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Real Haunted Places........

I would like to introduce you to a variety of haunted places. Many of the places that i would like to share with you are hard to find. The information that i am sharing with you took many hours to put together. I hope that you enjoy this page.-JK

Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall- Athens, Ohio-
Wilson Hall is located in Athen, OH at Ohio University. The school was built on tribal indian burial addition, the University was formerly a mental hospital. The hospital used horrific methods of healing...(torture!) such as shock treatment and more...

Wilson Hall was first opened in 1964. In 1971, residents of room 428 told RA's that a jar of Noxzema flew from a bookshelf and shattered against the opposite wall with no explanation. The tale of Wilson Hall took a stranger twist in the fall of 1975. Susan Herrington and Sue Goestschius were living in the then all-female freshman resident hall. The two girls reported hearing water fountains clicking, bathroom doors opening and slamming without any windows being in the area...One room was the worst by far. A student moved into to her dorm room and within weeks she was seen less and less. After several days of not being seen, or attending classes, the RA was keyed into the room were they found that she had killed herself. Before she died she smeared symblos on the walls in her own blood. After cleaning up the room, and several students moving in and out of the same room due to "strange happenings" the school tried cleaning up the room again. This time blood kept seeping through the paint. coat after coat of paint could not stop the bleeding...finally, they removed the wall and turned it into a boiler room. Strange para-normal activity still occures even now. Most of the activity is doors slamming shut VERY hard...without explanation.

For more information on Wilson Hall click on the photo.

Zion's personal true story-
This event occured in 1983. The house is located in Panorama City, Ca- This is the story of my first memory of the para-normal...My family was moving to the house right next door. We moved there because my sister who was about 4 yrs. old needed her own room, and that house had 2 extra rooms. My dad and i had been moving all day. I was very tired and needed a break. I told my dad that i had to go to take a small nap in my was in the new house. He was not happy but let me go. I fell asleep and had this dream...remember this part is my dream- I just woke up from my nap, and went next door to help my dad finish cleaning up. It was dark outside, and the windows were bare, so you could not see outside. I was washing out the paint rollers in the kitchen sink. I heard a howling sound, and then the windows began to shake..I dropped the rollers, and screamed for my dad to get out of the house, NOW!! he was right behind me. I heard doors slamming shut. just as i reached the front door, i turned to see if my dad was there.......I saw him on the living room floor, grabing his chest..I ran out of the house screaming...then i woke up from the dream..I told my mother what happened and told her that i could not go back there. She told my dad, and he was freaked out pretty bad! About 6 months after we had moved my mother sat me down and told me that the people that lived in the first house, the husband had a heart attack and died on the living room floor...that was what i saw. (This is a TRUE story!)

Gore Orphanage, Ohio
use to be a quaint little orpganage that was semi-popular, though quite away from town. As the story goes, one night a young boy was making his way to the out-house with an oil lamp. Something startled the boy and he dropped the lamp on the stairs. The fire couldn't be stopped in time because of the suddenness of it and the lack of good equiptment. Since the stairs were the first to go up in flames, the upper level was trapped. Towns people tried to put out the fire, but in the end could only watch as the children burned inside. They say that over 100 children died in the fire.- Current Foklore: The most common one says that when you visit the place where the orphanage was (there's just foundation left) most people don't see anything, but when they return to their car dusty children's hand prints cover the doors, windows, and hood. Local people have said that sometimes you can hear the screams of the children that burned alive...

Lancaster, Ca- Joshua Tree Inn-
The Joshua Tree Inn is the place rock star Gram Parson (the 1960's band the Byrds) died. He overdosed in room 8 and visitors staying there say that he still haunts that room. Objects shake, move by themselves and sometimes disappear only to re-appear later. Famed psychic Kenny Kingston stayed there in 1997 and could feel Parson in the room with him. Freinds of Gram also stole his body before it could be shipped home to Louisiana and tried to cremate him near Joshua Tree Inn. They were arrested and Parson's body is now buried in Louisiana.

Lancaster, Ca- Fern Street-
This story was from Castle Of The story is of one woman's experience...One day during the summer, I was living with my father, when my boyfriend came over. He and i wanted to take a walk, (so i could buy some cigaretts) and as we were walking down Fern Street in Lancaster, Ca, I was telling him how much i was interested in helping ghosts to get to the other side. We turned down a very dark alley, I continued to talk about this subject, when all of a sudden, i stopped. I looked straight ahead of me and saw to my suprise, some ghost children. They were dressed like children from the Victorian era. I started to walk faster toward them. I was so excited, then right when i was about to come upon them, one of them stopped and looked at me with fright in her eyes...The eight children then ran into a wooden fence, then they disappeared into nowhere...I turned to my boyfriend and asked breathlessly.."did you see that?" He thought that i was seeing things, and said that i had ghosts on the brain. Later, I met a man and told him what i had seen. He explained to me that there was an old house there many years ago. It was a house for abandoned children, and that there were up to eight at a time. A fire occurred and killed everyone inside, including the children. I asked him how old the children were. He told me that they were between 3-7 yrs. old....So, now i know that my sighting was not a hoax, it was real!

Lancaster, Ca-
On March 8, 2001 my sister and i went to investigate a place that is a well know hot bed of para- normal activity. What we experienced was beyond anything that i have ever felt... This is a true story.. It was 1:00PM, sunny day, everything normal. As soon as i rounded the corner where this building is my 5 yr. old son said "Momma, this place is spooky". We parked the car and we found a door that was open. Armed with a camera, my sister and i went into HELL!! we heard slamming doors, heavy foot steps. We were standing in the Parlor, we then noticed a loft above us. One small light went on in a lantern...the rest were all out. We then heard women sreaming and then children crying. My sister said to me "Let's go...NOW!!!". We ran as fast as we could towards the exit. As we were running, the loud slamming of doors got stronger...When we finally were outside i was in tears...I asked my sister if she heard the women sreaming, and the children crying..she said yes, she did. We also brought something back with us. When we came back to my place to eat lunch, we saw, at the same time a flash in the dinning room area. The blue flash looked like a camera. Something did not like the fact that we had taken photos in that building. It was like they wanted to let us know that they did not like the fact that we were there taking pictures of them....I think we got the message...

- Today at 1:00PM I was at the right place at the right time...I was leaving my doctor's office to see that across the street where the building that was talked about above is located was being bulldozed to the ground!!! Finally this place of evil is now all but a pile of rubble. People from all around the area stood outside to see this happen. I saw people cheering, yelling, some where swearing. Others looked like they were near tears. Nobody said anything specific, except one man who was next to me wearing dark sun-glasses. He said under his breath..."It's about fucking time." Then he got into his SUV and left. I watched as the last wall fell to the ground. We don't know if this is the end of this saga. Since Lancaster is known for brushing bad events under the rug, they might build a new establishment. If they do, the activity will return. The best thing they could do is turn it into a parking area...But only time will tell.....

