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Girls struggle, move out!

I think they're asking for a hiney whoopin!Kaitlin's RoomLet's go save people and stuff!

Kaitlin Morgan was born December 3, 1996. Well, lets see, what does Kaitlin like? Anything that I don't want her to have mainly! Her favorite food is "burger-cheese and fry-fries". For those of you that don't speak Parentese, that translates to Cheeseburger and Fries. As you can probably see she is very much into the Powerpuff Girls. Although I've yet to figure out who her favorite is. It's between Blossom, the leader or Buttercup, the tomboy. For those of you that don't have kids, this cartoon is on Wednesday nights. I personally don't like it, but Kaitlin does and that's all that matters! She also loves the Rugrats. Her room is a shrine to them!

Just this past year Kaitlin became a proud "Big Sister". She was a little leary of her "little brudder" (as she likes to call him) at first. But now he is just "Handsome" to her. Please feel free to visit Brandon's Crib. Now that Kaitlin is a big sister, she thinks she's queen bee. She loves her brother dearly, and also loves to tell him what to do!

Kaitlin's Favorite Links:

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