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Oldest Horses Being Clicker Trained

Skutla, 30 year old Icelandic Horse
owned by Larry and Stephanie
More of Skutla

Sundancer, aged 35 years.
More on Sundancer

Tinkerbelle, 22-25 yo Appy mare,
putting her halter on and learning to step up on the bucket. Owned by Holly


Mar's 22-year old gelding Rodull: taken this summer, a real delight to ride, four distinguished gaits, a real "sportscar" , a lot of temperament, very honest and safe to ride, not the "spook-seeing" type when riding, only during daytime routine and groundwork (great for C/T work). I love him and his independent Icelandic-import nature.

Miss Jo being "clicked" while driving. Miss Jo, my pony, is well over 20 yrs. old. She took to clicker training like a duck takes to water. It was the communication she had been wanting all her life :-) Owned by Marie Gulliford

This is Annie, my 24 year old TB/QH mare. I just started reading about clicker training on Clickryder, and we're having a lot of fun incorporating it into our routine. We're working on diagonal walk. Owned by Kris



I finally got some pictures of Skippy doing his two tricks. Skippy is 29 years old. I got him when he was 18 months old (I was only 11). Skippy is a Quarter/Morgan cross and will be 30 on April 5th. Skippy was my very first horse!

I taught him his tricks before I knew about clicker training. I used the words "good boy" instead of the clicker. I have been using the clicker to strenghten his responses. He goes down for his bow faster and stays down until I click. He used to sort of "bounce" up and down - he would decide if he had performed long enough!

Yesterday at our gathering I taught him to target. As time permits I will continue teaching him new things with the clicker. He was still being ridden - doing flying lead changes and jumping lightly - until a accident broke the coffin bone in his right hind (16 months ago). Now he is formally retired. ~~Debby




Sundance, approximately 25 years old
owned by Wynne Vaught, SC, counting on cue.

More of Sundance


Dyggur, 8 month old Icelandic colt

Asking him to back up;
first by standing behind,

then by walking together.

This is Baby...a 4 month old leading after 2 sessions.
Never had to use a butt rope on her!

Calmly picking up her feet

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