Blue Bell Hills ,UK-
November 19, 1965. 3 young women died in a fatal car crash. one, a bride-to-be, just hours before her wedding. The Old Chatham Road where the women were killed, has had many people who swear that a ghostly woman appears on the side of the road. She looks at you straight in the eyes and many car accidents have happened due to the fact that she appears where the bend in the road is at it's most severe. People are so startled and shocked, they lose control of there cars. One couple traveling down the road claimed to have seen the following... "it was like when you trap a rabbit in your headlights. It stayed dazed, hunched over without looking at us. As we got alongside of it we were almost at a standstill. All of a sudden it was 4 feet away from the car. It rounded on us really quickly and i saw the face. It was totally horrific...very small, black beady eyes. It was like a wizened face. The worst thing of all was the mouth. It opened and (it) was like an empty black hole. From the stories that have been told, the ghost of the woman is trying to kill drivers in the same way she was killed.....

St. Lalurie House-New Orleans,LA
History of St. Francisville begins in 1832. The slaves were treated worse than any animal. They were tortured in several sadistic manners. Some of the slaves were chained to the walls of the basement so that they would not try to escape. They were left for food or water. There was a female found dead with her mouth sewn shut and inside was animal feces. That was some of the things that the poor slaves endured.

Tallahassee, Florida.
Clearwater Name: Royalty Theater Location: unknown The Royalty Theater was once an old vaudevillian movie house and since 1921, it has been plagued by paranormal activity. The theater's apparition is nicknamed Captain. He is said to be a bearded, blue-eyed man in a blue coat and hat. Footsteps are heard moving across the stage when no one is present. On one stage wall, there is an image of a knife that simply will not go away--it has been covered by twenty coats of paint! Users of the theater do maintain, however, hat Captain is actually very friendly and does not harm anyone.

Fort Pierce - Name: The Boston House Location: Boston Ave.
In 1901, a woman hanged herself in the attic of this building. The attic, which now serves as an attorney's office, is haunted by the woman. The woman now haunts the buildings. Her visits occur so often that the story has been featured in the local newspaper numerous times.

Jacksonville Name: Ghost Light Road Location: Greenbryer Rd.
A man was once driving down this road when he crashed and was subsequently decapitated. If one drives on this road at about five miles an hour, a white light will approach the car and then hover above it. St. Augustine Name: Ponce Hall Location: Flagler College The building that is now a college used to be the Ponce de Leon Hotel, run by Henry Flagler and his mentally unstable wife. After their daughter died, Mrs. Flagler hanged herself on the fourth floor of the hotel. The building, which is also the girls’ dormitory is plagued by many strange events. Girls on the third floor constantly hear ballroom music above them, although the 4th floor is sealed off. One girl reportedly went into hysterics because her bed began to shake wildly, though no one was in the room with her. Though they need the space, administrators will not allow students to room on the fourth floor. Tallahassee Name: Reynolds Hall Location: Florida State University Located on one of the lower floors of this dormitory is a communal shower in which a janitor once hanged himself. Today, the man haunts the facilities. The showers will turn themselves on and off and the bathroom doors open and close.

Panorama City Name: Wal-Mart Location: Roscoe Blvd.& Van Nuys Blvd. (Panorama Mall)
In this building, that is now a Walmart, a woman was killed in an elevator crash. Many employees at the site have reported seeing a female apparition on the third floor of the building. There have been noises of stocked merchandise being knocked over on the floor, so many believe it is the ghost of the woman doing so.

San Diego Name: Hotel del Coronado Location: Coronado
In 1892, after discovering that he was cheating on her, Kate Morgan decided to leave her husband. She stayed at the Hotel del Coronado that night and her husband broke in and shot her. Today many reports have been made about ghosts and the sounds of gunshots throughout the building.

Name: Moss Beach Distillery Location: on a cliff overlooking the ocean.
During the Prohibition era of the 1920s, a young woman was murdered after her lover found her cheating with another man who was employed at the site. Today, "The Lady in Blue," lurks around the cliffs surrounding the building; she warns children not to play too close to the edge. In the area, there have also numerous reports of poltergeist activity. Such activities include: incessant telephone ringing, cases of wine being stacked behind the door leading to a windowless storage room, objects randomly being thrown about, and doors mysteriously slamming.

Name: Claremont Hotel Oakland, Ca. Location: The border of Oakland and Berkeley
Built in 1916, this stately structure has been an exclusive get away for the rich and monthly housing for students. Currently, however, it is a Spa Resort with a haunted room; room 419. In this hotel, Room 419 is said to be haunted. Exactly what or whom the room is haunted by is unknown, but there have been many complaints from the occupants of suites surrounding room 419. They constantly complain of noises and pounding, but nothing is ever found.

THE BELL WITCH Adams, Tennessee.
Located in sleepy Adams, Tennessee is the former location of the John Bell Farm, one of the most famous haunted spots in American History. This sinister case involved spectral creatures, disembodied voices, poltergeist activity and even resulted in the death of John Bell. . .all at the hands of the infamous Bell Witch. THE LEGEND OF THE BELL WITCH According to the annals of supernatural history, the story of the Bell Witch started in 1817 when the Bell family, prosperous farmers from Tennessee, began experiencing strange phenomena in their home. First, the house was plagued with knocking and rapping noises and scratching sounds. Blankets were pulled from beds, family members were kicked and scratched and their hair pulled. Particularly tormented was a 12-year-old Betsy Bell, who was slapped, pinched, bruised and stuck with pins. At first, John Bell was determined to keep the events secret, but soon confided in a friend , who then formed an investigative committee. John Bell's friends soon learned that the strange force in the house had an eerie intelligence. It soon found a voice and from that day on. . .was seldom silent. The spirit identified itself as the "witch" of Kate Batts, a neighbors of the Bell's, with whom John had experienced bad business dealings over some purchased slaves. "Kate" as the local people began calling her, made daily appearances in the Bell home, wreaking havoc on everyone there. People all over the area of soon learned of the witch and she made appearances, in sounds and voices, all over Robertson County. The ghost became so famous that even General Andrew Jackson decided to visit. He too experienced the antics of the witch and his carriage wheels refused to turn until the witch decided to let them. John Bell fell victim to bouts of strange illness, to which "Kate" claimed responsibility. While he was sick in bed, the spirit cursed and prodded him, never allowing him to rest. One day, he went to bed and never recovered. He was found senseless in his bed one morning and a strange bottle was found nearby. Bell's breath smelled of the black liquid in the bottle, so a drop of it was placed on the tongue of a cat. . .the animal dropped dead. John Bell soon followed suit and "Kate" screamed in triumph. She even made her presence known at his funeral, laughing, cursing and singing as the poor man was buried. "Kate" didn't vanish immediately after the death of her proclaimed enemy though. She stayed around, threatening Betsy Bell to not marry the man that she truly loved, Joshua Gardner. The witch would never say why, but she did allow the girl to later marry the local schoolteacher, Richard Powell. "Kate" soon left the family but promised to return in seven years. She did come back and plagued the family again for two weeks. Before departing, she appeared at the home of John Bell Jr. and made a number of predictions that Bell recorded. The warning proved true, reflecting the Civil War and the later World Wars of the next century. "Kate" said that she would return again 107 years later, in 1935, but the year came and went without incident. Who was the Bell Witch? Was she really a ghost, who claimed to be connected to a living person? Or did the resentment and the hatred of the real Kate Batts create an entity of it's own? Or could the haunting have been poltergeist activity linked to Betsy Bell? No one will ever know for sure. . .but whoever, or whatever, the Bell Witch was, many believe that she has never left Adams, Tennessee at all.

