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Brandon Miller is the newest addition to our family. Brandon was born on March 31, 1999. He's a little over 2 years old now and boy is he in his terrible twos!

Brandon has got to be the BIGGEST Toy Story fan I know. We bought both movies on VHS, but had to buy them on DVD 'cause he wore the tapes out! Everynight he goes to bed in Buzz Lightyear sheets, Buzz Lightyear jammies and can't sleep unless he has his Buzz Lightyear doll, his Woody doll and Jesse doll next to him!

This picture was taken on 4 Jan 01. It is the most recent picture I've got on the site. This is Brandon to a "T". He couldn't be cuter!

Besides his mom, dad and sister Kaitlin, Brandon's most favorite things in the world are milk and Ritz crackers! That boy can eat some crackers.

Brandon's Favorite Links:

Milk is my favorite! Got Milk
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