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Greetings, Kindred. I am named Azaroth. My Clan is Gangrel. Welcome to my domain. Enter freely and banish my solitude.
Here in this place, I have gathered the poetical musings of some of our fellow Kindred. There is a message board for those who have the courage to speak their mind. I devoutly support the right of free speech. None should be punished for their thoughts. During my extensive wandering throughout the years, I have discovered many interesting and illuminating locales. It is my pleasure to share these places with you all, in the hope that, in return, some of you will reciprocate by telling me of those places that have caught your interest.
I ask that you please take a few moments to sign my guestbook below. I wish you to know that your comments and suggestions are appreciated greatly. How else can I improve this place without input from my fellow Kindred?

Here is a page of links.--Many new links.

Here is some poetry.

I also have a message board. New Board. Same rule applies. Say whatever you like..

Hmm, I've been thinking about this for awhile now, and have finally decided to implement it. A chat room. Let me know what you guys think.

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Thank you for visiting my domain.

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Clan Gangrel

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