The sinister Bell Witch Cave lies hidden on the side of a bluff on the former property of the fated John Bell family Located near where the Bell Farm once stood and near the old family cemetery, where many of the Bell's still rest, is what has become known as the Bell Witch Cave. The cave has no real connection to the legend of the witch but it is located on property once owned by the Bell family. Many in Robertson County believe that when the witch departed, she fled to the sanctuary of this cave. Whether the Bell Witch is here or not.... the cave is a very haunted place. The former owner of the cave, a man named Bill Edens reported that strange events still went on in the cave and near the home that he had built on the bluff where the cave can be found. The steep incline over the Red River hides a narrow path that leads down to the cave. Strange figures have been reported here and knocking sounds and poltergeist-like events still take place in the house. The current owners, Chris and Walter Kirby, still open the cave for tourists and they too report that eerie events sometimes take place in the house and in the cave itself. Chris Kirby recalls several occasions when she and visitors in the cave have seen strange apparitions and have heard unexplained sounds, coming from deep in the hidden corners of the cave. Check out the book by Troy Taylor on the Bell Witch Case! Season of the Witch: The Haunted History of the Bell Witch of Tennessee (October 1999) The Bell Witch Cave can be reached by exiting Interstate 24 near Clarksville, Tennessee and following Highway 76 to Adams, Tennessee. The cave can be found by turning right after the small Amoco station and taking Eden Road until you see the sign for the cave. Admission to the cave is only $5 per person and well worth the cost. Call ahead for tour times! (615) 696-3055 THE CAVE IS OPEN FROM MAY 1 TO OCTOBER 31 CLOSED ON TUESDAYS OR IN CASE OF FLOODING OPEN 10:00 AM - LAST TOUR AT 5:00 PM On the outskirts of Adams, visitors can also see the Bellwood Cemetery. There is a large burial plot and memorial to the Bell family. In front of the Bell School, on Highway 41, is a road sign about the haunting. It was designated by the Tennessee Historical Commission. COPYRIGHT 2001 BY TROY TAYLOR.

Hickory Hill -
This is a favorite haunted spot in Illinois is a place called Hickory Hill, or THE OLD SLAVE HOUSE, in Southern Illinois. It is located near Equality and Junction, just a few miles away from Harrisburg, Illinois. Although the house closed to the public in 1996, and has been endangered for several years, I recently learned from the owner (May 2000) that the house has been purchased by the state of Illinois. Plans are currently in the works to re-open it as a state historic site. Hickory Hill was built by a man named John Hart Crenshaw and became a blight on the history of Illinois. In those days, it was illegal to own slaves in Illinois but because no man would work the brutal salt mines of Saline County, it was allowed that slaves could be leased from other states to work. Crenshaw owned several salt tracts and quickly took advantage of the law. He built Hickory Hill in 1842 and began a new scheme that would bring him even more money than the salt mines could. He devised a plan to kidnap free blacks and put them to work in the salt mines. He also sold these people back to slave owners in the south, creating a sort of reverse "underground railroad." Once the house was completed, Crenshaw added a few finishing touches like a carriage door that opened directly into the house so that slaves could be taken up a secret passage directly to the attic. In was in the attic that the slaves were imprisoned during the night and some say, subjected to brutal torture. According to the stories, there was also an underground tunnel that led from the basement to the river, where slaves could be loaded at night. Crenshaw devised another plan, this one to create slaves of his own. He selected a slave for his size and stamina and set him to breeding more slaves with the females that could bear children. This man, known simply as "Uncle Bob" was said to have fathered as many as 300 children. He lived until the age of 112 and died in 1948. The attic at Hickory Hill was a chamber of horrors. A dozen cells opened off a wide corridor. They were small rooms with bars on the windows and with iron rings where shackles could be bolted to the floor. The attic had only a small window at either end, so the air was stifling. A whipping post was also constantly in use and many of the valuable slaves were said to have died at the cruel hands of Crenshaw and his men. In 1842, Crenshaw was brought to trial for selling a free family into slavery. The case could not be proven until after the trial and by then it was too late. The prosecutor would try again in 1846, the same year that one of Crenshaw's slaves attacked him with an ax, severing his leg. His slave trade days were over and his mill was burned to the ground. He died in 1871 and he and his wife were buried at Hickory Hill Cemetery. Many years later, the house was opened as a tourist attraction and it was no secret that strange things were going on in the house. Tourist were reporting hearing strange noises coming from the attic. . .noises that sounded like cries and whimpers, and even rattling chains. The legends say that on one could ever spend the night in the attic of the house, especially after an event in the 1920's that got the attention of ghost researchers all over the country. An "exorcist" from Benton, Illinois named Hickman Whittington wrote an article about the house in a local newspaper. He was in perfect health when he came to visit the old mansion but took ill later than same night and died just hours later. As the years passed, no one dared to spend the night in the room. In the late 1960's, two soldiers who had seen action in Vietnam ran screaming from the house after being surrounded by ghostly shapes. A year or so later, the owner stopped letting people in the house after dark. A small fire had accidentally been started by a lantern. In 1978, he finally relented and a reporter from Harrisburg named David Rodgers was allowed to spend the night. Despite hearing a lot of strange noises, he managed to beat out 150 previous challengers to become the first to brave the night in the former slave quarters. Today, the Old Slave House has been closed down. Because of poor health, the owner, Mr. George Sisk, cannot continue the operation of the house. He tried to get the state of Illinois to step in and take over the location but negotiations are still at a stand still. The house was closed down at the end of 1996, possibly never to reopen. A few years ago, I asked Mr. Sisk if he believes that the house is haunted. He told me that he never goes to the attic and if he does for some reason, he leaves as soon as possible. He has never encountered a ghost in the house. . .but his wife hasn't been so lucky. She refuses to set foot in the former slave quarters. FOR THE COMPLETE STORY OF THE OLD SLAVE HOUSE, SEE TROY TAYLOR'S BOOK, HAUNTED ILLINOIS! The Old Slave House is located near the junction of Highway 45 and Highway 13 in Southern Illinois. It is 14 miles east of Harrisburg.

