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Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff AZA #2283



April 29, 2004


But in the meantime check out the following upcoming events:

Cinco de Mayo & Rezapalooza



Thanks for you're patience,

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East Valley BBYO Proudly Presents:




Join Reznikoff AZA & Tovah BBG for a night of celebration with Nachos, Piñatas, and Chips, Salsa and much more!




May 5th AKA Cinco De Mayo

7:00-8:30 PM

Tri-City JCC (Broadway and Price)


Any Questions, Comments, Directions, or need a ride call:

David Wohlleban: 480 . 239 . 5728

Becca Ivanhoe: 480 . 570 . 0674


(Members: This event is free, if you bring a prospective. If not it is one dollar)


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