Sister

So What is Filk, Anyway?

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Where Can I Purchase This Miraculous Music?

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