The ‘Rock’ was the prison of all prisons. Outlaws and badmen like Al Capone and ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly found it the end of the line. Welcome to Haunted Alcatraz … or ‘Hellcatraz’ as it was called by some inmates. The history does not begin or end with the use of Alcatraz as a prison and penitentiary, for it was known to Native Americans, and avoided as a place that contained evil spirits. The energy of those who came to the ‘Rock’ and never left, still remains for visitors from around the world to see, feel and even hear. Alcatraz is a portal to another dimension, where unexplainable events continue to occur. Prior to its discovery by the Europeans, Alcatraz was viewed as a barren, white rock - white because it was covered with pelican droppings. It was only a matter of time before Alcatraz began taking human life. During 1857. While a crew was excavating along the roadway between the wharf and the guardhouse, a 7000 cubic-yard rock landslide buried a team of laborers: Daniel Pewter, age 50, of Ireland and Jacob Unger, 25, of Germany, were the first known deaths on Alcatraz. By August 27, 1861, Alcatraz was designated as the official military prison for the entire Department of the Pacific. In 1868, the Army designated Alcatraz as a prison for military convicts and malcontents of society. 1933 - The prison facility was formally turned over to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. During 1934 - Alcatraz became an escape-proof, maximum security prison, where only the most hardened convicts were brought. Al Capone was the first celebrity on the first train to Alcatraz, arriving in August 1934. He was given number 85. March 21, 1963 - Attorney General Robert Kennedy officially closed the doors of Alcatraz. Reservations can be obtained by contacting (800) 229-2784. Here are some of the stories: During a visit to Alcatraz by the television show, Sightings, in 1992, several of the Park Service staff confirmed the haunted history of the prison. Many rangers had experienced unexplainable crashing sounds, cell doors mysteriously closing, unearthly screams and intense feelings of being watched. Sightings called on psychic investigator Peter James to walk through portions of the abandoned prison to get his impressions. James began to pick up on the voices of the tortured souls driven mad since its inception as a prison. He also sensed unusual vibrations of abuse, mistreatment, fear and pain. His overall impression of Alcatraz was that it had an energy like no other he had ever experienced … a persistent and overwhelming intensity that engulfed the island. The most haunted area of Alcatraz is the ‘D’ cell block, or solitary, as it was often called. To most of those who go there, a feeling of sudden intensity pervades the cells and corridor. Some rangers refuse to go there alone. It is intensely sold in certain cells, far colder than normal -especially in cell 14-D. This cell is oftentimes so cold, that wearing a jacket barely helps -even the surrounding area is twenty degrees warmer. It is no wonder the area is called ‘the Hole’. The darkness made it seem like a hole in the ground -hence the name. On one occasion, an inmate was locked in ‘the Hole’. Within seconds, the inmate began screaming that someone with glowing eyes was in there with him. Tales of a ghostly presence wandering the darkened corridors in clothing from the late 1800’s were a continual source of practical joking among the guards, so the convict’s pleas of being ‘attacked’ were ignored. The man’s screaming continued well into the night, until there was silence. The following day, the guards inspected the cell -the convict was dead, a horrible expression etched on his face and noticeable hand-marks around his throat. The autopsy revealed that the strangulation was not self-inflicted. Some say he was strangled by a guard who had enough of the man’s screaming, although no guard ever admitted it, even to the other guards. Others believed it was the restless, evil spirit of a former inmate who exacted his vengeance on yet another helpless soul. To add to the mystery, the day after the tragedy, several guards, performing a line-up of the convicts, counted one too many people. At the end of the line, the guards saw an extra body -that of the recently deceased convict. As everyone looked on in stunned silence, the figure of the ghostly convict vanished into thin air. A number of guards from 1946 through 1963, experienced something out of the ordinary at one time or another. From the outer rim on the grounds to the deepest caverns, there was constant talk of people sobbing and moaning, horrible smells, cold spots and seeing the ‘Thing’ with the glowing eyes. Even groups of phantom prisoners and soldiers have appeared in front of startled guards, guests and the families who lived on the island. Sometimes the old lighthouse (long since demolished) appeared out of a dense fog, accompanied by a ghostly whistling sound, and a green flashing light which passed slowly around the island, just as if the lighthouse was still active. The spectacle would then vanish before the startled eyes of guards and visitors. Phantom cannon shots, gun shots and screams often sent seasoned guards falling flat on their stomachs thinking that prisoners had escaped and obtained weapons. Each time, there was no explanation. A deserted laundry room would sometimes emanate a strong scent of smoke, as if something was on fire. The sensation of the choking smoke would drive guards out of the room, only to return a few minutes later, the area now completely smoke free. The phantom smoke occurred many times over the years.


