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Tampa Bay Brewing Co.
"Carrolwood Area"

© By Dave Paradine

This Brew Pub first opened in August of 1989 at 10330 N Dale Mabry Highway, suite 101, Tampa. Owned and operated by Lee Nicholson and Ben Meisler. Noted as Tampa’s first “brew pub”. It housed a typical glassed in brewery for the patrons to see the making of Beer and Ale in the form of refrigerated tanks and hoses. They produced at first a deep red slightly sweet ale, a hoppy pilsner, and a pale weizenbier or wheat beer. (1)

Pint Glass

They also came out with a coaster with this same logo, which I still need to obtain.

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Whats interesting for Me is They have a price list for 2 items
"Pounder" T-shirts.......12.50 and 15.50
Neon Caps.......10.00
looking forward in tracking these down

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About Brewing
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About the Brewery
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About the Beer
These 3 pictures are one page located on back of menu

According to Bob Stowe this Brew Pub closed in 1991. Sometime after that the Doble Family aquired the naming rights and re-established "The Tampa Bay Brewing Co. in Ybor City

I look forward to learning more about this place. If you have any knowledge of this Pub, I sure would like to hear from you. How was the Beer? Any other collectibles such as signs, advertisements, etc...?

Email me and make me Wiser!!!

Source of information...
  • The St.Petersburg Times Aug 31, 1989
  • Thanks to Bob Stowe for all His help, an avid Florida Breweriana Collector, who is very knowledgable in all of Florida's Breweries.