Our story begins in September 1839 with the birth of a baby girl to Leonard and Sarah Pardee of New Haven, Connecticut. The baby’s name was also Sarah and as she reached maturity, she became the belle of the city. She was well-received at all social events, thanks to her musical skills, her fluency in various foreign languages and her sparkling charm. Her beauty was also well-known by the young men about town, despite her diminutive size. Although she was petite and stood only four feet, ten inches, she made up for this in personality and loveliness.At the same time that Sarah was growing up, a young man was also maturing in another prominent New Haven family. The young man’s name was William Wirt Winchester and he was the son of Oliver Winchester, a shirt manufacturer and businessman. In 1857, he took over the assets of a firm which made the Volcanic Repeater, a rifle that used a lever mechanism to load bullets into the breech. Obviously, this type of gun was a vast improvement over the muzzle-loading rifles of recent times, but Winchester still saw room for advance. In 1860, the company developed the Henry Rifle, which had a tubular magazine located under the barrel. Because it was easy to reload and could fire rapidly, the Henry was said to average one shot every three seconds. It became the first true repeating rifle and a favorite among the Northern troops at the outbreak of the Civil War. Money began to pour in and Oliver Winchester soon amassed a large fortune from government contracts and private sales. He re-organized the company and changed the name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The family prospered and on September 30, 1862, at the height of the Civil War, William Wirt Winchester and Sarah Pardee were married in an elaborate ceremony in New Haven. Four years later, on July 15, 1866, Sarah gave birth to a daughter named Annie Pardee Winchester. Just a short time later, the first disaster struck for Sarah, as her daughter contracted an illness known as "marasmus", a children’s disease in which the body wastes away. The infant died on July 24. Sarah was so shattered by this event that she withdrew into herself and teetered on the edge of madness for some time. In the end, it would be nearly a decade before she returned to her normal self but she and William would never have a another child. Not long after Sarah returned to her family and home, another tragedy struck. William, now heir to the Winchester empire, was struck down with pulmonary tuberculosis. He died on March 7, 1881. As a result of his death, Sarah inherited over $20 million dollars, an incredible sum, especially in those days. She also received 48.9 percent of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and an income of about $1000 per day, which was not taxable until 1913. But her new-found wealth could do nothing to ease her pain. Sarah grieved deeply, not only for her husband, but also for her lost child. A short time later, a friend suggested that Sarah might speak to a Spiritualist medium about her loss. "Your husband is here," the medium told her and then went on to provide a description of William Winchester. "He says for me to tell you that there is a curse on your family, which took the life of he and your child. It will soon take you too. It is a curse that has resulted from the terrible weapon created by the Winchester family. Thousands of persons have died because of it and their spirits are now seeking vengeance." Sarah was then told that she must sell her property in New Haven and head towards the setting sun. She would be guided by her husband and when she found her new home in the west, she would recognize it. "You must start a new life," said the medium, "and build a home for yourself and for the spirits who have fallen from this terrible weapon too. You can never stop building the house. If you continue building, you will live. Stop and you will die." Shortly after the seance, Sarah sold her home in New Haven and with a vast fortune at her disposal, moved west to California. She believed that she was guided by the hand of her dead husband and she did not stop traveling until she reached the Santa Clara Valley in 1884. Here, she found a six room home under construction which belonged to a Dr. Caldwell. She entered into negotiations with him and soon convinced him to sell her the house and the 162 acres which it rested on. She tossed away any previous plans for the house and started building whatever she chose to. She had her pick of local workers and craftsmen and for the next 36 years, they built and rebuilt, altered and changed and constructed and demolished one section of the house after another. She kept 22 carpenters at work, year around, 24 hours each day. The sounds of hammers and saws sounded throughout the day and night. As the house grew to include 26 rooms, railroad cars were switched onto a nearby line to bring building materials and imported furnishings to the house. The house was rapidly growing and expanding and while Sarah claimed to have no master plan for the structure, she met each morning with her foreman and they would go over the her hand-sketched plans for the day’s work. The plans were often chaotic but showed a real flair for building. Sometimes though, they would not work out the right way, but Sarah always had a quick solution. If this happened, they would just build another room around an existing one. As the days, weeks and months passed, the house continued to grow. Rooms were added to rooms and then turned into entire wings, doors were joined to windows, levels turned into towers and peaks and the place eventually grew to a height of seven stories. Inside of the house, three elevators were installed as were 47 fireplaces. There were countless staircases which led nowhere; a blind chimney that stops short of the ceiling; closets that opened to blank walls; trap doors; double-back hallways; skylights that were located one above another; doors that opened to steep drops to the lawn below; and dozens of other oddities. Even all of the stair posts were installed upside-down and many of the bathrooms had glass doors on them. It was also obvious that Sarah was intrigued by the number "13". Nearly all of the windows contained 13 panes of glass; the walls had 13 panels; the greenhouse had 13 cupolas; many of the wooden floors contained 13 sections; some of the rooms had 13 windows and every staircase but one had 13 steps. This exception is unique in its own right.... it is a winding staircase with 42 steps, which would normally be enough to take a climber up three stories. In this case, however, the steps only rise nine feet because each step is only two inches high. While all of this seems like madness to us, it all made sense to Sarah. In this way, she could control the spirits who came to the house for evil purposes, or who were outlaws or vengeful people in their past life. These bad men, killed by Winchester rifles, could wreak havoc on Sarah’s life. The house had been designed into a maze to confuse and discourage the bad spirits. The house continued to grow and by 1906, it had reached a towering seven stories tall. Sarah continued her occupancy, and expansion, of the house, living in melancholy solitude with no one other than her servants, the workmen and, of course, the spirits. It was said that on sleepless nights, when she was not communing with the spirit world about the designs for the house, Sarah would play her grand piano into the early hours of the morning. According to legend, the piano would be admired by passers-by on the street outside, despite the fact that two of the keys were badly out of tune. The most tragic event occurrd within the house when the great San Francisco Earthquake of 190 struck. When it was all over, portions of the Winchester Mansion were nearly in ruins. The top three floors of the house had collapsed into the gardens and would never be rebuilt. For the next several months, the workmen toiled to repair the damage done by the earthquake, although actually the mammoth structure had fared far better than most of the buildings in the area. Only a few of the rooms had been badly harmed, although it had lost the highest floors and several cupolas and towers had toppled over. The expansion on the house began once more. The number of bedrooms increased from 15 to 20 and then to 25. Chimneys were installed all over the place, although strangely, they served no purpose. Some believe that perhaps they were added because the old stories say that ghosts like to appear and disappear through them. On a related note, it has also been documented that only 2 mirrors were installed in the house.... Sarah believed that ghosts were afraid of their own reflection. On September 4, 1922, after a conference session with the spirits in the seance room, Sarah went to her bedroom for the night. At some point in the early morning hours, she died in her sleep at the age of 83. She left all of her possessions to her niece, Frances Marriot, who had been handling most of Sarah’s business affairs for some time. Little did anyone know, but by this time, Sarah’s large bank account had dwindled considerably. Rumor had it that somewhere in the house was hidden a safe containing a fortune in jewelry and a solid-gold dinner service with which Sarah had entertained her ghostly guests. Her relatives forced open a number of safes but found only old fishlines, socks, newspaper clippings about her daughter’s and her husband’s deaths, a lock of baby hair, and a suit of woolen underwear. No solid gold dinner service was ever discovered. The furnishings, personal belongings and surplus construction and decorative materials were removed from the house and the structure itself was sold to a group of investors who planned to use it as a tourist attraction. One of the first to see the place when it opened to the public was Robert L. Ripley, who featured the house in his popular column, "Believe it or Not." The house was initially advertised as being 148 rooms, but so confusing was the floor plan that every time a room count was taken, a different total came up. The place was so puzzling that it was said that the workmen took more than six weeks just to get the furniture out of it. The moving men became so lost because it was a "labyrinth", they told the magazine, American Weekly, in 1928. It was a house "where downstairs leads neither to the cellar nor upstairs to the roof." The rooms of the house were counted over and over again and five years later, it was estimated that 160 rooms existed..... although no one is really sure if even that is correct. Today, the house has been declared a California Historical Landmark and is registered with the National Park Service as "a large, odd dwelling with an unknown number of rooms." Most would say that such a place must still harbor at least a few of the ghosts who came to reside there at the invitation of Sarah Winchester. The question is though, do they really haunt the place? Some would say that perhaps no ghosts ever walked there at all.... that the Winchester mansion is nothing more than the product of an eccentric woman’s mind and too much wealth being allowed into the wrong hands. There is no question that we can regard the place as one of the world’s "largest haunted houses", based on nothing more than the legend of the place alone. Is this a case where we need to draw the line between what is a real haunted spot .... and what is a really great story? Is the Winchester Mansion really haunted? You will have to decide that for yourself, although some people have already made up their minds. There have been a number of strange events reported at the Winchester House for many years and they continue to be reported today. Dozens of psychics have visited the house over the years and most have come away convinced, or claim to be convinced, that spirits still wander the place. In addition to the ghost of Sarah Winchester, there have also been many other sightings throughout the years. In the years that the house has been open to the public, employees and visitors alike have had unusual encounters here. There have been footsteps; banging doors; mysterious voices; windows that bang so hard they shatter; cold spots; strange moving lights; doorknobs that turn by themselves.... and don’t forget the scores of psychics who have their own claims of phenomena to report. Obviously, these are all of the standard reports of a haunted house... but are the stories merely wishful thinking? Reports of ghosts and spirits to continue the tradition of Sarah Winchester’s bizarre legacy? Or could the stories be true? Was the house really built as a monument to the dead? Do phantoms still lurk in the maze-like corridors of the Winchester Mystery House? I urge you to visit the house if you should ever get the chance. Perhaps that would be the best time to answer the questions that I have just posed to you. I can promise that you will find not another piece of American architecture like the Winchester mansion.... And who knows what else you might find while you’re there? SOURCES: GHOSTS OF THE OLD WEST by Earl Murray (1998) HAUNTED HOUSES by Richard Winer and Nancy Osborn (1979) PROMINENT AMERICAN GHOSTS by Susy Smith (1967) AMERICAN WEEKLY Magazine (April 1928) HAUNTED HOUSES OF CALIFORNIA by Antoinette May (1990) GHOST STALKERS GD. TO HAUNTED CALIFORNIA By Richard Senate (1998) HAUNTED HOUSES USA by Delores Riccio and Joan Bingham (1989) HAUNTED PLACES: THE NATIONAL DIRECTORY by Dennis William Hauck (1996) GREAT AMERICAN MYSTERIES by Randall Floyd (1990) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GHOSTS AND SPIRITS by Rosemary Ellen Guiley (1992) THE GHOSTLY REGISTER by Arthur Myers (1986)

Location: Conwy, Wales
THE HAUNTING: A successor of Robert Wynn was called away from Conwy Castle to fight in a distant war. Time was nearing for his return and his wife and child climbed the steep staircase to the lookout tower to look for him. He had been late and it was dark when his wife and child left the tower in darkness. On the way down the steep staircase his wife slipped, and took along with her, her young child, they fell to the bottom of the tower stairs. They were taken to the lantern room where "Doctor Dic" had been summoned and upon examination of both the mother and child he said he could do nothing to save either victim. A servant locked the doctor along with the dying family in the lantern room for fear of the wrath of lord of the castle upon his return. When the Master did return, he found the door of the lantern room unlocked. He found the bodies of his beloved wife and child, but there was no sign of the doctor. The doctor was never seen again. The husband was so stricken with grief he eventually went mad and died soon after. His ghost has been seen looking for the missing doctor in the lantern room and it is believed that he will continue to look until the doctor is found.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
On top of a rock that was once a volcano, there has been a fortification of some kind long before recorded history. They include a hill fort built by the Romans and the castle which stands today, Edinburgh. The castle has been the center of Scottish history for over 800 years. From the Votadini (it’s earliest known inhabitants) to the last Jacobite Uprising, this valuable position has been attacked, captured and recaptured for centuries. There is no wonder that after 2,000 years of violence there are many tales of ghosts and hauntings. The Hauntings: After the great plague the city chiefs felt it would be best to build over the old city. Victims dying of the plague along with the dead were entombed. In 1990 while renovating a home, the "Underground City" was discovered perfectly preserved. People have talked wnwittingly to spirits. There are reports of people being grabbed by icy hands. Fantastic shows of light of no apparent origin have been seen. Disembodied voices can be heard shouting along with many other sensations. In the castle the ghost of a headless drummer and a piper playing on the battlements have been seen as recently as 1960.

Location: Roscrea, Ireland
Leap Castle has a violent and turbulent history, a keep castle, it was built in the 14th or 15th century to guard the pass from Slieve Bloom into Munster. This fortress is considered Ireland's most haunted castle, haunted by the type of spirit called an "elemental". It is a frighting and horrifying apparition, it's hauntings bring on an overwhelming sense of dread and deep rooted fear. Those who have experienced it describe a hideous looking "thing" with almost human looking eyes and reeks of the most ghastly odor.

The Harlow House - Southern California
The ghost of Jean Harlow is still present in the master bedroom. Her husband, Paul Bern beat her, causing kidney damage that killed her. After hearing he had shot himself, she attempted suicide in the upper bedroom. In 1966 a hairstylist bought the house. He was dating a blonde named Sharon at the time. One night Sharon was in the house alone. The hairstylist was away on business. Sharon was awakened by Paul Bern, stumbling around her bedroom, cursing loudly, while blood spurted from the hole in his head. She ran from the room. At the bottom of the stairs she saw the hairstylist tied to the handrail, his throat ripped open. The vision would not go away, the cursing and smashing, from upstairs grew louder. Sharon thought she was going crazy. She downed a bottle of vodka, and passed out. When the hairstylist returned, Sharon told him of her vision. Two years later, a few blocks away, Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring, (The hairstylist) and three other innocent people were brutally murdered by Charles Manson and his followers. Tate and Sebring were discovered tied together, with a nylon rope, draped over an exposed roof beam.

Former mental hospitals...Abandoned/converted...

Name: n/a

Location: Canada

Status: abandoned

First we'll start with the WARNING: It is VERY unhealthy to enter this building. There are many unstable sections of the building as well as the threat of asbestos which is all around the hospital. There are numerous other health risks in the complex so we do not recomend you enter it. This place was built in 1851. It became the main hospital for St. John's. In 1940 a nurses residence was added. Part of the hospital was used for the Canadain Navy for serveral years. We've heard that part of the hospital was used during the world wars to treat shell-shocked soldiers. The hospital had a peak of 600 beds until 1967 when the Health Science center opened. Several wards were destroyed in 1997 and the powerplant and some other sections were torn down 2000. A chainlink fence was put up around the building in the fall of 1999. The fence is easy to get over, there's a section at the back of the building which has been cut. Aside from the fence the place is not being taken care of. Lots of broken windows and some of the windows that were boarded up have had the boards removed. I don't think there is anyone watching over the building besides the people in the Miller Center next door. Before the fence was put up last fall there was a watch dog inside the building to keep people out. Parts of this building were being used up until a few years ago and it appears that there's still lots of stuff left in the building. Probably the best time to enter the building would be early in the evening due to the lack of activity at the Miller Center next door. The easiest building to enter is the nursing home building. The main doors have been totally removed so you can just walk right it. There are various medical supplies like IV bags and blood extraction kits all throughout the hall. This building has only been abandoned for 4 years but it's been vandalized quite a bit. This building is not quite as exciting because most of the floors are similar, except the basement which still has some hospital beds and other equipment. The hall leading to the beds had plastic covering the doors to all the rooms and closets. The plastic had been removed by someone before us. It looked almost like some type of quarantine or something. There is a lower basement section to this building which leads to a boiler room. The nursing residence at the rear is a little more interesting. The basement has some strange rooms in it and lots to see. There are utility tunnels under this building that we have not explored yet. The upper floors are well lit and filled with pigeons and pigeon shit. We think the third (top) floor was used for the nurses residence because of the small dorm-like rooms. The most interesting building is the oldest building. It's the one with the 2 towers in the front. There is one room on the main floor which is filled with old equipment like heart monitors and primiative answering machines. Each floor has different things to offer. If you enter through the basement door on the front there's a load of steam pipes and gauges and a few different empty rooms. To the right there is a steel grate in the floor and looks like it used to lead to a tunnel but it's now filled with water. Near the back of the basement there is a huge crawl space under the rest of the building. The main floor has many rooms, janitor work rooms, and a kitchen. The second floor has a large ward which we've named the "Satan Room" because of the satanic graphiti. There are lots of tables and chairs in this room and in each tower there is a washroom. On the other side of the floor there are several rooms that used to be operating rooms. These rooms are quite clean accept for some graphiti. On the third floor there is four room that look like storage rooms. Down the hall, one room looked like a operation prep room, so we assume that the rooms next to it used to be operating rooms or part of the morgue, that we heard was on the top floor. Like the other buildings this floor is also full of pigeons and their shit. The floors are also very water-logged and seem to be unstable. The buildings were last used in 1997 and were closed because the contaminated water due to the old pipes. We've heard from servral sources that these buildings are owned by local polititian Danny Williams. Apparently there are plans to turn on of the buildings into a luxury hotel. The hospital is one of the oldest standing buildings in St. John's so hopefully they can be saved from the wrecking ball.

Danver's State Mental Hospital...

Danvers State Mental Hospital An abandoned lunatic hospital perched on a hill north of Danvers, Massachusetts, on New England Interstate 95. From the highway, automobile occupants can look up at the foreboding tree-shrouded silhouette of Danvers State, one of the most mysterious landmarks in our region. This house, built in 1850 by a carriage maker, is home to a young, thin blonde-haired girl. The girl has been spotted numerous times while seeming curious, and wearing an off-white dress, which has a few dirt spots, as if she had been playing outside. This girl was supposedly the daughter of the original owner of the house, and died of an illness. It has also been reported that the girl moves various objects around the house.
The lost souls of Danvers

For decades, they have lain in unmarked graves -- as forgotten in death as they had been in life. A man (anonymous) wept and prayed at the cemetery on the grounds of Danvers State Hospital. As a patient, he often visited the unmarked graves of former patients because ''I felt I knew them personally.'' Now, fellow survivors of the state mental hospital where some 300 patients were buried in anonymous graves are leading an effort to restore and preserve their burial sites.Yesterday, the group led a tour of two overgrown cemeteries at Danvers State Hospital, where thousands of mentally ill people were kept between 1878 and 1991, and where hundreds died. Where numbered markers once designated grave sites, today the cemeteries are open fields. The patients buried there remain unknown, because no records were made of their burials. Another man, whose great uncle is among those buried there, was one of several people to drop a single carnation on a stone wall leading to one cemetery. ''I would like to find his grave,'' she said, ''to give him the proper burial he deserves.'' A woman, who suffers from bouts of depression, was herself a patient for just more than two months in the sprawling, Gothic building that looked out over Route 1 for 114 years and now stands abandoned. She learned of her great uncle's confinement only when a doctor committed her to the hospital involuntarily several years ago, and her mother came seeking her release. ''She told me he was taken out in the winter and forced to strip, and was hosed down with cold water,'' she recalled her mother saying. ''The patients were forced to make their own coffins, and were beaten. . . . She didn't want the same thing to happen to me.'' She said she spent each night during her stay at the hospital curled up to protect herself against rape. Several former patients had emotional reactions to returning to the hospital where many spent years of their lives. Walking down a hill to the first cemetery, a man, a Danvers patient 22 times, walked off into the tall weeds, sank to his knees and sobbed. He said he had ''many, many memories, of goodness and badness'' from his time in the hospital. As a patient, he liked to visit the graves of the dead because ''there was so much peace . . . I felt I knew them personally.'' A man, hospitalized at Danvers from 1959 to 1966, said he was raped six times during his stay. ''How many of these patients died with violence?'' he asked of the people buried on the hospital grounds. He said he had seen beatings first-hand, and was also beaten himself while a patient. They and other former patients are among the more than 60 members of the Danvers State Memorial Committee, which sponsored yesterday's event. Local legislators and state Department of Mental Health Commissioner Marylou Sudders went along on the tour. A bill authorizing the state to sell the 500-acre Danvers property passed the Legislature last year, and the committee wants to ensure the cemeteries are restored before the property is sold. J.R. a woman, who briefly worked as a nurse at the hospital and later became a patient, described the difficult conditions she endured, but noted that, when the hospital opened, ''the intentions were the greatest.'' A woman, who was mistakenly diagnosed as schizophrenic as a teen-ager and spent 11 years in Danvers, said she would not be alive today if it were not for the care she received from hospital staff. Ms. Balter, who later went to work at the hospital, was portrayed by Marlo Thomas in the movie ''Nobody's Child.'' She and former mental patient P.D. a woman, have tried to research records for clues to who may be buried on the property. P.D., now director of training for the National Empowerment Center in Lawrence, addressed the crowd before one cemetery was blessed. For former patients, she said, ''it is very important in our heart of hearts that this cemetery be blessed as it is. Then we can bless it again when it is all cleaned up. ''Remember, it is not patients buried here,'' she added, ''it's people buried here -- people just like you and me, who suffered and joyed.''- P.D.

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Waverly Hills, KY

The rain was awful. The remnants of a hurricane which had just slammed the Gulf Coast now drenched us in a terrific downpour. Crammed into the front seat of a Ford Ranger, three of us endured a blinding three hour drive to the former Waverly Sanitarium in Louisville Kentucky. Despite ghost investigations to the contrary, the drive was the most white-knuckled event we had experienced in recent memory. Tree limbs down, flooded roadways, and visibility down to 20 feet only further tested our resolve to investigate the tuberculosis sanitarium and nut house in good order. Upon arriving at Louisville, we drove in circles for awhile until we were able to contact our tour guide, Keith Ages, who was to lead us to Waverly and gain us access. Keith works in what appears to be a permanent carnival midway inside an old warehouse in central Louisville. Despite the festive balloons and signs all about the building, the many boarded up booths and dark hallways in this most creepy building set the tone for the remainder of theevening. I personally don't know if Keith was aware of it, but his work place was certainly haunted and we could have just as easily investigated there instead of heading to to the sanitarium.The rain hadn't let up much as we drove the final few miles to the sanitarium. The building was constructed in the early 1920s and first served as a convalescent/final-rest-stop for those afflicted with tuberculosis, the dreaded air-borne lung disease which turns the victim's every breath into a choking, bloody mess. There was no curefor TB at the time, and those housed here were generally expected to die from the disease. It was always believed that open air was beneficial to treatment of the disease, and thus the building was a very open, airy, and internally accessible structure. This construction lent the building to its current use as a Halloween haunted house and paint-ball arena, with a fair amount of work being done by the owners on the lowest floor. The rest of the building was in sad shape, the many hallways filled with graffiti and debris, the walls full of holes, most of the doors and windows missing, and large puddles of water as rain leaked in at most every point. The investigation started well as I lost my pager on the way into the building, and I spent several minutes in the pouring rain looking for it in the dark. The parking lot was mostly gravel and unlit, and the building surrounded by wooded areas, which completely sealed it off from the rest of the city. Only the glow reflected in the clouds proved that there was indeed a city outside the grounds, and the facility was well isolated from the neighborhood. After finding my pager, I went in and got my camera out, only to have my fresh set of batteries promptly die. Luckily I had purchased a spare set at a convenience store before starting out for Louisville, and got my camera running again. Keith showed us around the bottom floor, which although had the most items of historical interest, seemed to have the least amount of ghost activity in the building. I'm sure the noise caused by the workers near the front door was part of the problem, and also that the main living quarters were upstairs, while the patients that had died were processed on the first floor. We toured the morgue, the cabinets where the bodies were stored, even the room where bodies were hung up to be bled dry into the drains in the floor. Administrative offices had also been on the main floor and lacked any paranormal "feel" to them. The electro-shock therapy room was a bit creepy, but it seemed more from a residual energy than a current paranormal activity. One can only imagine the pain and horror experienced by the patients in this room. Keith was always testing us, often trying to trick us by telling us that certain areas might be haunted and seeing if we would react to them, as a fraud would. We passed every test, remarking instead on other unassuming rooms and hallways, even detecting activity through our cameras or psychic senses in areas where people had been murdered, not knowing about those events ahead of time. I was even able to pinpoint a particular room on the second floor (amongst about a hundred), that proved to have been pinpointed by other psychics at other times. Keith was pleased with our work. Although the facility had four full floors and an abbreviated floor on the roof, most of the activity for me seemed to center on the second floor. The building was laid out at an obtuse angle, each wing containing many small patient rooms and occasionally larger rooms used as cafeterias or day rooms. A long central hallway was intersected by hundreds of patient rooms, some with private bathrooms and others with communal baths. Many rooms opened with French doors directly into a large airy veranda, as fresh air was central to treatment of TB at that time. The second through fourth floors were situated in such a manner, while the fourth floor also contained additionally the main hospital and operating rooms, while the fifth floor roof contained a "tower" wing, with large open bays directly onto the roof. There also was a cellar, which unfortunately was flooded and we were unable to enter it. Multiple stairwells connected all the floors, while a large elevator stood at either end of the building. Most of the windows in the building were gone, so wind and rain swept into nearly every area. Most of the doors were gone as well, removed years before to protect them should the building be reused. There was no electricity to the building save for the small area near the door where the workers were rebuilding on the first floor; the hallways had been dark for decades. Graffiti was on every wall and door and available space, while plaster and lathe board littered the floors. Puddles and rivulets of water coursed everywhere, and one had to be careful not to stand under a shower of leaks while taking pictures or viewing the building. Owing to its locations within the city, it was very quiet in the facility and no sounds could be heard other than the rain outside, the wind through the empty windows, and the leaks which echoed throughout the caverns. The first area where I got a "sense" of activity was what had been one of the cafeteria rooms. It seemed to center around a window where a small build out of bricks was located, and an old radiator lay on the floor. I mentioned it to Keith and he related a story about a transient who had been murdered right on that spot, his body found where the radiator lay. The camera also indicated some orbs in this room. As I walked down the large veranda toward the center of the building, I again got a sense of activity in front of me. As I walked more quickly towards it, I heard what sounded like a large barking dog. I returned to the others and asked Keith if any dogs were on the property, such as guard dogs. He replied in the negative, and I told him of the barking that I heard. He again related another story about how the cellar had been used many times by satanic groups, and that a man and his dog had been killed down there, ostensibly during a sacrifice. Unfortunately I did not hear the barking again that night and was unable to confirm the experience. As I neared the center of the building again, my "nausea" detector went off. When I'm around strong psychic activity, I will become nauseated, often to the point of nearly vomiting. Much later I was able to pinpoint the exact area of the energy, which in this case was around a small patient room in the center of the building. I also saw in my mind's eye the image of a man that I knew was there watching us. He appeared to be in a tweed jacket and knickers, and I was unable to determine whether he had been a patient or an employee. His presence was only on the second floor and may have been the source of the activity in the center of the building. Several of us also became aware of what I call "lab coat" man. There appeared to be an apparition which was moving about the floor, following us and watching us. Several times I could feel him in front of me, and on more than one occasion I chased him from room to room and through the hallway, while Seth, another of the ghost hunters on this trip, could see him looking through windows and trying to dodge us. Our cameras also picked up orbs and activity in this area of the building. Another room, the "shelf" room, got a reaction from Kriss and Seth for its atmosphere, and although I did not feel anything in this room, I did get a very curious photo of several moving orbs in that space. Keith said it was a common hot spot in this room, including his having a bottle thrown at him by the resident ghost. I seem to recall some story about the man who worked and ran this area, who apparently is rather protective of it and doesn't like intrusions. We soon moved up to the third floor, where Keith again attempted to trick us. He took us into a small patient room, where on the wall were several old photographs of a young woman tacked to the plaster. Also there was an old lithograph of a religious nature, most likely of a saint or some other religious icon. He pointed to the photos and mentioned the person's name, and asked us what we felt in this room. I looked around and told him nothing, it actually seemed fairly peaceful in that room. He then told us that the room that the photos had come from was actually on the floor above, they were there to not only protect the real room but also to test others. We had passed again. The photos apparently belonged to a long-time resident of the facility, and although the young girl's photo was labeled by name, no one knows if she was also a patient or connected to the patient at the facility. They were discovered in a closet under a bunch of debris, amongst the very few artifacts found in this building. The third floor seemed to be pretty devoid of activity, and we moved up to the fourth floor. The fourth floor was identical to the previous two, but included the addition of a small operating room. Kriss and Seth again reacted very negatively to the room, more again of a residual feeling rather than of current paranormal activity. I did not feel anything in the operating room, and was instead more interested in what I detected in the hallway. On the previous floor and following us up to the fourth, I "saw" three men, all employees, who were watching us with some bemusement from the end of the hallway nearby. They did not interfere with us but nonetheless seemed to be interested in our activities. I get the feeling that "lab coat" man was one of these men when we were on the second floor, and the other two joined us on the third and fourth. I did detect some activity in the stairwell going to the fifth floor, and took a photo when instructed to by some unseen inner voice. I did indeed get an orb at that location in the stairwell. The fifth floor was active as well, in different ways for all of us. I could "see" the bay as it was, filled with cots and patients in the open room. Keith confirmed that that was how the room was used. Kriss also kept hearing children's voices, and Keith again confirmed that several children did live at the facility and often played on the wide, enclosed roof. Kriss and I both could "see" a particular small girl, but Keith was unable to confirm any particular identity or description. Keith also related several stories of suicides on that level, including a hanging in the nurses station in the center of the wing. We did get some orbs in there but activity seemed to be low. Keith indicated that usually the fifth floor was the most active floor in the building, but such was not the case for us this evening. I wanted to return to the second floor, as it seemed to be the center of activity. Again my "nausea" detector was active, and I again chased the ghost, alone, down the hallways of the building. While the rest of the group remained at the far end of the building, I went alone down to the center of the large building. I took some long time lapse exposures of the outside of the building, in which in one a light can be seen coming out of one of the windows farther down the end of the structure. While taking these exposures, I heard a noise behind me, as if someone had just stepped on some loose plaster on the floor. I turned and standing directly behind me was "lab coat" man, hands in pockets while observing me. Needless to say it startled the hell out of me as I was not prepared for that, and went back up the hall a short distance and took several normal flash shots in the hallway. Several bright orbs were gotten in these shots, and at least these orbs I can directly attribute to a particular entity. At this point we rejoined and went back to the first floor, toured the morgue and bade our farewell. Although there are plenty of entities in this building, none seemed to be "bad" or negative. It would seem activity levels vary from floor to floor depending on who is investigating, and I'm sure on other occasions more activity has been felt or recorded. We hope to return again sometime, in better weather conditions, and try again. Luckily, about half the way back to Tennessee, the rain and fog let up and the drive home was more pleasant. ~Mark

More Waverly Hills, KY
Waverly Hills was built at the turn of the century to house and treat victims of tuberculosis. In 1961 it was used as a home for mentally disabled persons and the old and infirm. The hospital was closed for good in 1980. Now its uninhabited..., at least by the living. I visited Waverly late one night in September with Mark Christoph and Seth. Our guide was Keith Age, the AGS representative for Kentucky and founder of the LGHS. He had been telling me about all the paranormal activity at Waverly and I was dying to check it out. We arrived in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. The place is really creepy and ominous. With only a couple of small flashlights we explored each level of the building all the way to the rooftop. There was standing water in many of the rooms and hallways, and water was dripping from the ceilings, so the photos are suspect, but we did encounter other phenomena that cant be attributed to the rain. On the second floor I saw a white shape walk down the hall in front of me. At first I thought it might be Keith, but then realized that Keith was wearing black, as were we all. Keith then told me that the apparition of an orderly in a white lab coat has been seen on that floor by several people. On the roof Seth and I both heard children saying some kind of rhyme, like "ring a round the rosy", but we couldnt make out the words. The building is isolated from the city, and I dont think any children were out in the pouring rain at 2 in the morning playing. Even if they were I dont think we would be able to hear them from the roof of Waverly. Keith informed me that the ghost of a little girl is often seen playing in the halls and on the roof. We also heard doors slamming more than once, and witnessed one door slam shut right in front of us.

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